How Can My Whole House Be Hacked? IoT Security Issues

Did you ever face such things as house hack? But what is a house hack? Well, your smart home brings more smartness but yeah, it is open to all. How? The reason is IoT security issues. These smart things can cause great problems as your whole house is connected through the internet and the internet is open to all.

So is it safe to bring smart appliances into our home? Is it safe to make our normal house a smart home? How mandatory are IoT security issues to us? Let’s discuss the answers to all these questions.

What Is IoT Security?

As we discussed in our previous article, IoT security is the security that is provided to IoT networks. As the internet is open to all, it is a must to have a proper secure network. Without it, cyber terrorists get all the benefits of controlling, manipulating, data-stealing, or maybe blackmailing you by accessing your private information. That is why security is a bigger challenge to all fellow creators and inventors.

This IoT technology has helped us a lot. They make our lives more interesting and easy. These IoT devices bring their beautiful network, a network of all different devices connected through the internet and we get all the benefits from it. Hence IoT makes smart devices smarter and better to use. And so its security must not fall short to the standards.

What Are IoT Security Issues?

IoT security issues are the flaws of IoT networks that could bring catastrophe to any smart appliance device. These cyber-threats have many different kinds and can happen in the following many ways. Let’s look at the list of famous IoT security issues.

  • Inforamiont manipulation
  • Unauthorized access to your device
  • Information disclosure
  • Malware attacks on your device
  • Hardware management
  • Big Update cannot overcome easily upon an IoT network
  • DoS and DDoS attacks

There are many other similar issues which affect the overall performance of IoT network.

What If Your House Gets Hacked?

This word sounds very meaningless and full of humor, but yeah everything is possible today. One wrong step and intruders will be controlling your whole house. But how? That is due to the IoT network.

IoT is an internet-based or say cloud-based technology which mainly connects all devices. For example, your smart TV, smart lights, Doorbells, etc. are connecting to the same network. And with the help of the internet and your smartphone, you can operate all appliances from anywhere in the world.

What if some unknown person controls your house lights and you don’t even know from where in the world! You can call this situation a house hack.

So it is real that a whole house can be hacked. Well, it is not that simple to attack house appliances and gaining control over them. Thanks to the very secure IoT network management as intruders could not get the benefits so easily. But if ever something happens like this, make sure to use a very secure password.

How Can Your House Be Hacked?

This happens when you accidentally misplace your private information with someone unknown. This is the most general case that is possible.

Other than force breach options of an intruder, a misplaced or leaked data leads to a house hack. Because your smartphone, smart lights, google home, Alexa, or amazon echo, the solar panels on your house roof, smart television, smartwatch, etc. are connecting to the same network.

You may be wondering why they are all connected to one place. They simultaneously work together. You can control the music system in your house using your smartwatch, you can change the channel on television using your smartphone, change your smart light color, and all that magic stuff you do.

That is why all is connected. Thus a cyber-terrorist gets this opportunity and can gain access to all these appliances in just one step. Your lost password could be a nightmare for you! That is why having a secure password is necessary.

How Can You Prevent A Cyber Attack On Your Home?

The first thing is to keep your password safe. Do not write your password anywhere, especially using the internet. Do not save passwords on browsers. Try to remember your password and no other paper or object or device should have your password because you are logging into you IoT network using that password credentials and losing it to the wrong hands could be very bad.

Another thing is to make sure your password contains more than 14 letters including special characters and some letters in upper case. Don’t give the intruder fewer permutations. With the advancement in technology, cyber-terrorist use powerful algorithms and strong description algorithms to brute force your password. So never leak your password information and make sure it is worth keeping.

Another thing is to not do any private surfing while connected to public wi-fi. Public wi-fis are the most targeted places by cyber terrorists as they get tons and tons of data leaked from there.

Next time you access the public wi-fi, make sure to use a good VPN, which changes your IP address temporarily, not letting any hacker go into your network.

Is It Safe To Bring Smart Appliances To Our House?

Well, it is safe. Today’s advanced technology and every modern company invest billions of dollars into security. Because that is what ultimately matters.

IoT networks have really good security and every command you give through your smart device has very high encryption. Encryption is the method to make human-readable information into a non-readable format.

It is like converting some normal text into symbols that no one could understand its meaning except you. Strong algorithms are used to convert normal text to cipher text so if someone manages to get that information then still he/she could not able to know what was the original message.

That is why there is a nearly impossible chance of getting threatened by such house hacks. Unless you do not leak your credentials, you are safe. More and more advancement in the field of IoT security is going on so that these IoT security issues can be solved.

So what should you prefer about bringing smart gadgets to your home? Yes, you can bring these smart equipment, gadgets, and smart technology to your home. Make sure you trust that particular company’s IoT network and it is strong enough to sustain advanced cyber attacks.

What Inspires Cyber Terrorists?

Well, behind those visible networks that all normal people use, there lies darkness. Those darkness have all that stuff to make your device bad. You will get many reasons to change or abandon your previous device, laptop, smartphone, etc. because it gets affected by so much malwares.

Maybe someone reading this article gets inspired to become a cyber attacker someday, that would be hilarious, lol. But it’s a fact that they can do anything. What is great about hackers is they get inspired by very little things and do something big and crazy. You may hear someday someone is leaking secret UFO files from confidential networks.

That’s all for this article. Hope you enjoyed reading. You can point out any suggestion that you feel while reading this article and it would help you and us both.