How to Grow an Avocado Tree

When looking for an all-round and all-purpose ingredient, Avocado remains on the top. Use it for a salad, prepare a smoothie, or add it to numerous recipes; Avocado is a blessing to have in your home. Instead of frequently going to the grocery stores, one wonders how to grow an avocado tree so that you can have it at your home all year round.

The good news is planting and growing an avocado tree is pretty simple, and it can be done outside and inside as well. We are going to look into both ways here so that you can go for the one that suits you the best.

Before we proceed, keep in mind that it takes years for a tree to get established and start bearing fruits. The better you take care of an avocado, the sweeter it is going to be in terms of rewards. So, without a minute more, let’s explore how to grow an avocado tree.

Grow avocado tree at home

No matter if you love gardening or not, you will certainly love the process of growing an avocado tree starting from the seed. Eager to know why? Go through the steps below, and you will find out.

Remove avocado pit

Removing an avocado is fun, and even a child can do it without any difficulty. But for growing a tree out of it, you have to be careful and make sure you don’t remove the brown skin that is called a seed’s cover. Once removed, you have to clean it and scrub the flesh off if there is any.

Keep in mind that you need to remember the top and bottom sides of the seed because it is the bottom part that sprouts and develops a plant.

Punch with toothpick

You have got the seed ready. Now you have to place sticks in order to keep the balance of Avocado while you put half into the water. Poke one in the center and then a few more around the circumference.

Place the seed

Take a glass of water and place the seed in a way that the bottom parts dip in water and the top end remains in the air. Use a clear glass so that you can see the roots growing and when you need to change the water.

Watch out for roots to grow

Place the glass near a window opening so that it can receive the warmth of the sun. Remember that direct sunlight can damage the seed. Keep changing water once a week so that it receives clean water, and no bacteria remains in it.

In a few weeks’ time, you will begin seeing the cracks being formed in a seed. The roots will start growing from the bottom, and seed skin will pop out from the top. The process can take as much as 8 weeks, and if you don’t see any change in this time, you have to try with another seed.

As the stem starts growing, cut it in half and let it get bigger again. New growth is going to be stronger and healthy.

Plant the seed

When thick roots emerge, it’s a sign that you can plant the seed in the soil. The soil must be well-drained as overwatering can damage the plant. At this time, the more sunlight it receives, the better. At this stage, adequate watering is necessary. Do not overwater, and do not let it dry completely.

Prune as required

It is always the initial years that count the most. Once the tree is established, it doesn’t require much care and maintenance. As it starts growing, pinch out the top leaves and prune as needed.

Growing an avocado tree outdoor

When planting a new avocado tree, they require moderate temperature and cannot bear cold and direct sunlight. Therefore, planting an avocado in a container is feasible so that you can move it inside in case it becomes necessary, depending on the weather conditions.

Roots are the base of the plants, and it is recommended that you do not disturb them while the plant is in its initial stages. Water deeply so that it can reach the roots and they can grow to its full extent. However, do not overwater. If you see leaves turning yellow, it is a sign of overwatering. In this case, skip watering for a few days.

Tips for growing an avocado tree

No matter whether you grow a tree inside or outside, there are a few valuable tips that will help you grow the tree in the best possible manner. After all, it takes years for a tree to bear fruits, and we do not want it to go to waste. Read out the tips below and see if you find them useful.

The soil plays an important role in the growth of a tree, and for avocados, it should be well-drained and well-aerated soil. Much has been said about watering, so you have to consider it as well accordingly.

Avocados love summer, and in order to grow well, they need fertilizers. Add fertilizer weekly during the summer and avoid it in winter. Avocados also require a considerable amount of zinc, so choose a fertilizer that suits the best as per the plant.

When planting from a seed, it can take as much as 12 years to start growing fruits. Plus, you need to take extra care at the start to help it grow.

Plants and trees are prone to diseases and insects. Keep an eye and make sure you take appropriate measures to protect them from such circumstances.


Bear patience if you want to enjoy the availability and sweetness of fruits later on. Other than that, all you are required to know about how to grow an avocado tree is discussed here, and after reading this, you are ready to plant and raise your own avocado tree.

If you find it helpful, share it with someone you know who loves Avocado and read out more if you want to know how to grow an olive tree and a lemon tree from seed.