How do Door Viewers Make Your Home More Secure?

How do Door Viewers Make Your Home More Secure?

If you’ve been shopping for door peephole cameras, you probably have come across one word more often than you normally do when shopping for other items. The word I’m talking about is security. You probably have come across the concept if not phrases that mentioned that word time and again. This should not be surprising because door peephole cameras in of themselves are important pieces of comprehensive and carefully thought out home security system. They are increasingly becoming popular in all parts of the United States because they make front door security so much easier. They take a lot of the guesswork off the table.

They give your home a much-needed high-tech edge. It’s very easy to impress visitors in your home when they see the door peephole system features a high-resolution digital display. It’s very easy to make out faces of people who are stepping up your door. This sounds good so far. Right? The sixty-four thousand dollar question is: is all of this worth it? It may look good. It definitely lives up to a lot of the marketing hype but going beyond the cloud of commercialism and hype, does it make your home as a total unit more secure? At this level, the answer is not as clear-cut as many people would like. That’s the bottom line. You have to make sure, you are purchasing these units the right way to have them fully deliver its value. Otherwise, it’s too easy to just fall for the hype and end up where you began.

Your home as it turns out might not be as secure as you would have liked. If anything you just spent all this money trying to put together an added security feature only to end up with false hope. Obviously, you’re not trying to buy false hope. You’re trying to buy peace of mind. How do you maximize the security benefit you get from door peephole cameras you chose to install on your home premises? Consider the following.

Get an added security camera in one location

The best way to buy door peephole camera is to use a supplemental camera security. In other words, you must already have a network of Closed Circuit TV cameras installed in your business premises or residence. They just provided an added layer of security for one particular location.

Added point of view

The peephole camera should add another point of view to a scene that is already being adequately recorded by other cameras. It can’t be the other way around. You can’t forgo or skip out the Closed Circuit TV network and just focus on the peephole camera. That’s too much. You’re putting too much emphasis on people on the camera doing adequate job providing security because it might not be up to the job in of itself. The bottom line? The bottom line is that these pieces of home security equipment are intended to be supplemental in nature. They’re just meant to provide an added layer of security. They’re not meant to replace in any way, shape or form the Closed Circuit TV camera network you should have set up in the first place.

Motion detection helps you zero in on events worth recording

One key feature of door peephole cameras that make them especially valuable is the fact that lot of them has motion detection. This is very important because a lot of your CCTV units don’t have motion detection. They just keep recording on 24/7, 365-day basis. If you go through the archives of your CCTV network, a lot of it is just empty tape. What I mean by that is there’s nothing going on the footage. You just have to identify when the robbery, fire or crime occurred and then zero in at that time slot to see the recorded events. Other than that, most of the stuff on your archives is simply just empty space. With door peephole cameras, this is not an issue because they would only record whenever there are events going on that are worth recording.

The bottom line is if you view these pieces of equipment as supplemental in nature, you add additional security to the main point of contact to your house. This leads to increased peace of mind and a whole host of symbolic benefits. If you play your cards right and make sure that people know they are looking towards a door peephole camera, there might even be deterrent effects. Unfortunately, the fact of life that we have to grapple with is a crime cannot really be prevented on a one hundred percent basis. Still, by adding another security layer to your home security network, you can do yourself a favor of at least reducing it a little.