Door Viewers – See Who Is There When You Are Not

Door Viewers – See Who Is There When You Are Not

Having a secure home is imperative for peace of mind and knowing that your family and possessions are safe whether you are at home or not. With home break-ins on the rise and most people at work during the day, it can be hard to just hope that nothing will happen while you are not at home. Opportunistic thieves don’t want to have a confrontation with people and prefer to be in and out of your home as fast as possible. This is why they are now favoring mid-morning and mid-afternoon as the best time to strike as a lot of people are at work and unable to stop them from taking your valuable possessions.

How Can I Secure My Home When I’m Not There?

While your standard security options such as cameras or signage can be a deterrent for would-be thieves, they can’t always stop them in their tracks. By installing a door viewer, you can record the view from your front or back door from a tiny pinhole camera disguised as a peephole. These door viewers have amazing technological features and they can be activated by a motion sensor that will automatically start recording every time someone steps within its range. This live feed can then be streamed straight to your smartphone and automatically start showing you exactly what is happening at your door when you aren’t home.

How Can This Be Useful?

With all the action being transmitted to your smartphone in real-time, you could have multiple courses of action to take and stop your unwanted visitor before they can do any damage or take something.  The safest thing to do is to immediately phone the police and alert them that you have someone trespassing on your property. If you don’t think that your unexpected visitor is of any danger but you want them to be confronted, then you could phone a trusted neighbor to go and talk to them or even alert someone at your house if they are home at the time.

It’s the opportunity to be able to react immediately that having a door viewer offers you. If you didn’t have one, you could arrive home after work to find you front door has been forced open and your valuable possessions have been taken. If you did have a door viewer in this situation, you could have called the cops immediately and they could have caught your opportunistic thieves as they were still inside your home and your door viewer would have saved you a lot of money and headaches.

Is A Door Viewer Really What I Need?

You can have the ultimate convenience of seeing what is taking place at your door without having to be anywhere near there. While there is a possibility given the circumstances that you won’t be able to stop an unwanted visitor from trespassing further on your property or from causing damage, you are presented with an opportunity to act immediately to prevent the situation. If you didn’t have a door viewer which is connected to your smartphone, there is probably no way that you ever could have known that someone is at your house and the situation could escalate a lot further from there.

The variety of situations and circumstances that a door viewer can prevent really is amazing. To be able to view the live footage right on your smartphone from the other side of the World gives you the chance to act immediately and defend your property without being anywhere near there. If you ask me, why wouldn’t you need a door viewer?