Do they use German shepherds in the military?

When considering a dog for security and protection, German shepherds outclass other dog breeds, owning their strength, intelligence, loyalty, and obedience. Not only do they serve as the best guard dog, but they also turn out to be a great partner for a family. Known for their devotion, athletic body, aggressiveness, and power, we often wonder if they use German shepherds in the military or not.

The German shepherd is a versatile breed, but do their traits coincide with those needed for military service? Let’s find out.

Are German shepherds deployed in the military?

The use of dogs in the military dates back to ancient times for a variety of purposes, such as they have been used for sentry, scouting, hunting, tracking enemy soldiers, and for the rescue operation. However, not all dog breeds suit the requirements to fit in the military.

Today, when it comes to military dogs, you are likely to think of German shepherds because they possess the qualities and features that make them the best dog for this purpose.

The characteristics of German shepherd

A German shepherd is a great dog for the military because of its loyalty, courage, and willingness to listen. The breed can stand up to the rigorous training that a dog needs to go through in order to serve in the military for a variety of tasks.

As a result of their superior intelligence and high energy level, they are capable of almost anything. The quick learning ability and the keenness to learn make them suitable for hardcore military training. Their physical strength is an additional feature that helps German shepherds to go through the requirements of a military dog.

Despite their intelligence and trainability, German Shepherds are calm-under-pressure and turn out to be aggressive when they feel threatened. This further adds in their qualities that make them the first choice to be added as military dogs.

Training plays a crucial role, and they will perform exceptionally well for whatever they are trained for. Use them for hunting, protection, detection, or any other purpose you desire; once they are taught, it will remain with them forever.

The role of German shepherds in the military

It is one of the earliest known breeds of working dogs and was initially used for herding. Known for its size, the Shepherd Dog is a breed of a large dog that was originally developed in Germany. But soon after the breed was developed, the German shepherds were handed over to German police concerning their intelligence, strength, and tenacity required to be trained as police dogs.

During this period, the German shepherd showed extraordinary traits such as compliance, constancy, defense, and tracking. By realizing these attributes, the breeders thought of adding German shepherds to the military. Specialized training was designed to make them adapt to military life.

Starting from World War I, German shepherds played a crucial role in the German military. Performing exceptionally well on the battlefield, German shepherds were included in the US military and were used for different tasks in World War II.

At night, they protected the trenches as guard dogs. The barking would alert the soldiers of any danger. Some dogs were trained to patrol the channels and attack the enemy if they came near. Another use of German Shepherds was to carry supplies, messages, and the wounded from the battlefield. Moreover, they were also used for protecting and guarding military bases and personnel. They were also added to the United States Secret Service to protect and safeguard top leaders of the country.

Even to this day, hundreds of German Shepherds are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the freedom and rights of citizens. Currently, there are German shepherds in the military fleets across the globe, not just in the United States.


Dogs are an important part of the military, and they have been used for an array of services. A German shepherd is the most commonly used dog in the military, and they are trained and used for different fields and tasks. Moreover, German shepherds are now seen as part of Special Forces in many different countries. Aside from military use, German shepherds also make a great family dog and a passionate partner.