How Do I Hide My Arlo Camera

Most people prefer that their home security cameras be hidden so that any intruder who tries to break in may not know they have been recorded. Thieves tend to look the other way whenever they see a security camera at a house or simply just walk away to another place. But when you need to record them, you should make sure that your security cameras are hidden. Unfortunately, most security cameras do not have a discreet shape, so it’s a difficult task to hide many of them in plain sight.

The Arlo security camera isn’t discreet either, and if you want to hide it, you must do it yourself. So, in this article, we will explore how to hide the Arlo camera installed at your home so that it may not be seen by any intruder, nor anyone can bypass it.

What to consider before you hide Arlo camera

Before trying to hide the Arlo camera, you need to understand that the magnetic dome that comes with it would not be easier to hide.

As a consequence, it is vital that you take the dome off. The dome isn’t used a lot, and it is used only for high lengths and for locations 6 or more feet from the ground. So, take the dome off without worrying about any security concerns as it isn’t going to cause a problem at all.

Moreover, the camera emits IR lights that are used for night vision, and these IR lights can be easily seen in the dark. So, if an intruder tries to break into your home, they will definitely see the IR lights. Thus, it is advised that you should turn the night vision on only when you need to catch an intruder. Otherwise, keep it off because it is easy to be seen. Turn it off when you use the camera for general security purposes during the day.

Thirdly, you will see that there is a low battery indicator at the front of the Arlo camera. This indicator blinks whenever the battery is low and can catch an eye easily. Either turn the indicator off or place a small piece of tape over it in order to hide the indicator.

How to hide the Arlo camera

Now that you have taken the precautionary measures, let’s get to hiding the camera.

Arlo home security cameras have a lens of 110 degrees that provides you with a wide-angle view. That makes it easier to look all over the room, even if you place the camera on a corner shelf at length.

So, the first step in hiding an Arlo camera is that you should keep it on an upper corner shelf, disguised with a number of keepsakes around it. The souvenirs perfectly hide the camera even better if you hide the status indicator with a tape and turn the night vision off. Most people do not look at a corner shelf placed above, so it’s safe to say that your Arlo camera will be hidden.

Moreover, you can use fake plants that you keep on your counters or side tables. The fake plants give excellent camouflage to the camera. You can place the camera inside the plant, with the lens emerging out and covered with leaves. Make sure that you position the plants so that the leaves do not block the camera from any angle. You can get specialized fake plants that match the color of the security camera, and they will conceal the cameras more efficiently.

One of the other ways to hide an Arlo camera is inside a tissue box. You can hide any small camera in a tissue box. Because the size of the Arlo camera is just perfect for the tissue box, you won’t need to worry about it peeking out. Cut a small hole in the tissue box to place the actual lens of the camera, and the rest of the Arlo camera will be entirely hidden by the walls of the tissue box. You can add the tissues back into the box to make sure that it looks more legit.


The main idea behind a security camera is to give you ultimate protection. If you think hiding a security camera does that for you, you should definitely use the methods mentioned above that describe how you can hide the Arlo camera.