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How to Take Care Of Old Trees On Property

An old tree is a valuable asset not only for the particular place but for the whole surroundings. It is truly worthy enough to be preserved. The older the tree, the more beneficial it is for the atmosphere. However, just like any other living beings, trees also need some care and maintenance to grow to their full potential and keep it strong.

A source of oxygen, trees have the potential to reduce utility bills significantly. From providing shade to air purification, having an old tree enhances the property’s value. Besides that, the aesthetic look it provides gives you a soothing experience after a hectic day at work; the greenish look offers a serenity and calm environment. Growing trees is an important aspect in terms of reducing the impact of pollution.

There is a long list of benefits of having an old tree at your property that cannot be described in words. Therefore, it is important for you to learn how to take care of old trees on the property so that you can make sure they remain strong and healthy. As trees grow older, they require more attention, and it is upon you to protect them to keep them flourishing.

Knowing how to take care of old trees on the property is essential for everyone, and for this reason, we bring you this article where we have discussed the ways we can adhere to in order to take care of old trees. So without any delay, let’s explore how we have to protect old trees on the property.

Get familiar with their needs

Each tree is different from others, and thus their specifications, requirements, and needs differ. Identify the type of tree you have to take care of and then determine the requirements such as their water needs, the kind of soil best for it, and whether it can sustain heavy winds or not. Getting acquainted with it will let you take better care of the tree.

Tree pruning

Not only the appearance that matters but overall tree health and the structure. Tree pruning is, therefore, among the most important elements for taking care of an old tree. Unwanted branches directly affect the health of a tree, and proper tree pruning is what helps in growth, increases production, improves the shape and overall health of a tree in all seasons.

Protect the roots

Roots serve as the base of the trees, and they must be protected in order to take care of a tree. Protecting roots requires healthy soil, and for this, you need to ensure that soil is not packed down. The compacted soil blocks the way making it difficult for water and oxygen to reach the roots, which as a result affect the overall growth of a tree.

Also, ensure that the play area or car parking is away from the tree so that the area around the roots can be protected.

Water when it is required

Though the trees do not require watering regularly, and most of the grown-up trees fulfill their water needs from the ground and the rainfall; still, the old trees sometimes get dry and need watering, especially in the summer season. Water the trees slowly, so that’s water absorbs in the roots.

Protect the tree’s bark

One of the most crucial things that you need to see is the bark of the tree, and to take care of an old tree, it must be protected from outside elements. Take extra care when mowing the area around the tree or when using any other tool; make sure that you are not damaging the bark.

Use mulch

Spreading mulch around an old tree is one of the effective methods to improve soil fertility and overall health, thus improving the condition of the trees. It also helps in reducing weed growth and preventing foot traffic. Spread evenly around the tree as proper mulching is necessary to make certain that it does not damage the tree in any way.

Fertilize when required

Fertilization is usually required at the initial stages. However, if you are noticing a decay in an old tree or when you see yellowing foliage, fertilization can help you in stabilizing the growth. You can do the soil test as well to determine appropriate fertilization.

Remove the grass

Growing grass around the base is damaging for the tree as it blocks the way of water and other nutrition from reaching out to the roots. The area around the trunk should be maintained properly to take care of an old tree.

Get rid of pests and diseases

Like any other living being, trees are also affected by diseases, and they should be taken care of as soon as possible. For this, you need to observe the tree regularly, and if you notice stunted growth, discoloration, or any other change, you should take measures to identify and resolve the problem. Knowing about the three types will allow you to determine the exact problem.

The same goes for pests, as they can badly affect the tree’s growth. Apply pest spray if you feel necessary and ensure that they do not return.

Observing the tree is, therefore, one of the most crucial elements if you want to take care of an old tree.


When taken care of properly, a tree can live for hundreds of years, depending on the life expectancy of each type. Understanding the needs of your trees is the foremost thing you need to check out, and then following the steps mentioned above, you can easily take care of an old tree on the property. The points discussed here do not require much effort, and if you follow them properly, it is guaranteed that the tree will have a long and fruitful life.

Give a better environment to your future generations and share this piece of handful information with others so that we all can take care of old trees without any problems.