How it Works

How do Smart Cameras Work?

Planning for a family trip but cannot leave the home alone. It is a kind of excuse nowadays. AI has introduced advanced technologies that have changed our lives. One of them is Smart Cameras. Smart Cameras are the artificial security guard of the house. It keeps surveillance of the entire house, garden, etc. It provides satisfaction and peace even if when you are miles away from home.

What are Smart Cameras?

Smart Cameras or smart sensor is machine vision system. Smart cameras record video footage of the place where it is installed. Nowadays, smart cameras have developed a lot. It is capable of monitoring the current status of your home from anywhere. Smart cameras are categorized into two types: wired and wireless.

The wireless cameras use the Wi-Fi connection to transmit the video footage. They are controlled through an app digitally. The app transmits the video footage to your smartphone or cloud-based server over the internet. It connects with any internet network to show the footage. Smart cameras can also interact with smart devices and systems such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Smart lock, etc.

Whereas wired cameras are not developed to use a Wi-Fi connection. Still, they connect to the internet by using cable for viewing footage. These cameras need to be wired to video storage devices to charge and transmit footage. In comparison, wireless cameras are frequently referred to as smart cameras.

How do Smart Cameras Work?

Smart cameras work by monitoring the happenings in your house. The camera remains connected to the app. The app transmits the video footage to your smartphone. Smart cameras are installed with motion detectors. If any movement is spotted in your house, the cameras alarm you. You can directly contact the police officers through the app. You can also send the video footage to the officer through the app.

By way of smart cameras, you know what’s going on in your house while staying away from there. It also installs many useful features in it. First of all, two-way audio system, you can see and speak to anyone in your house while staying away from there or in a separate part of the house. Secondly, a person movement detector, and third, night vision. Through the person movement detector, you can detect anyone in your houses such as your child, pet, etc. and night vision allow you to see things in the dark. Using night-vision also ensures that the house is protected from thieves’ attacks. These are the most required feature to be utilized. To keep the robbers away from your house, spot the cameras at crucial points. It will not allow the robbers to take advantage of any point.

Significance of Using Smart Cameras

GPS or Geofencing
GPS or Global Positioning Systems and Geofencing are used for tracking. The cameras in your house can track your presence nearby. It works automatically. It turns on the cameras when you are rushing out of your house. During the time you are not present in the house, it works as a security guard. When you are nearby or on the doorsteps, it turns off or disarms the system automatically. It does not require manual efforts to on and off the cameras. Turning off the cameras does not mean that it will stop recording footage. It just turns off the security mode.

Smart cameras are also updated with an audio system. It allows speaking to anyone in your house. It also observes the suspicious noise surrounding the area of your house. You can spot the movements outside your house. If anyone unknown is brewing from distance and trying to break out, you can directly talk and warn them. The communication can be done from anywhere else through the app.

Face tag or detector
Smart cameras can detect a face as well. Upload the photos of your family or friend in the system and detect them unharmful. If the camera detects them as known, they will not alarm you with notifications.

Motion detection
Smart cameras are also called smart sensors. It also contains sensors that detect movements. The camera detects the movement and focuses on that. It alarms you through the app. Then, with the use of a face detector, you can see the face and recognize it. Nowadays, thieves cover up their faces with masks. If a certain situation comes, you can easily detect it as a threat. Through the app, you can directly contact the nearby police station. Motion detection is also one of the essential significances of using smart cameras.

Cloud-based storage and accessibility
Through a cloud-based storage system, the camera stores the video footage on DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with ample storage space. It provides you the facility to log in such as you can log in to the system from anywhere you want.

Build-in storage and battery
It is one of the smartest significance of using smart cameras. During power cut, you can stay sure that your camera still working. This happens due to building in storage and battery. Once the power is back, it gets uploaded to the cloud.

Wireless cameras are handier than wired cameras. Smart cameras can be installed easily into the system. Wired cameras have to undergo a plug-and-play process. In the case of installing wireless smart cameras, you have to download an app and connect the system with it. The most crucial thing to know is that wireless cameras are not perfectly wireless. Wireless smart cameras need an AC power plug to work with. You can say it is one of the disadvantages of using smart cameras as well.

Technologies are improving and developing. New technologies are nearby replacing manual labor and old gadgets. It provides a smooth experience and is easy to work with. A camera is working as a security guard of your house. You can see what’s going on in your house from a distance apart. A smart camera provides some beneficial features that ensure you stay in peace. Installing a smart camera in your house is a wise choice.