Deter Package Thieves With A Door Peephole Camera

Deter Package Thieves With A Door Peephole Camera

Having a secure home is imperative not only for your safety but for your own peace of mind too. While most of us won’t experience any serious security issues at our residences, there are still opportunistic thieves preying upon homes for easy targets. These targets are most commonly packages that are left at your door while you are at work or unable to receive them immediately. Having a door peephole camera could be the difference between your package waiting safely for you or getting taken by a brazen thief.

What Is A Door Peephole Camera?

A door peephole camera is designed to look like a normal peephole but it is actually similar to a pinhole camera which is made to subtly fit into small spaces. These are often completely undetectable to the untrained eye and someone would really have to look hard If they were to discover it. They allow you to watch or record the live feed from an LCD screen and you can be on the other side of your home while viewing the feed without alerting the person at the door.

How Can They Deter Package Thieves?

There are a few types of door peephole cameras available with different functionalities to suit your needs. Some cameras are motion activated so if you are alerted to someone at your door and are willing to confront them then you can know straight away when they arrive. If you also have an intercom system installed, you can tell the person at your door that you are watching them as soon as you are alerted that they are there and that you have their face captured on video.

You can get more obvious peephole cameras for your door if you want them to be easily visible and have a sign near your door stating that everything is currently being recorded. If you don’t want to confront anyone or perhaps you weren’t at home when an unexpected visitor arrived, you can record everything and hand it over to police for them to use as evidence and aid in catching your package thief.

There are even some camera models which have a chiming alarm sound when activated. This means that as soon as someone comes within range the door peephole camera will not only activate and start recording, it will make a sound loud enough to alert you and your visitor.

Why You Need One

It’s important to keep you and your family as safe as you can, especially while you are at home. A lot of people spend a considerable amount of time at home and it’s where they sleep and keep their valuables. A door peephole camera can alert you to all of your visitor’s arrivals at all hours of the day, even when you are sleeping. This can then give you the opportunity to confront your visitor, defend your property and family, or call the police straight away depending on the situation you are in.

While most unexpected visitors to your door are harmless or want to avoid confrontation with you, it still pays to be prepared for any situation. Installing a door peephole camera could be the best thing you have ever done for securing your home and considering how inexpensive they are, you would be crazy not to.