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How to detect and catch mice in a house

Mice can create havoc in a house, and their presence irritates all of us. Not only for the chaos they make but also getting rid of them is necessary for health.

However, we often fail to detect their presence, and the company might create household issues such as cutting electrical wires or blocking sewerage lines. Not only this, but mice also look for the food items in the house, and they bite them as long as they don’t find anyone near them.

All of these create several issues for the homeowner and people living in the house. Therefore, you must know how to detect and catch mice in a home. It will protect not only you and your family but also the house from getting damaged. All appliances, food, and items will be safe from the mice, and there will be no turmoil in the place.

Before we catch mice, let’s see how to detect them first.

How to Detect a Mice in a House

Everyone will feel the presence of mice in a house as it leaves clear signs, and you will know when you are facing this problem.

Droppings are one way of knowing about the presence of mice in a house. The place where you notice the droppings or the scattered food will be an area where you know that rats are there. Similarly, mice urine has a strong smell, and you will have an idea of their presence if you sense a smell.

Other than rub marks on the floor and the wall are the clear sign that tells you about the presence and the movement of mice in a house. Plus, you might hear the noises if there are more than mice in a house.

Besides these clear signs, a thorough inspection of the house helps you detect mice in your home. Look for small holes, take a torch, and search in dark areas, cupboards, and especially in a kitchen where you place your food. A clear and precise inspection will not only help you in detection, but you might get an idea of their numbers, their type, where they spend the most time, and most importantly, from where they are coming into your house.

How to Catch a Mice in a House

We all want to get rid of mice as soon as possible, and we try different methods, tips, and tricks for this purpose. But, unfortunately, not all our efforts turn out to be fruitful. But from now onwards, you will know precisely how to catch mice effectively.

You have already detected the mice using the ways mentioned above, now is the time to catch them with traps and baits.

Block Entry Points

It would be best to prepare the ground to ensure that they don’t run away from you when you try to catch them. Therefore, before you see mice, block all the entry points and fill in holes you have pointed out during the inspection. It will allow you to catch the mice and prevent other mice from entering the house from outside.

Mouse Traps

Once the ground is prepared, now is the time to set up the trap for mice to catch in itself. You can set these traps in an area where you see the movement of mice or near to the place they come from.

At this point, you have to choose what strap you are going to deploy to catch mice, as there are several traps available with different designs.

Let’s get a brief overview of each so that you know which one to decide.

Snap traps

It is one of the most common forms of the strap to catch mice and other types of rats as they quickly get into it. It has a trigger system, and as soon as the mice touch it, it catches the mice, and within a few seconds, it kills it. In this way, you can get rid of a large population of mice in your house. It is an efficient and highly effective way to get rid of mice and does not require you to put in much effort.

Sticky traps

It does not kill mice; however, mice get stick to it as it has an adhesive glue sheet attached to it. It is not as efficient as other methods, and also one sheet can be used for one time.

Electric traps

As the name suggests, first, it attracts the mice towards it in a closed chamber, and once the mice get in, it kills them with electric shocks. The electric shock is of an intensity that does not cause harm to humans and pet animals.

Live-trigger traps

Live trigger catching is another effective method to catch mice in a house. It is a chamber with a trigger that links to the door, and it closes the door as soon as mice come inside the room. It does not kill the mice; it’s up to you whether you keep them inside or take them far away from the house.


For most of the traps to work, you need some bait. Butter is said to be the most efficient as it allures the mice towards it. If you want to kill the mice, you can mix poison with bait. Poison for rats and mice is readily available, and some toxins work after a few minutes so that rats and mice do not die inside the house.

You can set up your own trap using a basket, a metal wire, and applying some bait. Besides that, there are other ways to get rid of mice; however, traps and baits work the best, and this has mentioned the types of traps you can use for this purpose.