Door Viewers Should Be Just Supplemental Home Security Equipment

Door Viewers Should Be Just Supplemental Home Security Equipment

Door peephole cameras are taking the American home security scene by storm. It seems like everybody’s just talking about door peephole cameras and tons of security blogs are talking about how awesome these pieces of equipment are. Believe me, they are. They deliver solid value. They can definitely add security to the premises of your home or business. With that said, it’s too easy to get ahead of ourselves. It’s too easy to get taken in by all the hype and arrive at the wrong conclusion. The worst conclusion you can come up with is the idea that you only need door peephole cameras to ensure proper security for your home. This is absolutely wrong.

There are so many things that can go wrong if you go with your instinct of just using door peephole cameras to ‘secure’ your home. There are many angles and spaces you can’t get footage of. After all, these units only go on your door. You don’t want to find out in the worst possible way-through a crime experience or a grueling insurance claim-the importance of a primary home security system apart from these cameras.

The truth is these pieces of home premises’ security equipment are just supplemental. In other words, they add another layer of security, but they should not be viewed as replacements for CCTV cameras. They can’t. They are just not equipped nor designed to replace CCTV cameras. Unfortunately, this is the kind of mistake too many homeowners fall for. Whether they’re trying to save money, cut corners or simply minimize the aesthetic or psychological impact of CCTV cameras, they fall into this trap. They think that by just installing door peephole cameras, their home security needs are met. Unfortunately, they find out in the worst way possible that this is not true. They should have installed these pieces of equipment as supplemental home security equipment instead of primary home security equipment. Here is a short analysis of why you should consider door peephole cameras as purely supplemental security gear.

Your home is your castle.. Treat it as such

Your home is your castle. Make sure that it’s properly protected. Your home, of course, is the home of your family. This is where you sleep and are most vulnerable. Make sure you are properly protected. It’s easy to think that proper protection is just all about installing the right security equipment. That’s part of it, but you have to understand that security is all about deterrence. If your security network or system is set up so that you would have enough information to prosecute people or make insurance claims after the fact, then I’m sorry to report your security is inadequate. It flat out sucks. Why?

Security is all about deterrence. It’s all about preventing headaches before they become headaches in the first place. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” You don’t want to hassle in the day after. You don’t want to come in a day late and a buck short. The damage is already done. Your home’s sense of security and safety has already been violated. You don’t want that. Instead, you’d rather prevent that from happening in the first place. This is why deterrence is so important.

Closed Circuit TV cameras, as well as door peephole cameras, are all about deterrence. If used properly, they should deter crime. Here’s how you do it. Use multiple public cameras. The more public, the better. Also, make sure you post the right signs and send the right messages. You’re going to tell people that you are recording them. You’re going to tell people in public spaces around your home that their moves are being recorded so if they do something improper, the recording will be used against them. The whole point of all of these is not to prosecute people and collect insurance. Those are secondary concerns.

If given a choice, you should focus more on making sure that you don’t have to go to insurance process or court system. In other words, with everything else being equal, your main priority should be to prevent problems before they become problems in the first place. Accordingly, you need to do the following. Use multiple public cameras. Create a home security maintenance an operational plan and use peephole cameras to supplement your CCTV network. This is really important. Door peephole cameras must supplement your CCTV network and not replace it. You should also take the extra steps of tying in your network to police contact or protocol. If you do all of these and use centralized approach, you increase the total amount of security value you get from your equipment.