How to Secure a Trailer from Theft

Thieves and criminals do not waste a second if they ever get a chance to steal tools and parts from your cargo. Provide them a few more minutes, and you will see your entire trailer vanish from sight, leaving no trace behind it.

Stealing a utility trailer might seem easy to the thieves as it is usually parked outside; however, it is in your hand to make sure that this does not happen with your trailer, and you are just one step away to safeguard it from theft.

If you don’t want your trailer to be stolen, you need to know how to secure a trailer from theft. As said earlier, you are one step away from finding out. Reading this article will provide you with the ultimate ways that you can apply in order to secure a trailer from theft.

Ways to secure a trailer from theft

Thieves come prepared whenever they want to steal something, and you have to be one step ahead of them to make sure your valuables are safe and secure. No matter the type of trailer you have, it is worthy enough to be targeted by robbers. Applying the following techniques will help you keep your trailer safe and will give a hard time to anyone trying to abscond with.

Securing with a lock

When it comes to protecting any tool or device, you will find varieties of locks for the particular object. The same goes for a trailer. Using multiple locks will ensure maximum security, and thieves will not even try to get involved in bypassing multiple locks. Below we have discussed the locks that are used for securing a trailer from theft.

Trailer wheel lock

A wheel lock is an ultimate solution when it comes to securing the vehicle. A wheel lock will make the trailer completely immobilized, and the trailer will not be able to move without unlocking. Investing in a good-quality trailer wheel lock will provide a sense of comfort as the thief will not be able to pull off the trailer by himself and move away with it.

Trailer tongue lock

Often known as the coupler lock, it comes in handy when you want to move the trailer to another point. Using the trailer tongue lock will ward off the chance of attaching other vehicles with it. Quite often, this lock is used in combination with a padlock to make it more secure and safe.

Trailer hitch lock

Trailer hitch guard or lock is another valuable addition in the family of locks protecting the trailer from theft. However, this lock is preferred for small-size trailers. Securing the ball hitch, a good quality lock will make it hard for the thieves to steal the trailer using the conventional tricks and tools.

Hitch receiver lock

Securing the hitch ball mount, the receiver locks provide an additional layer of security and protection. These locks are available at any hardware store and offer a cost-effective solution to protect the trailer from theft.

GPS tracker

Besides the locking system, there are several ways that can be used side by side in order to maximize the level of protection and security.

A GPS tracker in this regard provides a great deal of security as you can track and locate your trailer in case it is stolen and call the authorities for appropriate actions. By using the advanced GPS trackers, you can set the allowed premises it can travel to, going beyond the programmed area, it will send you an alert through the prescribed means.

Sensor alarms

These sensor alarms are helpful to detect when someone tries to unlock or move the trailer from the location. Not only do these alarms discourage the thieves by signaling, but also it generates a loud sound and attracts everyone around, allowing people to catch the thief red-handed.

Useful tips to secure a trailer from theft

When using the locks to secure a trailer, make sure that you keep the keys hidden or in a secured location. Otherwise, there is no use of locks if keys are accessible to the thieves easily.

If the trailer has a spare tire, consider investing in a spare tire lock as it adds security.

Do take measures to secure the interior as well, because the thieves will try to steal parts and valuables if they do
not get a chance to steal the entire trailer.

Do not leave the trailer unlocked even if you have parked for a short time. Thieves only need a few minutes to steal all they can.

If you are not going to use a trailer for a long time, consider removing the registration plates.

Lastly, try to park or place the trailers at locations with high visibility, having monitoring cameras and systems installed, or places with lighting. All these will reduce the risk of getting robbed, thus, will secure a trailer from theft.


Now enjoy your time when you are camping or park your trailer over a weekend without any worries. Giving you peace of mind and security to the trailer, following the above techniques will help you secure a trailer from theft in the best possible manner. Go for multiple ways to ensure maximum protection and protect your trailer like no other.