What is the Difference between Security Cameras and Surveillance Cameras?

It is natural for us, human beings, to be conscious of our security. We all require a sense of security to feel safe in our own homes and businesses.

This sense of safety is justified as any kind of break-in can cause financial loss, leaving a dramatic, long-lasting effect on mental and sometimes physical health. Your possessions are more likely to be stolen or damaged when no one keeps an eye on them.

But that is not always the case. To ensure this, surveillance cameras and security cameras are used.

People have always used various methods to ensure the security of their homes, assets, and properties. One of the most useful ones is cameras.

Cameras are used to monitor a place when it is not possible to do so manually. Working efficiently, cameras have become an integral part of the lives of many people.

To monitor your property and possessions, both Security Cameras (CCTV Cameras) and Surveillance Cameras are used. Both of them work in their own way and are generally very effective in round-the-clock surveillance.

However, to avail the maximum benefit out of it, you must know the difference between the two.
To make certain that you are well aware of both terms, here in this article, we are going to walk you through the difference between security cameras and surveillance cameras.

Security Cameras VS. Surveillance Cameras

Many people often get confused and think of security and surveillance cameras as the same thing, but there is a fine line between both. Knowing it will allow you to use the most appropriate camera for your use, and this will ultimately increase the level of your security.

Below you will see a comprehensive overview of security cameras and as well as surveillance cameras, and going through it will allow you to differentiate between the two, and you will know exactly the purpose for which they are used.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras, more commonly known as CCTV cameras (Closed-Circuit Television), record pictures or videos. Those CCTV photos or videos are then transferred to a DVR. The DVR is a recorder, and the transmission of the pictures or videos can be done through different mediums, either with cables or digitally.

Security cameras can be highly beneficial in providing safety for yourself, property and assets. Security cameras come with different features and functions to provide a maximum sense of security, and using the security camera holds many benefits. Some of the important benefits and aspects which differentiate it from surveillance cameras are mentioned below.

Reduced crime

Reduction in all sorts of criminal activities is the most important benefit that a security camera provides. Generally, a place with security cameras is perceived much safer than a place without one.

Security cameras can help to monitor any place such as your office, home, business, and other properties you own to make sure that they are protected from becoming easy targets for thefts and break-ins.

No doubt, cameras keep you safe from external threats; security cameras can also help businesses in keeping an eye on the employees. You can monitor your employees for theft and misconduct through a security camera.

Whenever a security camera is installed at a location, delinquencies are generally kept at bay as people become more aware.


Security cameras are used to record everything where they are installed. In order to keep track of suspicious activities and to have general observation, security cameras are used. Property owners can keep their property under all-time inspection to make sure that no skeptical activities are taking place.

Some security cameras have motion detectors, meaning they will only record when any kind of motion is detected in the premises of their range. These kinds of security cameras are useful to record activities at night or at places in which people are not allowed to enter. By installing security cameras, you can do so.

Security cameras require a power source whether you install them inside or outside. They are perfect devices to keep an eye on the people visiting your property. With the playback feature, you have the ability to rewind everything.


To prevent any kind of trespassing, security cameras can be used. They can provide the required evidence, such as the face of the trespasser and the time of trespassing. They can monitor the activities in places where there is a high chance of criminal activities, and in most cases, they are successful in providing evidence to the owners.

One of the cons that come with security cameras is that they can be costly, as they require professional installation. Regular maintenance is required as well, and they can tamper if the power source is within reach of intruders. They are highly vulnerable to such things and prone to damage.

Surveillance Cameras

The surveillance cameras, however, show live footage of where they are installed, and the area being monitored is shown live to the connected security systems. Surveillance cameras are mostly used in public places for the prevention of thefts or any other criminal activities.

Surveillance cameras are perfect for monitoring a specific area of your homes, business, and public places such as shopping malls and grocery stores. Surveillance cameras have their own importance and benefits, some of which are discussed below.


Law enforcement agencies install surveillance cameras in public places in order to monitor the general public to deter criminal activities. Places like parking lots and crossroads are installed with surveillance cameras so that the law enforcement agencies can keep an eye on the public and monitor any criminal activity taking place.

The surveillance cameras installed in public places are monitored by authorities 24/7, which helps in increasing the security of the premises and making sure that no crime takes place.

Reduction in crime

One of the major aspects of a surveillance camera is that it can reduce crime, as stated earlier. 24/7 surveillance cameras installed at public places make the public more conscious about their activities as everyone knows that every step they take is monitored.

Reduced crimes have been seen in the locations that have surveillance cameras installed. Criminals fear that the authorities might see them through the cameras, and they may get caught, which prevents crime.


Surveillance cameras can provide remote monitoring as all the property on which they are installed are under strict supervision at all times. It provides businesses with an increased sense of security that everything is monitored and they are not subject to any threat, and it keeps the criminals at bay.

Surveillance cameras have the disadvantage that they can be highly complex to install and to use to their full potential, and they can be misused if lends into the wrong hands.


No doubt, using state-of-the-art cameras to provide the needed safety and security for your property can reduce any misconduct. Security cameras are easier to install, while surveillance cameras can be complex to operate and install. Both of them provide similar benefits, though it mainly depends on the particular requirements and ease of use.

The points mentioned above in the article will help you in differentiating between both camera types. We are sure that the minute you have read this piece of information you will be able to make the best decision when it comes to choosing a camera for security.