Best Home Security Window Sensors

Windows remain the most exposed part of your home for trespassers when we talk about home security. Unsecured windows allow intruders to break into your house without any difficulty. People tend to secure the main gates and backside of the house and often ignore the windows. As a result, it jeopardizes the overall home security.

We all know that thieves and robbers leave no chance to enter your house and therefore it becomes necessary for us to secure all entry points, most importantly the windows.

We are all aware of the importance of securing windows for home security, but the question that comes into our mind is how we can secure it in the best possible way. Using conventional locks and other methods are no longer useful and can easily be outdone.

Thankfully, it no longer remains a mystery on how we can secure our windows. Now we have home security window sensors that fulfills the requirements of today’s world and are one of the best solutions when it comes to securing the windows. It is established that home security is incomplete without having installed home security window sensors.

But before that, let’s have a quick look at how window sensors work.

How Do Home Security Window Sensors Work?

We see that sensors come with different features and aspects. Each one has its own specialty. Window sensors, when connected with a window frame, keeps the circuit closed. When someone tries to open the window, the circuit opens and it triggers an alarm. In the same way, motion detection sensors and glass break sensors can also be used for windows.

Window Sensors

By now, you must have got an idea how sensors work for windows. No matter what sensor you use, it is good as long as it fulfills the purpose of home security.

Having said that, choosing the appropriate home security window sensor is a challenging task and requires a bit of effort and energy; since you are here, we are going to do this task for you.

Mostly, door and windows sensors are combined and you get to have dual benefits from one product. Below you will see some of the best home security window sensors that are rated as the most effective and reliable. You can select any of it based on your needs and requirements.

Samsung SmartThings Multi-Purpose Sensor

Samsung is a well-known brand and needs no introduction. Samsung has a wide variety of tools that are widely being used for home security. Among them, Samsung SmartThings Multi-Purpose Sensor is one of the best and versatile home security sensors you can have with all the latest features and qualities.

This sensor can give you an instant alert whenever your door or windows are open. It also sends you a notification in case the door or the window remains open for a long time; it reminds you to close them to ensure complete home security.

It not only detects the motion but also has a temperature sensor, vibration recognition and other versatile functionality. Due to this reason, this multifunctional sensor offers you a complete package in which you can fully rely for your home security and protection.

It can be connected and works perfectly well with Google, ZigBee communication, and Amazon Alexa. However, it requires a SmartThings hub for functionality.

It all comes at an affordable price and with a one-year limited warranty.

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Noopel Door and Window Alarm Sensor

Noopel offers wireless magnetic sensors for doors and windows and is one of the best sensors you can have for home security. It is highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

As it requires no wiring, installation becomes much easier plus it does not need screws or any other tool as it has double-sided tape which makes it easier and convenient to place around. Other than the home security, Noopel Alarm sensor is also perfect for your offices or garage doors and windows.

These sensors are hard to detect because of their ultrathin body and yet highly sensitive. Therefore, serves the purpose of security in a better way. It generates an alarm as soon as someone tries to breach the security; the alarm is loud enough to create a 120db sound.

Noopel window alarm sensor is easy to use; you can easily turn it on or off with just a switch.

Batteries are included and lasts longer than many other similar products. It also has a light indicator for a low battery so that you can charge it on time and don’t miss out a second without a Noopel alarm sensor to ensure perfect home security.

In terms of effectiveness, it is no less than any other expensive product; the Noopel alarm sensor is highly effective and comes at a reasonable price.

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Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

The ring is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to buying home security equipment. Similarly, for home security window sensors, it has the best sensor known as the Ring alarm contact sensor.

It is the easiest to install on the windows frame and can also be used for doors; it requires no special tool for putting in place and no wiring needed.

With its compact design, you can easily place it anywhere inside your home. It includes two powerful batteries which life expectancy is around three years to ensure long-lasting uninterrupted security.

It requires to connect with the Ring alarm base station, and then you can even control it with an app. It sends you an instant alert whenever the door or the window opens. From the Ring application you can control different setting parameters including the alarm system.

Z-Wave wireless connection provides seamless operation and smart security solutions. This sensor is offered at reasonable cost and comes up with a one-year limited warranty.

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SimpliSafe Entry Sensors

SimpliSafe is another trusted name in the home security industry. It is easy to mount on any type of windows and doors, and with double-sided tape, you don’t need to have any tool for installation.

It has a magnet that can be connected to the windows frame and the sensor to the window or the other way round. It is small in size and thus easier to fix anywhere and hard to detect by the intruders.

It comes with pre-installed batteries, which lasts longer than many of its competitive products and provide long-term security.

Whenever a window or door opens, you will hear an alarm to make you alert, and even if it is off or disabled, you will hear a buzzer sound, so you will know when someone tries to enter from there.

For activation, it requires a code that you have to enter so that it cannot be distorted. It is one of the simple and upfront smart sensors you can have at such a reasonable cost.

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Home security is a part of life, and you must ensure that you have got the latest equipment and tools for that. Your home is the place where you spend most of your time, and it is where you keep your valuables. Above all, it is where you reside with your family.

Windows are the easiest way for intruders to break into your house, and for that reason, you must take preventive measures. Installing a home security window sensor is the best thing you can do in this regard, and this article is what you all need to decide the best option for you.