Do Door Peephole Cameras Really Make Life More Convenient?

Do Door Peephole Cameras Really Make Life More Convenient?

The thing about shopping for anything online is the fact that it’s too easy to get taken in by the hype, all the social buzz, and platforms like Twitter and Facebook that you end up at a place where you can’t tell the forest from the trees. You end up simply being pushed forward by the buzz. Little do you realize that you are close to making a very important decision as far as where your dollars will be spent primarily on the strength of what other have to say.

Not that this is easy to resist, mind you. Let’s face it-most of us are not subject matter experts. The truth is that most of us are busy and we simply have better uses of our time than becoming experts in certain consumer topics. We’d rather rely on social proof or what other people have to say-especially if we respect them or consider them authorities. There is a trade off here between certainty and time. For the most part, this is a trade off that works since we don’t usually engage in buying certain products all the time. The advice we get is ‘good enough’ as far as the frequency of the activity as well as the perceived value. At the very least, the value that we get is good enough compared to what we stand to lose if we were to invest the time, effort, and energy to thoroughly investigate and become an expert in whatever consumer products we wish to buy. Not surprisingly, when we ask our friends about product suggestions we are more than likely to take their word for it and buy based on their recommendations.

That kind of decision makes sense if those people share the same needs as you if their concerns roughly mirror the particular set of circumstances facing your choice. Unfortunately, that’s hardly the case in most situations. In most instances, your buddy who recommends a particular product has vastly different needs from yours. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that what makes sense to your friend might not necessarily make sense in your case. In fact, it might be the worst decision for you. You need to keep in mind this concept when it comes to convenience as far as door peephole cameras are concerned.

In theory, door peephole cameras do make your life more convenient. In theory, they eliminate the need for you to walk up to your door peephole, peer into the hole, try to make sense of the image and then call out to the other person at the other side of the door. You dispense with all of that hassle because a properly made digital door peephole camera would show you in full digital glory the images of people behind your door. This is how it’s supposed to work but for this claimed benefit to truly exist, it all boils down to key elements. It’s too easy to get taken in by the hype and promises. Make sure that the features of the camera you are thinking of buying actually deliver on these promises. At the very least, the unit should help you answer the door better. They should help you achieve a higher degree of security in your premises, in your person and in your place of work or residence.

Generally speaking, door peephole cameras do deliver. First, they deliver archiving benefits. They can archive the recorded footage. It also takes less effort to answer the door because you don’t have to peer. You can see everything straight on the screen. With all that said, you need to pay attention to two key factors. First, the image must be clear. If the particular door peephole cameras you’re considering don’t have clear images, you need to skip them and look for better models or brands. There is no point in going further because they can’t deliver what you’re looking for. You need images which you can clearly and quickly review.

Second, they have to create clear archives. If the worst-case scenario happens, there’s a fire or your place gets robbed, you need to be able to figure out things quickly just by looking at the archives. You would not want to be left trying to guess what certain blobs or masses of images are supposed to mean. You’re not a mind-reader, forensics expert or private investigator. You’re just a simple homeowner so you need to make sure the door peephole cameras that you buy must deliver real convenience. This means image clarity, long battery life, and clear archives.