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How to Tile Your Bathroom From Top to Bottom

Tiling your bathroom from top to bottom is probably the most technical and essential part of your home. Give your bath area a more stained look so that it appears as beautiful as other parts of your house. As well as giving your bath place a stylish finish, it will make it waterproof and settled for a long time.

Make your bathroom stylish by tiling it up with a fabulous color scheme and design that gives you a cozy and elegant feel. The changing trend of dressing up and using places reflects the change in how people live and how they use the world around them. There is no doubt that millions of people enjoy comfortable and attractive palaces and make them accordingly.

Everyone can create a stylish bathroom with unique and cool tile colors from top to bottom. You can make a stunning bathroom by using tiles as wall and floor coverings. They look great and are waterproof, long-lasting, as well as have an eye-catching style and color. 

It is true that many people love to create ideas and implement them on their own, but there are also those who hire professionals to tile their bathrooms. Whatever you decide to decorate your bathroom is fine. 

However, some consider that skilled tile installers can complete the job more quickly. It’s definitely a big and more tedious task to tile your bathroom. To achieve this, you have to determine the size of your bath area and how many tiles to use with your layout. 

Occasionally, you plan to replace the old-style tiles in the bathroom with new ones. If you are going to do the tile installation yourself, it will be challenging but a great idea. It is important to gather all the staff required to tile your bathroom. It requires some basic tools, but the most essential is your own safety gear like gloves, goggles, and helmets. 

What the Process of Tiling Your Bathroom

The process of tiling a new bathroom or renovating an old bathroom is a fun but challenging one. Get ready; we are going to help you with top-notch processes and ideas for tiling installation in the bathroom. 

Before you begin tiling your bathroom, picture how the end result will look. Here are the steps we need to follow to accomplish our goal:

  1. Planning 
  2. Selecting tiles 
  3. Ensure equipment and tools for installation 
  4. Start titling your bathroom 


You are going to design your dream bathroom where you can take a relaxing bath. We’ve heard that best-laid plans are important. Take a moment to think about which wall looks best with the style you favor most. Most people like to tile their shower corners from top to bottom.

Why? Probably because they like the silkiness and shine. Take a look at the tiles and consider what size would look best with your plan. Tiles come in a variety of sizes, including square, rectangular, and also big, small, and medium.  

Taking all of these factors into account will help you determine what type of tiles you will need. You will also have a better idea of how big the job will be based on these factors. 

Selecting Tiles 

Once you have a plan in place, you can choose your tiles based on their colors, styles, and designs. Usually, people choose a light color for their bathroom tiling. The reason is that they prefer when the tiled bathroom is lit up. Certainly, there are also people who prefer tiles with bright colors that give a feeling of nature. 

Measure your bathroom space to determine how many tiles are needed for the bath wall and floor. Getting the right amount of tiles to cover your walls is important when choosing your tiles. Using square meters as a measure, you can determine how many you will need.

To do so, measure the wall’s width and length. Multiply these measurements. Divide your chosen tile size by the area you chose. With this final figure, you’ll have a good idea of how many tiles you’ll need to buy.

Ensure equipment and tools for installation 

To successfully install your tiles in your bathroom, you should have all the tools you’ll need before you start working on them. Here are the basic tools you’ll need to tile a bathroom:

  • Tile Mortar
  • Notch Trowel
  • Tile Spacers
  • Wet Saw
  • Chalk Line
  • Bubble Level
  • Tile Membrane 
  • Narrow Margin Trowel
  • Gloves
  • Rubber Grout Float
  • Safety Goggles

Start tiling your bathroom

Maybe you’re going to tile your bath or renovate your old bath. Prepare the area for tiling by removing old flooring, wallpaper and decorations. Replace the tiles in the bathroom properly if the walls and floor are already tiled.

Make sure not to damage any fixtures you plan on keeping, such as your sink, toilet, bathtub, etc. It is also recommended that you “dry lay” your tile before committing to a particular layout or style.

1. Tile your Bathroom Wall 

Initially, tiling your bathroom wall is the most important part of the process. Identify how many tiles you will need to buy, along with an idea of the look your bathroom will achieve in the future. Make your walls tile-ready by sanding, leveling, and cleaning them. Using a notched trowel, score the plaster to help the adhesive stick.

To gauge the length of the wall, you’re tiling, cut a piece of wood just longer than half the wall. Using a pencil, mark the spacing between the tiles and spacers, then lay it on the floor.

The first tile should be placed at the bottom with spacers and then cut to fit into the space allotted. Leave them to dry afterward.

2. Tile your Bathroom Floor 

It’s not just that wall tiling can be difficult, but floor tiling can also be difficult since some edges and corners require specific shapes. In the process of getting the shapes, some tiles are wasted, but it is part of the work. Make sure you draw lines on the back of the tiles so you can estimate how much to cut. 

Press firmly on each tile after you place them along the marked line to ensure they are covered evenly—Lay tile spacers between the tiles after they have been laid. To make grouting easier, it is recommended that you clean excess adhesive from joints whilst you work. Tiling the bathroom walls should be done after the bathroom floor tiles have completely dried.

Final Thought

Well-designed living space is a desire for many people, whether that is their bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. The installation of tiles in bathrooms is more common these days because it gives you a more pleasant experience while taking a bath. Before you tile your bathroom, get rid of old stuff and flooring as soon as possible.

In the case of tiling a master bathroom, however, a dumpster will probably be needed. In particular, heavy tiles will require a dumpster. Shower wall panels are a practical and cozy corner for you to take a bath. You will definitely love the new look and trending style that it gives to your bathroom. The installation of tiles is challenging, but they are durable and waterproof and will last for a long time. Alternatively, you can install them behind your bathtub or basin as a splashback.