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How to Clean Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

Chrome bathroom fixtures are most exposed and can become dull and dark due to regular use, soap residue, and with effects of hard water. No one wants to leave it as it is, especially when you have used chrome to give a beautiful finish while enhancing the durability of metal fixtures.

Protecting the classy layout, today, you are going to find out how to clean chrome bathroom fixtures in an easy way and without affecting the quality in all aspects. With the help of this guide, you can keep your bathroom well-maintained, keep it in a striking look, and protect metal pieces from getting permanent damage.

Ways to clean chrome bathroom fixtures

If done the right way, chrome is easy to clean. There are a few homemade solutions as well that you can prepare yourself in minutes. We will explore all methods that prove to be effective and efficient in terms of providing the best results.

Starting with the easiest one, explore the different options below.

Soap and water

Yes, chrome bathroom fixtures can be cleaned using just soap and water. To apply the solution, you will also need a microfiber cloth and a soft brush depending on how deep cleaning is required.

How to use it?

You need to create a solution by mixing liquid soap detergent in a water bucket. Once the solution is formed, dip the microfiber cloth, and then rub it against the fixtures. Do not apply heavy pressure and use a soft brush or sponge where accumulated scums exist.

After all stains are removed, rinse chrome fittings with water and see if it is properly washed. Dry off excess water using a dry sponge or piece of cloth, or else the water will leave the spots again.

Dryer sheet

If you don’t want to be involved in creating a soap solution yourself, there are dryer sheets available that are composed of a cleaning solution. Ready to be used, dryer sheets work best for removing soap scums and stains and give you quick results. Use it on the go whenever you want.

How to use it?

Dryer sheets come in handy when you want a quick solution. All you need is to take out the sheets and wipe them over the fixtures. It is better to remove dirt from fixtures before you use the dryer sheets.

If dryer sheets don’t seem to be successful in cleaning chrome fixtures, you can use the other methods.

Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon

All three are considered as the best when it comes to cleaning any products, tools, or equipment. A homemade solution that is highly effective, you can use these separately or make a solution for quick results.

In order to use it for cleaning chrome bathroom fixtures, we will use it all together so that it leaves no mark on chrome and makes it look brand new.

How to use it?

Firstly, we are going to create a paste using baking soda and lemon juice. Use it in a quantity that can be used for cleaning all that is required. After the paste is created, we will apply it on fixtures utilizing a sponge or a microfiber cloth.

Focusing on hard parts, scrub off thoroughly using a soft brush. You can use a toothbrush to reach all spots. The minute you have removed the dark stains, use a separate sponge soaked in vinegar and rub it over the fittings.

Clear all the areas and see if it is properly cleaned or not. Repeat the process if there are stains visible.

Once over with it, rinse the chrome bathroom fixture with cold water and then dry it using a piece of cloth.

Rubbing alcohol

No need to make a solution if you have rubbing alcohol in your access. Offering you a quick solution, it shows results in a few minutes.

How to use it?

Other than the alcohol, all you need is a microfiber cloth. Spray the alcohol either on chrome fittings or on a cloth and rub it against each other. In seconds you will see the stains go away. Use a different piece of fabric to dry fixtures.

Use commercial chrome cleaners

When nothing works, investing in good quality chrome cleaner is worth it. Make sure that you don’t use an abrasive cleaner as it can damage the chrome surface. Most of the cleaners come in spray form, and instructions are usually written at the back.

Quick tips

While it is easy to clean chrome bathroom fixtures using the above techniques, there are some practical tips that help you do the job successfully in an efficient manner. The following tips will also allow you to keep chrome bathroom fixtures in their original form.

  • Do not use steel wool to remove stains on chrome fixtures as it can result in permanent scratches.
  • Chrome is a type of soft metal; when using vinegar, citric acid, or any other cleaning agent, make sure that you don’t leave it there for a long time as it may react with it. Similarly, if you are using a commercial cleaner, confirm that it is suitable for chrome.
  • Cleaning regularly will help you keep bathroom fixtures in shape for a long time, and by doing that, you will never have to do deep cleansing.
  • Applying a chrome polish enhances the durability and keeps bathroom fixtures maintained. You can get chrome polish from any local hardware store. Apply it and keep your bathroom shining as always.


A problem faced by every household is now resolved. Not only can you easily clean chrome bathroom fixtures, but you can also prevent them from getting dull by following a few tips that are discussed above.

Read this article thoroughly and save your bathroom fixtures from getting dull. In case chrome gets rusted, you can check out here how to clean rusty chrome.