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How to Clean Rusty Chrome

We all are aware of chrome plating as we see it regularly in one form or another. From our homes to yours, chrome is typically used for enhancing durability while giving a glossy touch to the object. However, the exposure, chemical reactions, and properties cause the chrome to rust. A rusty chrome not only looks odd, but the importance of cleaning rusty chrome goes beyond the appearance and the decoration. Thus, it is crucial that we all know how to clean rusty chrome.

You may have looked for it before and applied dozens of techniques; not all turn out to be effective when it comes to results. Saving your time and providing true value, this article is where you will find the most effective ways to clean rusty chrome. Easy to apply and yet giving quality results, readout below to find more information.

Ways to clean a rusty chrome

It’s not just your car that has rusty chrome, it can be anywhere, and luckily, you don’t have to live with it forever. Below are the ways that you can go in order to clean a rusty chrome.

Aluminum foil

You may have heard about this method before but how it is applied is what matters the most.

Using aluminum foil is an easy, cost-effective, and quick solution to clean a rusty chrome. Cleaning the rust with a chemical reaction, aluminum foil will not cause any scratches on the surface.

How to use

At first, you have to wash chrome with soapy water and get rid of dirt and debris built on the surface. Use a soft sponge if needed to clean the metal piece.

Add a pinch of salt in clean water and then dip the aluminum foil in it. The saltwater will speed up the chemical process and will help remove the rust effectively.

It’s time to take off the rust from chrome. Take the aluminum foil out of the water, rub it against the chrome back and forth, especially where there are rust stains. Apply a bit of pressure on the heavily rusted part and dip the aluminum foil again in saltwater if it gets dried.

Keep a towel or piece of cloth with you and remove the residue while you are rubbing the aluminum foil. The minute you are done with removing all the rust, rinse it well and dry the chrome with a paper towel.


Providing you with a homemade solution, acid works miraculously when it comes to cleaning different surfaces. The same goes with cleaning a rusty chrome. For this, mild acid will work the best, and you can use cola, lemon, or lime juice.

Strong acids are not preferred as they can damage the metal underneath. Other than the acid, you may use vinegar or baking soda as part of a homemade solution for cleaning rusty chrome.

How to use

The first step is the same as above, i.e., you have to get rid of debris and dirt by washing the chrome.

After that, you have to soak the chrome piece into the acid for at least 15-20 minutes. If soaking is not possible, you can pour the acid over the affected area.

Use a brillo scouring pad or sponge to scrub the rust off the surface of a chrome. For heavily affected areas, you may have to soak the piece again and apply pressure while scrubbing.
Once you are done, clean the surface with warm water, and let it dry. Use a paper towel for quick results.

Metal polish

If none of the above methods works, though in most cases it will, then you can take advantage of the commercially available metal polish. The high-quality product is going to be costly, but cleaning rusty chrome is going to be quick and easy.

How to use

The first step goes the same as discussed in the above methods. Now apply the metal polish on the affected area and spread it using a soft cloth so that you don’t miss any of the spots.

Following this, use a soft sponge or fine steel wool to wipe off the rust. After you are done with it, rinse the area with warm water, and here you get the rust-free chrome.

How to prevent chrome from rusting

Though removing rust is quite easy, you have to make sure that it does not get affected again in the future. Prevention is always better in all aspects, no matter how easy the treatment is.

In case of protecting the chrome from getting rust, apply appropriate wax or polish on the piece or use silver paint. Rusting usually occurs when cracks form and metal reacts with air and moisture. Keeping it moisture-free will also help in this regard, and for that, if you have a vehicle with chrome, park it in the garage and do not leave it outside for a long time.


Having read this article, you don’t have to search anymore about how to clean rusty chrome. Not only does it mention the technique, but it also informs you about the procedure to apply.

If any of the above methods helped, do not keep it to yourself. Share it so we all can take the best use of it and apply the solutions to clean rusty chrome.