The Digitharbor Peephole Camera Review

digitharbor® 3.5 inches TFT LCD screen digital door peephole viewer product image

Digithabor has become viral as a company that promotes cheap but reliable peephole cameras.

This has caused some strife and notoriety in the house-security community as many believe that competition should be present but that the prices should reflect the hard labor behind the gadget.

I’m not here to take any sides, as what interests me is how it matches against some of the more pricier models and whether it has a fair shot at them.

To not waste a minute longer, let’s jump right into the review!


  • 120 Degree Lens

Not too shabby but not special in any sort of way either. In some of the previous Best Peephole Camera Reviews I’ve done, we had witnessed peephole cameras that did a much better job at hand!

  • Auto-Snap Once Someone Rings The Door

A handy feature that lets you check out who and when was situated near your footsteps, even when you are not physically present in the confines of your house.

  • LCD Panel Display

The picture was quite clear, but you won’t be able to count the wrinkles on your old neighbor!

The important thing for me was the ability to seamlessly recognize and tell the difference between similar faces, so it’s doing its job!

  • Mounting Hardware

The included tools make mounting easy and enjoyable, simply dismount your old peephole and upgrade it with the digitharbor!

digitharbor® 3.5 inches TFT LCD screen digital door peephole viewer installation

  • Durable Batteries

You don’t have to visit the gift shop every week as the batteries included in the package pack quite the punch.

It’s been five months since I’ve made use of this model and I still am not in need of a replacement!

The Advantages

  • You Can Manually Record A Video!

If someone’s looming around and acting suspiciously near your porch, simply turn on the camera and start filming the scoundrel right away!

This will be of immense help to the police if any sort of breach were to occur, as the video footage will out the culprit right away.

  • Three Different Contrast Settings Make Lightning Not As Issue

Nothing like waking up, eager to check out if anything had happened during the last night, and upon peaking on the monitor, being illuminated by a bright light.

That pesky light also has another name, the sun.

The way to counteract its negative effects is made easy by the low, medium or high contrast setting, where you are the one adapting to the different conditions outside

  • Four Infrared Lights Don’t Let The Darkness Obfuscate The View

Nighttime is pillage time and robber are well wary of that.

This will no longer be a concern to you as four additional infrared lights reveal any intruder stupid enough to approach your property!

The Disadvantages

  • Abysmal Warranty

The company behind this product only gives out a year of protected warranty.

After that, you are on your own.

Although this might sound unscrupulous at first, taking into consideration that this is a sub-fifty-dollar model, more can hardly be expected.

To really describe this model in one sentence, I would use the phrase ‘It will do for now’.


If you are on a budget but can’t be bothered with shilling out hundreds of dollars for a camera peephole, this product is made for you.

It has some minor flaws and things that could be improved but it does its job and it will serve you well.

Buying the digitharbor was overall a great investment and if you are not in need of something extravagant, you’re good to go!

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