Does Well Water Smell?

A well is a major source of water for thousands of families worldwide, and people use this for drinking and as well as for other everyday jobs that require water in one way or another. However, at times people have noticed a smell in well water, and due to this, they stop using it afterward.

If you have ever faced a similar problem or if you have a well around your place, you need to know does well water smells or is it just a piece of gossip.

Well water

Here is a quick fact, sometimes you notice a smell from the well water, but it is not what you think it is coming from.

Well water is actually groundwater, and thus it may also contain minerals present in the ground. The most common type of smell that you will notice coming from the well water is either rotten egg smell or sulfur smell. This is something you aren’t going to ignore in any way.

Though the smell does not necessarily mean that the water is unsafe to drink, but if you find a noticeable change in taste, appearance, or continuously getting a strong smell, then you need to check it out.

The bad odor often gives you an indication of contaminants present in well water, and therefore, you should be taking steps for water treatment and go for a water quality check.

Why does well water smell?

It is now clear that well water smells, but why does it happen? To get rid of it, we need to figure it out. It is not that the rotten eggs are found in the groundwater, but the smells usually come because of the occurrence of hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas is either produced due to the electric water heater or the sulfur bacteria present in the environment and in the well water. The chemical reaction also causes well water to smell. Thus, hydrogen sulfide is the reason you are noticing a rotten egg smell in your well water.

What to do about well water that smells?

It is definite that we are not going to leave it as it is, and we also need water for daily use and even for drinking. It is suggested that before you start any treatment process, you get your water checked from the certified laboratory. The test will inform you about the water quality, chemical presence, bacteria, and other water properties. This will allow you to take accurate measures for well water treatment.

In the case of hydrogen sulfide, proper ventilation is the solution as it will allow the gas to escape. Other than that, a proper water filtration plant can help you eliminate all kinds of smells from the well water. Additionally, the filtration plant will also remove harmful chemicals, germs, and bacteria.

Sometimes, the water smells due to water heater contamination. It happens because of the magnesium rod used in the heater; when reacted, it causes the production of hydrogen sulfide. The use of a water filtration plant will make sure that you are getting pure and clean water as it will remove all kinds of impurities.

Calling an expert to examine your well water can also help you remove the smell as the expert will suggest a personalized solution for your problems.

Water testing

The presence of contaminants is not the only cause that the well water is smelling, and therefore, to find out exactly what the problem is, water testing is the best way out. Consuming smelly water may turn up into a severe health risk, and you should avoid it before it gets tested.

With proper testing, you will know about the water chemistry of your well water, and only then you can find the right solution to get rid of the well water smell.


Although well water has a distinct odor, it is easily remedied. Most commonly, it is the hydrogen sulfide gas that causes the well water to smell, and with the help of a filtration plant and proper ventilation, you can resolve the issue.

This article is going to save a lot of bucks as otherwise, you may have spent unnecessarily on removing the well water smell through different ineffectual means.