Don’t Obsess About Price When Shopping for Video Doorbells

Don’t Obsess About Price When Shopping for Video Doorbells

Before I jump in to an in depth discussion of the relationship between price, security, and your door peephole cameras, I want to direct your attention to the reason why you got door peephole cameras in the first place. I hope it has nothing to do with your neighbor showing you that he has these devices. I hope it has nothing to do with your Facebook friends posting videos of those playing around with this type of cameras.

I hope it has nothing to do with your community members bragging to each other regarding the latest and greatest models for these types of home security cameras. Instead, I hope it has everything to do with the welfare, security, and ad well-being of your family members. Focus on your loved ones. Focus on the most important people on this planet, as far as you are concerned. They should be your number one priority. Everything else is immaterial. Everything else shouldn’t really be considered.

What kind of model and brand would do the best job in protecting your family? You need to keep things as simple as possible when doing this analysis. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to get sidetracked by brand discussions, social proof, and peer pressure. Just as you experienced a tremendous amount of peer press when your neighbor rolls up in a new SUV, there’s also a tremendous amount of peer pressure when it comes to security devices.

You should sidestep those considerations and focus on what counts. Security. With this out of the way, then it should naturally follow that you shouldn’t get bent out of shape regarding pricing.

What you’re really paying for

Make no mistake about it, there are many door peephole cameras on the market that cost an arm and a leg. These are after all, security devices. If you want top notch security that shoots high resolution images and has a long battery life and can record an amazing amount of footage, you better pony up the cash.

Such devices, especially if they’re manufactured at very high quality standards, don’t come cheap. Now, it’s very easy to balk at this point in the discussion. It’s very easy to say to yourself, well I don’t have the money for that. It would be nice to have that device. It would be a nice extra. Well, you may want to reconsider because ask yourself if it would be nice to not feel violated.

Ask yourself if it would be nice not to see your children put on harm’s way or possibly physically harmed or disturbed. Do you see what is at stake here? If you’re like most other people, there is no price tag for the mental, physical, and spiritual integrity of your family. This should not even be a discussion. This is why I want you to get price out of your mind when shopping for door peephole camera.

Otherwise, you’re going to constantly trip on the pricing issue over and over again. Sadly, a lot of people confuse price with value. These have very little to do with each other, seriously. What value are you looking for? Well, you’re looking to make sure that your kids don’t get scarred for life if your home gets invaded. It really is that basic.

I don’t mean to sound alarmist. I didn’t want you to get scared, but that’s what’s at stake. There are all sorts of home invasions happening all over the United States. There are all sorts of burglaries. You don’t want to put yourself or your loved ones in that position. That’s the value you’re shopping for, not dollars and cents. Not how many hours you have to work to afford a severity package.

If you’re able to understand this, then your mind is in the right place, then you will probably do a good job shopping for these types of security devices. If on the other hand you’re still obsessing about price, then chances are pretty good that you might end up with a product that might not be up to the job.

Considering what’s at stake and considering what you can lose in terms of physical, financial, and emotional considerations, there’s really no wiggle room here. There’s really no margin for error. Do yourself a big favor and be more willing to spend whatever it takes just to ensure that the peace, safety, and well-being of the most important people on this planet to you–