How to Groom a German shepherd?

A well-groomed dog is always better than an untidy and ill-mannered dog, especially when you have one at your home. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you pet a dog; it brings positive vibes and proves to be a loyal friend.

Among all breeds, the German shepherd is the most common worldwide, and due to diverse qualities, we own a German shepherd at some stage of our life. Once you have an adequately groomed German shepherd, you are going to love it more than any other breed. This brings us all to find out how to groom a German shepherd.

If you are looking for the same, sit down and read it down to the end, and you will know how to do it the right way. After all, a German shepherd should be well-groomed, just like its owner. Looking at their best, going for a long walk in the park, or participating in a competition, a well-groomed German shepherd goes a long way as a family companion.

Grooming a German shepherd

Helping them grow healthy and strong, grooming a German shepherd is important, and you must not ignore it in any way. Being physically active, German shepherds are involved in a lot of physical activities and because of that might get dirty. Not only affecting the cleanliness of your home, not grooming a German shepherd for some time will severely affect the health conditions, and you may have to take the dog to a veterinary.

Before it happens with your German shepherd, it is vital that you learn the right technique to groom a German shepherd. Without wasting a minute more, let’s now see how you can do it the easy way and start doing it from today.


Known to be a double-coated breed, German shepherds require double care. Besides coating, heavy fur also requires you to take care of it properly. Brushing is, therefore, among the most crucial steps when it comes to grooming. The fluffy undercoat of the breed needs to be brushed on a regular basis and full coat brushing at least once a week or after every outdoor physical activity.

Also, be cautious that the German shepherd shed its undercoat twice a year. Moreover, it sheds its hair all year round. With regular grooming practice, it can be reduced to a great extent.

While brushing, do not choose to go for low-quality brushes. You can start with slicker brushes along with a metal grooming comb, as they are easily available at any pet store. If you are not lacking the budget, you can go for deshedding brushes as well.

The earlier you start brushing, the better. It is suggested that you make it routine as soon as the puppy is two months old. Once the habit is developed, you will find it easy to do it afterward.


Just like we do, bathing is necessary for German shepherds as well. For healthy skin and to groom perfectly, give a bath at least once a month or after a heavy session of exercise. Bathing is also an important step in order to get rid of fleas. A variety of shampoos and other bathing accessories are available at pet stores; you can go for it if you find anything useful. Remember not to apply shampoo on the face and avoid over bathing as it can damage the skin.

Dry thoroughly after you are done bathing using a warm towel.


This is something you should not forget at all. Brushing the teeth of a German shepherd is as important as brushing your own teeth, and you don’t want to skip a day. Be mindful that you have to brush it gently. You can opt for dog-friendly brushes and toothpaste available in the markets.

In addition to that, avoid feeding hard cookies or something that can damage the shepherd in any way.


As important as any other body part, keep a check on ears as well and clean them if you find any wax, debris, or any other material. Make a habit of cleaning the ears once a week, and you don’t worry about it at all. Use ear drops, a cotton pad, or anything that you find useful. If you find excessive buildup in the ear, go to the nearest vet, and make sure it gets treated.


Often get ignored, eyes need cleansing as well. At times, you will find debris buildup around the corner, use a dampened cloth, and gently wipe it out. Also, keep on checking for redness, swelling, or any other irregularity, and consult your vet if you find anything.


Taking care of everything like you do it for yourself. To properly groom a German shepherd, do not let the nails grow too long and also do not let them be filled with dirt and debris. Use a nail trimmer or grinder, whatever you are good with.

Grooming tips and tricks

Following the procedure, there are always a bunch of tips that come in handy during the process. For grooming a German shepherd, find out below what we have to suggest.

  • Start grooming from an early age so that the dog is familiar with the process and the tools.
  • Make your German shepherd feel comfortable and choose a quiet and familiar environment so that the dog remains calm while you do your job.
  • Train your dog to stay calm and still so that you don’t find it hard while grooming.
  • Use appropriate tools or accessories that you are using so that it does not damage the skin in any way.
  • Keep talking to your dog as it gives them a sense of comfort, and do not get angry while you are doing any of the above grooming processes.


Loyalty, strength, intelligence, and so many other diverse qualities it may have, if a German shepherd is not well-groomed, you are not going to feel comfortable around it, let alone playing and spending time with it. While shedding seems to be a big problem for most owners, with regular grooming, you can give a perfect look to the German shepherd. Do you have any other tips for grooming other than those discussed here?