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How to Secure a Safe without Bolting It to the Floor

We all have some kind of valuables that we never want to lose in any way. It can be some confidential documents, money, gun, or any other precious items. A safe is considered as the best option in this regard; however, a safe itself needs to be secured in one way or another. There is no use of a safe if burglars can get access to it and take it away easily.

Bolting a safe to the floor is the best technique to make it secure, but this option is not viable for all. If you live in a leased home, the property owner will not allow you to secure a safe to the floor. Even if you own a property, the floor may not be suitable to bolt a safe, or you might have an expensive floor, and you don’t want to ruin it by drilling holes in it. In short, there can be any reason for not doing it and seeking a way to secure a safe without bolting it to the floor.

Thankfully, there are exceptional alternatives, and all you need is to discover the right way. This article is going to provide you with all the information you need to find out about how to secure a safe without bolting it to the floor.

Readout thoroughly and secure a safe without damaging your property in any way.

Ways to protect a safe without bolting it to the floor

Making a safe immune to theft and carrying away with it easily is of utmost importance, and you should be doing it on a priority. Imagine placing your gun and other important items in a safe and burglars getting hold of it and taking it away without any difficulty. No one wants this to happen, and to ensure that, explore the ways below and see which one you can apply.

Bolt the safe to steel plates

The purpose behind this is to secure the safe and make it almost impossible for burglars to move away with it easily. If bolting a safe to the floor is not an option, the best alternative is to bolt it against the steel. Not only will it be too heavy to move, but also the size will make it difficult to pass through the door.

Bolting the safe to steel plates is simple, and you can do it in no time. All you need is steel plates; make sure you choose steel plates with considerable thickness, a drill, and some screws.

Join safes together

In order to reduce the portability, bolting the two or more safes together will do a wonderful job as it will increase the weight and size. Even if criminals find the safe, they won’t be able to carry it with them as quickly as otherwise. In the meantime, you can call for security and ensure the safety of your valuables.

Add weight to the safes

Another way of securing a safe is to add weight and make it difficult to move. It works in a similar manner as the above method of bolting safes together. Instead of joining, here, you add extra weight from outside into the safe.

Keep the weights at the bottom of the safe, and then place your valuables inside it. This way, it will not be an easy job to move an inch of the safe.

Bolt the safe to a wall

This is as secure as securing a safe to the floor. However, if you are living in a rental property, make sure that you have got approval to do this. If you have your own property and want to secure a safe without bolting it to the floor, using a wall is one of the most effective alternatives.

Use floorboards

In case you have a wooden floor, using floorboards to secure a safe is the best option you have. However, the only disadvantage is that it creates hurdles for the user to access the safe. Otherwise, it is among the best options that not only keep the floor from getting damaged but also save a lot of space.

For better installation of the floor, you must consult a professional, or else you may destroy the floorboard.

Glue the safe to the floor

If you don’t want to indulge in a hassle, this option is viable for you. All you need is special high-strength polymer glues, and you are good to go. This process can be used on any type of floor and is ideal for temporary installations. So, if you are living on rent, this practice might work the best. It is suggested to be careful while applying the glue.

Useful tips when securing a safe without bolting it to the floor

No matter what technique you use to secure a safe, there are some points you should consider for efficiency and reliability.
The location is among the most crucial factors while securing a safe. Do not choose an obvious place that it becomes easy to detect for intruders.

Keep in mind that you might need to access the safe in case of emergency, and therefore, you must consider this point when securing a safe with any of the above methods.

If you are adding an object in order to increase the weight, make sure that it is not something that produces moisture as it can affect the valuables. The safe should be kept dry and clean, and your valuables will be safe for a longer period of time.

Aside from securing the safe, make sure that it is hard to open and is protected with a code or a key.


As you can realize, there are multiple alternatives you have that you may go for instead of bolting a safe to the floor. It all comes to the ease of which option you select for hiding the safe. This article will allow you to make the best decision as per the type of safe and your needs and requirements.