Hidden Camera in Electrical Outlet

Hidden cameras are no more hidden as everyone is aware of the possible spots that you may use to place a camera. If you think the same, you need to update yourself as now there are cameras that are placed at such a strategic location that it is even hard to find with common detectors.

Hidden from the view of everybody, a hidden camera in an electrical outlet is what is making a trend these days. There are numerous reasons that you have to use a hidden camera not only in the workplace but also at your home.

For whatever reason it is, a hidden camera serves the purpose as long as it is not detected and most of the cameras available get into the sight of a person in one way or another. But not this time, the hidden camera in the electrical outlet serves the purpose well and does its job tremendously. Either used to keep an eye on baby nurses or to record activities in order to get evidence. A hidden camera in an electrical outlet can be used for a variety of commitments.

Before we move on to discuss the best product, you need to know how we can place it in an electrical outlet as it is not something that you do every day.

How to put hidden camera in electrical outlet

Usually, the hidden camera in electrical outlets has their dedicated wall sockets with a design that makes it difficult to see the camera even though it is present and is working. This is how the purpose is served.
Hidden cameras in electrical outlets are so small that you may have to use a magnifying glass to see it. Having some sort of transmission and power source, the camera is integrated with the socket.

The enclosure is provided so that the camera is not visible to anyone. Having a built-in power source, most of these cameras have Wi-Fi compatibility to receive and send the transmission over a receiving device, most probably your smartphone.

All you have to do is fix the wall socket at an appropriate place that does not look odd and provide you with the required angle view. As long as you are able to see what you want to record, it is good to go.

In order to make you familiar with the product and to present you with the best quality hidden camera in an electrical outlet, this article is what you all need. Read it out and see if you need one.

Our Top Picks

S. No Product Name
Product Name Wall Outlet Hidden WiFi Secret Spy Camera
2 WF-113 Wireless Spy Camera
3 WF-113D Wireless Spy Camera

Wall Outlet Hidden Wi-Fi Secret Spy Camera

Delivered in secure packing and in a few days just after confirmation of the order, this camera fits well in any type of wall socket installed at your place. However, before purchasing, it is better if you confirm the size of the base box where the socket is going to be installed so that they can deliver the camera lens with suitable degrees of elevation.

The feature I like the most is Wi-Fi connectivity, due to which you get to see real-time monitoring of what’s happening around. In this way, even if I am not present, I can see whenever I want. Connecting it with my android phone was smooth; the sound and video quality were as perfect as any other expensive product. Thanks to the brand for adding a 32 GB memory card that I am able to record moments in case I need them to review later on.

It also works seamlessly with PC and iOS systems, as I have tried already. Another great feature of this camera is the ability to send you an alert with the help of a motion detection system. When going outside for a long time, you can set the camera and get an alert when someone enters the premises.

It might not be suitable to install yourself as working with a wall socket is not everyone’s job, and you may end up creating a mess out of it.

Pros Cons
HD camera resolution No night vision support
Automatic recording It does not support 5G Wi-Fi
Moving object detection
Sends an instant alert to phone
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WF-113 Wireless Spy Camera

Not only is the camera of superior quality, but the customer service is also what makes them the best. No doubt that soon this camera will be unavailable due to the record number of sales. Being a lucky one, I have bought one for my home to keep an eye on at all times.

Delivered exactly in 24 hours, installing a camera might not be your expertise, but with excellent customer support and a bit of experience, you can set it up on your own in no time. After the installation, pairing it up with my Wi-Fi and devices was also simple and quick, and I didn’t find any trouble in between.

Astonished with the amazing picture and video quality, you will feel relaxed that you had spent the money on the right product as I was feeling the day when I installed it at my place. With a wide-angle view, you get a full HD view, and to your surprise, it works the same during the night. Equipped with a low light sensor, you don’t have to worry if there is enough light or not.

Not only was I able to connect it with my iOS, but it was also connected with my PC and android phone. Along with that, you can connect this camera with other cameras installed in your surroundings and control them all from one place.

Securing your home, the right way, I have made the best choice. What are you waiting for?

Pros Cons
Made with highly durable material Plug-in power only; no battery support
Bigger size sensors provide more accuracy and better results Not compatible with Mac system
IR sensitive
An accurate motion detection system
Worth the money
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WF-113D Wireless Spy Camera

I bought this for recording the downward area. Keep in mind that this variant camera lens is projected downward, so you have to place this camera at some height.

It is crucial to know the camera lens angle so that you can place it at the best location. As it comes from the same brand as WF-113 Wireless Spy Camera, the customer service is superb, contact them anytime, and you will be connected with an expert.

Talking about this version of the camera, it inculcates all advanced features, and I have tried each one of them to verify. All works the same except that this camera is not equipped with night vision technology. Thus, you may not find it helpful in dark hours.

Other than that, Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with smart devices, motion detection, and all other features are as good as it is announced.

Pros Cons
Remote access to recordings Plug-in power only; no battery support
ONVIF compliant No night vision
No subscription required
Extensive quality check before shipping
Standard 1 year warranty
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Most of us are worried about how to put a hidden camera in an electrical outlet and consider it difficult; we don’t even use it no matter how much we need it. This article clears all confusion and, on top of that, presents you with top-quality hidden cameras in electrical outlets. Check out and see if any of the cameras can fulfill your requirements. Do share it with others so they can have it in case it is needed.