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Best Waterproof Flooring Materials

Waterproof flooring is the new trend, and every new homeowner is considering having it, and why not? It is the best in all aspects. Though it is unnecessary to have waterproof flooring in every room, you should consider waterproof flooring entirely if you have children and pets.

Leave aside the bathroom and kitchen; waterproof flooring brings numerous benefits overall. It is useful, especially if you have kids and pets, as splashing liquids while playing around is common, and you might get slipped over it.

Besides that, waterproof flooring is highly durable, lasts long, and is easy to clean, plus it requires less maintenance. Once you have installed waterproof flooring, you don’t have to worry about the moisture build-up and warping, as this can ruin your floor otherwise.

Having said that, choosing the right waterproof flooring material is essential if you want to take the maximum benefit out of it, and based on the variety of options we have, it becomes quite challenging to select the quality material.

Before we talk about the choice of materials, what do people actually look for in waterproof flooring materials that make it the best?

Apparently, you will look for durability, quality, and reliability. Along with that, it should be cost-effective, comfortable, and look attractive. Other than that, the material should be available easily and requires less maintenance. All these characteristics make the material the best.

Considering all of these points, we have selected a few that we can say are the best waterproof flooring materials available in the market. Want to know more about those materials? Set eyes on this article and continue reading it till the end; eventually, you will know the best available waterproof flooring materials.

Ceramic / Porcelain Tiles

Tiles are not limited to bathrooms only, now we have a wide variety in this trade, and you can have tiles for your complete house. If you are looking for the most durable items, tiles are the best hardened waterproof material you should have.

Available in different sizes, colors, shapes, textures, and designs, you have plenty of types for tile flooring. Among all, ceramic and porcelain tile floorings are the best as waterproof materials. Besides that, you have also been offered different other options, such as slip-resistance, dent proof, and scratch resistance.

Glazed and unglazed tiles are another feature you will see in the category. It is preferred that you go for unglazed tiles as it is non-slippery. Unlike other materials, you have unlimited options for styling; you also can have wood and stone style tiles so that you can use tiles anywhere in the house.

All tiles are made easy to clean and easy to install; however, you should call a professional for installation because waterproofing tiles require to be appropriately set. Plus, you will see the tiles available at different price ranges; depending on the quality and style, you can choose as per your budget and requirement. Tiles are the best waterproof material to be installed inside and as well as outside of the house.

Vinyl Plank flooring

Primarily made of polyvinyl chloride or (PVC), it is another great material to have for waterproof flooring. Easy to install with a click and lock system, it consists of multiple layers, thus making it almost impossible for water to merge inside it. Plus, the design of vinyl flooring gives an aesthetic look and adds value to the house.

Once properly installed, it can last for years, and you don’t have to worry about liquid spilling over it. Easy to clean and maintain, the vinyl plank floor is also made robust for enhanced durability.

Vinyl tiles are also available in various styles and designs. The luxury vinyl flooring further enhanced in quality and reliability. Stone, metallic, wood, and fabric design vinyl flooring are widely used for homes, covering your kitchen to the bedroom floors, it is among the best waterproof flooring materials available at a reasonable cost.

The key to waterproofing is the proper installation; if it is done correctly, whether it is vinyl plank or tiles, you don’t have to worry at all about it.

Vinyl sheet flooring

A single-layer flexible waterproof material, if you cannot go for vinyl plank or vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets are made just for you. Available in a wide variety of textures and designs, glue it down or peeled it, the installation is made as easy as you can do it yourself.

You will not find a highly durable waterproof flooring material at this price at which you can get the vinyl sheet. Best flooring option not only for the kitchen and bathrooms, but you can place it in the basement and anywhere else in your home.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Lamination comes in both forms, so make sure you are buying the waterproof laminate flooring.

Lamination is among the most affordable options when it comes to the best waterproof flooring material. It is also among the easiest when it comes to installation, no need to call a professional for it.

Just like the other materials, you can have different styles, textures, and designs in waterproof laminate flooring, most of which also provide scratch resistance. However, the only drawback we have with lamination is that it can get permanently dented by a heavy object.

Concrete flooring

Using concrete as a flooring material is among the best choice as it not only makes the floor waterproof but also offers high scratch resistance, is hard-wearing, dent-proof, and is made robust, so much so that it can last for a lifetime.

You can apply coating on concrete floors, paint it, or mix the concrete with different colors to give it a modern design and beautiful look. Add some texture or polish it; it will provide you with the same reliability and durability.

Concrete floors are best for the places where you have high moisture, and it does not get affected even if plunged underwater for a long time. Highly efficient and effective concrete floors are a one-time expense you will do at your house.


Not only the best, but the above-mentioned waterproof flooring materials are also the most popular nowadays. Based on the type of house you have and where you live, go through the different materials above and choose appropriately.