Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work

We all have been applying different techniques and methods for pest control, and that includes using chemical sprays and traps. Keeping it simple, quick, and clean, there is another effective method introduced known as ultrasonic pest repellers. But we all wonder whether ultrasonic pest repellers work or not.

Though the manufacturing brands and companies are claiming big and making bold promises about pest repellers’ efficiency, but it does not seem to be working well as the Federal trade commission has also warned the consumers about its effectiveness and reliability.

However, due to the claims being made by the manufacturers, we should see what ultrasonic pest repellers are so that we can analyze ourselves whether they work or not.

What is an ultrasonic pest repeller, and how do they work?

Saving you from chemical exposure, an ultrasonic pest repeller is a device that works by generating high-frequency sounds that drive away the pests from the area. It seems a perfect solution as it does not require you to plan and set up traps or use chemical sprayers. All you need is to plug the device into an electrical socket.

The frequency generated by the ultrasonic device is high-pitched and is not hearable to humans; thus, it only affects the pest and compels them to move away. From roaches to flies and rats, ultrasonic pest repellers claim to work on all.

Do ultrasonic pest repellers really work?

Getting rid of pests and insects becomes necessary; not only do they create a mess around, but they also spread infectious diseases that, in the long run, can cost you a lot.

The sound produced by the ultrasonic pest repellers is supposed to be disturbing for pests, but it has been seen that pests get used to the sound, thus failing the device’s basic purpose. Moreover, the sound produced by these devices cannot pass through the walls and also gets affected by physical objects. The devices are short range and thus do not cover the entire area unless you place multiple devices.

Even if we consider that ultrasonic pest repellers work effectively, the results are short-lived as you will see pests coming back to the place. You may not see any pet for a limited time, but total elimination is not possible to achieve with ultrasonic pest repellers.

Having a short-term impact does not guarantee effective pest control, and therefore, you must consider applying a few other techniques as well. So, let’s explore out what other possibilities we have in this regard.

Other options for pest control

Relying only on ultrasonic pest repellers when you know they are not as effective as they are projected, you will have pests roaming freely in and around your house. No matter if you are using ultrasonic pest control or not, you should have multiple options in mind that you can implement to get the desired results. Following are a few of the other alternatives that you can use for better pest control.

There are several types of pests and insects that you may have in your house. The first thing you need to do is get familiar with the type so that you can control them in an effective manner. Familiarize yourself with the kind and their behavior, learn what they like and dislike and based on that, modify the surroundings, and create an unwelcoming environment for each specific type of pest you are struggling with.

At times, pests and insects are attracted to your house due to a number of things. Among them, the most important element is the food particles. Store the food properly and do not leave the food unattended or uncovered at any time. Keep the surface neat and clean, and you will not have an uninvited guest at your home.

Blocking the entry points is another useful and practical solution to get rid of pests in your house. Inspect the home from all corners, especially check for cracks, vents, and windows/doors frames and see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

There is always a specific area in your home where the pests take shelter and reproduce. Eliminating such spots will help you get rid of pests in your house. Do not allow the pests to hide anywhere inside and keep on checking for that.


Manufacturers fail to produce scientific evidence in regard to the efficiency and effectiveness of ultrasonic pest repellers. If you are looking for a short-term solution, then ultrasonic pest repellers might work for you but not for consistent results.

You can always use it as an added technique to get rid of pests in your house while applying other options.

This article not only answers the subject but also highlights a few other options that you may implement to get rid of pests from your house. Go through it all and also share it with anyone you know is struggling with pest control.