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Dishwashers are now common in every household as we have said goodbye to age-old hand washing dishes and utensils since it has been introduced. Though the dishwashers are highly efficient, eco-friendly, and get the dishes perfectly clean, there is one problem faced by all: the bad odor coming from the dishwasher after several uses.

The smell becomes so irritating that we stop using it to clean the dishes, but it’s not the solution. We try different hacks, but many of us are unaware of how to eliminate bad smells in dishwashers, and all our efforts go to waste.

But this time, it will not be the same as now we have come up with some ways and techniques that we can use to eliminate the bad smell in a dishwasher without affecting its performance and efficiency. All the techniques conversed in this article are DIY, simple, easy, and quick. Would you please go through them and eliminate the bad smell in the dishwasher?

But before we jump to discuss how to eliminate the bad smell in a dishwasher, has anyone thought about why the dishwasher smells in the first place? If you come to know about it, you can watch out for it before it smells. So let us first see the reason behind the smell of the dishwasher, and then we will move onto its solutions.

Why does the dishwasher smell?

Obviously, we use the dishwasher to clean our used dishes and utensils, and it contains food particles, oil, and other substances. After several uses, all these particles, grease, and materials form a build-up that causes producing a bad smell. Besides that, standing water also creates a bad smell in a dishwasher.

Whatever the reason is, thankfully, we have ways that we can use to eliminate bad smells in a dishwasher. Let’s talk about it now.

Ways to eliminate bad smell in dishwasher

Keeping the dishwasher neat and clean is necessary as it is the product that helps us clean our dishes. Without it, we have to go to the old age washing method by hand, and we are sure that no one wants this to happen. So better know the ways to get rid of bad smell in a dishwasher. Let’s get started.

Empty the dishwasher

Apply each method one by one as long as the smell is not eliminated completely. But before you start any of the processes, make sure that the dishwasher is empty and there are no utensils or dishes in it. Once it is empty, use a piece of cloth to remove all kinds of debris and particles. Clean the interior, surfaces and, if necessary, remove the bottom rack.

Clean the drain filter and hole

A dirty drain is one of the most common reasons for a bad smell, and therefore you should keep on checking it every so often. Usually located at the bottom of the tub, it contains a filter that holds the food particles to prevent blockage, and when the particles accumulate in one place, they cause a smell in the dishwasher.

To clean it, first, you need to remove the filter from the dishwasher, then wash it out with soap and hot water in a kitchen sink. Use a sponge and brush to reach out at every corner and remove all the debris and materials stuck to it. Reinstate the filter once it is fully cleaned.

Washing out the interior walls

Removing debris and particles with a cloth will make the dishwasher look clean, but it will not help remove the smell. For that, you need to wash it out with a brush or sponge using hot soapy water. Take out all the racks and scrub the entire space. Don’t forget to wash and clean the shelves as well.

Cleaning the spray arm

The spray arm directly affects the functionality and performance of a dishwasher, and when the holes get clogged with hard deposits, it also causes a smell in the dishwasher.

To clean it, you need to separate the arms from the dishwasher and clean it in a kitchen sink. You may need to use a piece of wire or toothpick to clear out the holes. Run water through it to make sure it is clear out and cleaned, and then reattach it.

Clean dishwasher seals

To eliminate the bad smell, you need to ensure that you have removed all the debris and cleaned all parts of the dishwasher. We often ignore the seals of the dishwasher; however, when you are going to clean it, you will notice the amount of moisture, residue, and grime it contains. Take a wet cloth and clean out all the contact points and seals of the dishwasher.

Use of vinegar and baking soda

The most common and yet highly effective formula to clean any appliance or product. The use both elements can be applied to eliminate the bad smell of the dishwasher.

For this, you need to run the dishwasher once with the vinegar and then with baking soda.

At first, run a short hot cycle of the dishwasher with a bowl of white vinegar inside it on the top of the rack.

After it completes, take out the vinegar, spread some baking soda on the floor, and run the dishwasher on a hot cycle. Let it complete, and see the magic of vinegar and baking soda yourself.

Quick tips and tricks

  • Regular cleaning of the dishwasher will keep it running smoothly, and there will be no bad smell at all.
  • Try to remove hard deposits, food particles, and grease on dishes before you put them for cleaning in the dishwasher. It is preferred that you scrape and rinse before you put the dishes in the washer.
  • Don’t overload the dishwasher with all your dishes at one time. Keep it balanced and run multiple cycles if needed.
  • Keep an eye on the drain hose and if it is installed correctly and is not blocking the way out.
  • Keep on inspecting the dishwasher for any fault and errors as it will allow you to keep using it at maximum. The proper maintenance will keep the dishwasher in shape, and it will last longer than usual.
  • Occasionally run the dishwasher with no dishes and utensils and apply vinegar and baking soda. It will clean out the debris before it forms a blockage and eliminates the dishwasher’s bad smell.