About German shepherd Mastiff Mix

Combining the attributes of a large size and calm attitude mastiff with a highly strong, passionate, and protective German shepherd, we have a German shepherd mastiff mix, that is truly the breed of choice. We all think about having a dog that is not only human-friendly but can also act as a perfect guard dog. Well, with a German shepherd mastiff mix, you got what you wanted.

However, being not so common, before you bring the breed at home, it’s necessary that you know about the German shepherd mastiff mix in detail so that you can take care of it accordingly. Raising an obedient, intelligent, and loyal dog requires you to put in continuous effort. As shepherd mastiff is a crossbreed of two distinct breeds having dissimilar behavior, knowing about the German shepherd mastiff mix is going to help you a lot in the process. So, without any more diversions, let’s get into the details.


Mastiffs were here long before we discovered German shepherds. You will find the origins of parents’ breed, but not much is known about the mix. A cross between a German Shepherd and a Mastiff, the mix is often referred to as mastiff shepherd or German mastiff.

You will find different varieties when it comes to the mastiff breed. Among the most popular types are English mastiff and Tibetan mastiff. However, when it comes to German shepherd mix, we see the English mastiff as the popular choice. Throughout the years, mastiffs have been used for a range of different tasks. From participating in wars, acting as a guard dog, and being used for games, mastiff has seen many phases.

Physical appearance

As both parents belong to a large breed family, their cross will probably be going to have a large size; however, it can vary significantly from one mix to another. Normally, a mastiff shepherd can have a height ranging from 24 to 36 inches with a weight of around 100 to 200 pounds.

Unlike other breeds, the German shepherd’s mastiff mix does not vary in size when it comes to gender. Male and females can reach the same height and gain the exact same weight.

Having a large round head, the German mastiff will have a robust muzzle with folded ears. Besides that, they will have large paws and abdomens matching their height.

The coat colors largely depend on mastiff breed, but usually, they will have shades of black, brindle, mantle, brown, red, and gray. In the same manner, the coat length also depends on the mastiff breed. English mastiff shepherds tend to have a medium-length coat with thick density, whereas Tibetan Mastiff shepherds mostly have long coats. Talking about eye color, you will mostly find dark brown eyes.

Whatever it is, the crossbreed will have a double coat and will require proper grooming as they shed seasonally. Look wise; shepherd mastiffs are pretty attractive and will be a great addition to your family.

Exercise needs

Belonging to a large breed, mastiff alone does not need hardcore exercise and is not as active as a German shepherd. While the German shepherd requires regular exercises, their cross will depict both.

German shepherd mastiff mix does not need much exercise, but to keep the weight balanced, a regular walk for 30 minutes to an hour is enough. Moreover, you can go for moderate-level exercises to keep mastiff shepherds fit, healthy, and strong. It is even better if you devise exercise sessions into intervals.

Personality and temperament

Mastiffs in common are very gentle, loving, and sober in nature. Despite their giant size and look, they form a great connection with humans, and based on that; they are great as a family dog.

On the other hand, German shepherds are intelligent, highly active, and strong breeds; however, they are also passionate, caring, and loyal to their owners. Besides, they are human-friendly.

Considering that, the German shepherd mastiff mix is most probably going to have the same personality traits. Gentle, protective, and loyal; mastiff shepherds can be your next dog. However, they can turn out to be aggressive as well if not properly socialized or trained in the early years.

Despite their loving nature, you should not leave them unsupervised with other pets and children owning their giant size.

Guarding capabilities

German shepherds are known for their strength, and due to this, they are preferred as guard dogs; moreover, they serve perfectly well for the military. Mastiffs, on the other hand, are protective, but they are unlikely to attack the opponents even in case of danger.

When it comes to German shepherd mastiff mix, they are not going to be as vigilant as individual German shepherds. However, they are protective and will keep you guarded all the way. Furthermore, you can train shepherd mastiffs for your protection, and in this way, they will perform much better.

Given that, shepherd mastiffs are no replacement to German shepherds when it comes to security and protection.

Common health issues

The German shepherd mastiff mix is going to have a large size and will be less active as compared to a German shepherd. This results in severe health issues that mainly include joint problems, bloating, and excess weight.

Nevertheless, having a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years, you can avoid such issues if you provide a balanced diet with proper physical exercise. If you are faced with unusual problems, do not wait much, and visit a veterinarian as early as possible.


If you ever got your hands on a German mastiff, consider yourself lucky, as this breed is not commonly found and is very expensive. The key is that you establish a good connection from an early age. Given proper training and concentrating on socializing, the German shepherd mastiff mix will develop and grow into a loyal, protective, and passionate dog.