How to Grow Lemon Tree from Seed

Every time you squeeze a lemon, the idea of growing a lemon tree from seed blows up in your mind as it is something that you use every day. There are endless benefits that you can acquire from a lemon. From using it in recipes, salads, and to use it as a cleaning agent, a lemon is must found in every house. The versatile use of it led you to ponder on how to grow a lemon tree from seed.

Growing a lemon tree is relatively easy, and anyone can do it. However, in order to reap fruits, you must be careful about the procedure, as every plant requires care and maintenance, especially in the initial stages.

Growing a lemon tree in your lawn is always a good idea. Not only will you be supplied with unlimited lemons, but the house will also cherish with refreshing fragrance at all times. Plus, the appearance of the lemon tree is enough to fall in love with it.

How to plant a lemon seed

Growing your own lemon tree is just a few steps away. To start with, all you need is a healthy organic lemon to take out the seed from it. The other things you need will be discussed during the steps below.

Step 1

Using organic lemon is preferred as its seeds are healthy and will grow effectively. However, you can also use the seeds from lemons purchased from the stores. The first step involves taking the healthy seeds out of the lemon. Avoid seeds that are either too small or that look dried up.

Once popped out, wash the seeds to remove the sugary coating and then place them in a glass of water to see their viability. Floating seeds are not suitable for germination, so you have to discard them and use the seeds that sink.

Step 2

This step involves germination. This can be done through different techniques, but we are going to see the two most practical and effective ways.

Germination in paper towel

The first method is to germinate lemon seed by using a paper towel. After you are done with step 1, peel off the white skin of the seed as it will help speed up the germination process. Use more than one seed for this, as not all seeds germinate well. You can start from 5 seeds.

All you have to do is place the seeds in a paper towel in a way that they are one inch apart from each other and cover them with another paper towel. Pack up the paper towel and get it moist with water spray.

After that, place the package in a plastic bag and keep the bag at a warm place. You will notice the seeds sprout after a few weeks. Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks for lemon seeds to sprout.

Germination in potting soil

This method includes germinating the seed in potting soil. But before you plant a seed in it, you have to prepare it well for germination. Use a separate bucket or small-sized pot, place the soil, and add water until it gets damp. Mix it well so that water reaches everywhere, and the soil is evenly drained. Do not let the soil become watery as it will damage the seed.

The bucket or the pot you are using must have drainage holes, and the size should depend on the number of seeds you are planting.

Once you have placed the moist soil in the pot, make a small hole using your finger, and plant the seed. The position of the seeds matters a lot as the roots will grow from the pointy part of the seed, so it should be downward. Now cover the pot using plastic and a rubber band and make tiny holes in it for the plant to breathe.

Place the pot at a warm location and water it when you see it is getting dried. Remember that direct sunlight is not feasible at this stage. You will see the seeds sprouting in about two to three weeks.

Step 3

You are done with the major part already. Now, as the seeds sprout, you need to transplant them to a large new pot and place them where they get the warmth of sunlight. At this phase, you need to be vigilant about watering. Let the soil remain damp, not too watery, and not too dry.

Tips for growing a lemon tree from seed

As you can see, the process is easy to follow, and you can do it yourself; there are a few handfuls of tips that will help you grow more effectively.

  • Choosing healthy seeds increases the chances of successful germination and sprouting. A careful selection of seeds can save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Watering for plants is as important as for humans. Until the leaves appear, make sure you water them regularly and keep the soil damp.
  • It’s important that you know when the right time to transplant is. If it grows too big for the size of pots you have been using, you have to transfer it to a larger pot in order to let it grow to its full extent. Check the bottom of the pot, and you will get an insight into it.
  • Fertilizers are very important for plants as it helps them grow to their actual size. The lemon tree requires a considerable amount of nitrogen. Confirm that you are using the suitable fertilizer.
  • All trees are affected by environmental change, insects, and diseases. Therefore, keep inspecting for such elements and take proper measures for safety.
  • Lastly, you need to give it time to grow. Once it is fully developed, you don’t have to look after it as much as you have to do at the start.


With utmost attention, care, and maintenance at the initial stages, you will enjoy the lemon fruit growing in your garden in about three to six years or maybe longer, depending on the environmental conditions.

Patience is key, and it is worth it once the tree is established as it is going to stay alive for many years to come, and you will have lemons growing in your yard year after year.

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