The Eques VEIU Peephole Camera Review

Eques VEIU Rechargeable Door Camera Peephole Viewer Product Image

Dubbed as the ‘World’s smallest peephole camera’, which is not necessarily a bad nothing, I’m excited to see as to what feats the Eques is capable of.

My visceral response to first being introduced to the product was pretty positive; The camera looked nice enough.

There’s one thing that did bother me and that was the size of the speakers, will I be able to communicate with any upcoming visitor before letting him in to my home?!

It’s time to find out!


  • Rechargeable Battery

Eques VEIU Outside ImageGood for the economy and your wallet as you won’t have to buy heaps of batteries every time the old one runs out of juice.

The good thing about the battery is that it’s quite durable so you won’t have to go through the same process every day.

  • Easy Installation

This really set the bar for ‘easy’ up high. Where it loses in robustness, it gains in simplicity.

Perfect for those that don’t want to be stuck with the manual in front of their nose once they buy the model.

  • Nightvision

Don’t let nature’s cycle determine the safety conditions of your home.

With an integrated infrared light, robbers better be wary of approaching your attire as the all-seeing eye is carefully monitoring each and every of their moves.

  • Motion Detector

The moment someone approaches your front yard, they will have a picture snapped of them. Even if they were to be a robber, the police will surely appreciate the clean mugshot you’ll be able to deliver!

  • Free App

Get the Eques application which is available for free and contains no up-sales or hidden charges.

With the app, you’ll be able to do transform a simple camera into a multifaceted security system!

The Advantages

  • 180 Degree Angle

Hold the presses!

Eques VEIU Mobile Application ImageThis was the moment that I knew that I had to get this model!

For reference, many products in this realm feature outdated 140 to 160-degree angles on their camera.

The latter being seen as ‘abundant’ and ‘a stellar step into the future’.

Try this on for size! With such a flexible camera, even if the robbers were to rent a chopper, they would get nowhere near your stuff as this camera truly is clairvoyant!

I was actually shaking the first time I read this, holly-molly what a feature!

  • You Don’t Need A Smartphone To Record!

I really love how some companies like to boast about ‘not having any upsells’ but still require you to have an expensive phone as if that was a commodity enjoyed by every single human on the planet.

Leaving money out of the equation, do we really have to spend our entire waking time glued to our phone?

That’s a sentence some manufacturers should be reading twice.

  • Picture And Sound Are Scary Good

For such a tiny design, one wouldn’t expect high definition footage, or would they?

I always hold the products I review under tight scrutiny as I would never let my readers settle for anything that’s not a notch above the competition.

To reiterate that: I was able to have clear and concise conversations without even the slightest of problems and oh, did my neighbor Julia gain a pound or two?

She might have not noticed it, but I did!

The Disadvantages

  • Being Small Can Make It Easier To Rip It Out Of The Wall

Let’s not play any games here: Most robbers serious about the craft won’t flinch on breaking any rules just to get a piece of your action.

Although the small design makes it a prime target for destruction, its obscure enough not to be noticed by the naked eye.

Be forewarned: Don’t brag about your new peephole camera, especially to people that don’t know how to keep their mouth shut!


When you put everything on the scale, this is definitely one of the better models out there. I had to think long and hard before finding a flaw, and became a bit crestfallen that I had to settle for the size argument.

Which, by the way, isn’t an issue at all.

If you are interested in seeing some of the Best Peephole Camera Reviews I’ve written, please feel free to do so.

I’m just going to be straightforward and tell you that it will be tough to top this product off the shelves!

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