How to Compare Different Models of Video Doorbells

How to Compare Different Models of Video Doorbells

It’s easy to think that once you’ve seen one door peephole camera, you’ve pretty much seen them all. I really can’t say that I blame people who think this way because when you look at a typical door peephole camera model, there’s really not much space for variation.

While there are many distinct brand-based design preferences, they all pretty much have the same general components. If you’re looking for a complete door peephole camera set up, you can rest assured that as long as you’re getting three items built into one device, you are good to go. What are these items?

Well, first there is the camera. This is the tube or other device that is put into the body of the door. Once this tube is placed in the door, it starts shooting footage of whatever’s happening at the other side of the door. Obviously, the camera must be able to “see” a large enough area. It must be very clear. It must also have a wide angle.

The other component of the typical door peephole camera is the display screen. The display screen is on the other side of the camera. This way, when you walk up to the door, after somebody knocks, you can easily see the face of the person that is at your door. No big mystery here. All the screen does is display, in the clearest terms possible, the footage shot by the camera tube that is embedded in the body of the door. The display also has icons or buttons that you can manipulate to enhance image quality, as well as to control to a certain degree the camera.

Again, no big mystery here.

The most important component, however, is the recording device. The recording device of the door peephole camera is the reason why you bought this unit in the first place. You might not be aware of it. You might not be conscious about it, but this should be the reason why. This is where the rubber meets the road. If you screw up by selecting the wrong model that does a lousy job of recording footage, you might as well not have bought this camera. Seriously. You’re just probably going to end up in the same place.

The police are going to be puzzled why your door was broken in or why people robbed you and you’re just going to be complete in the dark as to the identities of the perpetrators. The worst part to all this is you only have yourself to blame because you picked the wrong model. Make no mistake about it. The door peephole cameras are only valuable because they record footages. They are like close circuit TV cameras for your front door.

When you’re comparing different models of door peephole cameras, you must always keep referring back to these there components. You need to insist on the very best performance of different models based on these three components. You need to look for a clear camera.

In other words, regardless of the angle, regardless of the ambient light, or regardless if it’s day or night, your door camera must be able to take very crisp, clean, and vivid images. The reason for this should be obvious to you. If you’re going to take the recording of the camera to the police, they must be able to tell the identities of those people, or at the very least, they must be able to tell the features of the people that broke into your door and robbed your home.

Different models have different camera qualities. Some are grainy, some get very dark quickly, and others have a bad time focusing. So focus on the camera component. Also, make sure that you can quickly and easily manipulate the image. This means that the display should do a decent job. As much as possible, make sure that the display is intuitive. In other words, you don’t need to have a Ph. D to work it.

The most important comparison, however, is the recording device. Insist on a long battery life. Insist on a long recording duration. In other words, when this device is shooting footage, it must be able to shoot footage for a long, long time before you need to either get a new battery, or get a backup battery.

Whatever the case may be, if the door peephole cameras you’re comparing do a bad job at recording footage, you’re basically just wasting your time. You probably would be better off not buying door peephole cameras in the first place. So do yourself a big favor and compare these devices the right way by paying close attention to the three factors outlined above.