Practical uses for cinder blocks

There is nothing in this world that cannot be better for the people and society as a whole, be it the smallest particle of any element.

You must have heard or seen the slag mainly produced by the metal furnace, or when you burn the coal, the ashes or the remaining residue you collect from such sources is known as the cinder. You must be wondering how a residue material can be of any use?

In our homes, when we go outside, we see the walkways, avenues, and passages designed and built with cinder blocks. Well, it is where the residue material is being used to make cinder blocks.

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are not purely made of cinder, but it is used in combination with concrete. Because of the material, cinder blocks are much lighter than concrete and other types of blocks. However, cinder blocks possess less tensile strength and are not very strong, yet they are an excellent addition to the concrete family, and you will see their use everywhere.

Nevertheless, we only know about the use of cinder blocks in making walkways. Still, there are many other versatile, practical uses for cinder blocks, and we are going to explore some in this article.

Use of Cinder Blocks

Taking benefit of this versatile product, cinder blocks are used for different purposes at different places. Below you will find some familiar and practical uses for cinder blocks.

Cinder block garden bench

Other than paving the way for the garden, cinder blocks can build a garden bench that will add value to the garden and make it look more beautiful. You don’t need any unique tool for this purpose, and you can make it yourself with concrete glue. You can also paint it in different colors to give it an attractive appearance.

Plant shelf

Finding space for placing plant pots seems challenging, but not if you make a shelf out of cinder blocks. Everlasting plant shelf will be ready with a bit of effort, and you have got yourself a beautiful plant shelf for life. In addition to the plant shelf, you can also make vertical planters using the cinder blocks.


Looking for something to give an aesthetic look to the garden? A cinder block centerpiece is what you need. Use it in a garden or at any other place as a decorative piece; it will undoubtedly add beauty to the environment and enhance the place’s overall beauty.


We all have seen pathways made of cinder blocks, but only a few know that we can use them for building the stairs as well. Mainly the cinder blocks are to be used for outside stairs or in the garden, wherever you like the most.


An innovative and unique idea and is to make a bookshelf out of cinder blocks. Bookshelf made of wood usually decompose with time, but you have made a bookshelf that can be used for a lifetime with cinder blocks.


Instead of relying on the fancy grills, why not have a grill made up of cinder blocks. They are not only cheap but also work as well as any other fancy grill. It can be used for multiple purposes, easy to clean, and perfect for use.

Raised garden bed

Whether you are planning to plants on the rooftop or the garden’s soil is not good enough, may it be any reason, raised garden bed is always a good idea, and cinder blocks are perfect to be used for this purpose. Easy to make, require less maintenance, and are inexpensive.


Not the border of a country, but we are talking about setting up a garden border. Want to give your garden a smooth and tidy look, borders play a vital role as it does not allow the soil, dust, and water to spill away other than the specified limits. Cinder blocks, for this reason, are a perfect choice.


Cinder blocks are a preferred choice for making outdoor fireplaces as they can withstand the effect of fire and serves the best purpose. You can make different types of fireplaces as per your requirement.

Outdoor patio table

Tables made of plastic do not last long, and they cannot be used for the outside. The best solution for this is to create an outdoor patio table out of cinder blocks; you don’t need to take it inside in case of rain as it withstands any weather.

Shoe storage

Whether inside the house or outside, using cinder blocks for shoe storage is the best example of the practical use of cinder blocks.

Cinder block wall

Some walls build for privacy, and you want them to look as fancy as any other wall. Using cinder blocks to build a wall is another example of practical use for cinder blocks. Give it any shape, design, or structure you like.


If you like the sound of birds chirping around early in the morning, you should be having a birdhouse for them so that they can rest and live there, and the cinder blocks are perfect for building one.


As you can see, there are hundreds of practical uses for cinder blocks; it all depends on you how you want to utilize them. While this article mentions some of the best practical uses for cinder blocks, the list is never-ending, and you can use the cinder block for any other purpose that comes to your mind.

You can also see that most of the practical uses for cinder blocks are DIY and do not need any special tools or equipment.

Whatever you make with cinder blocks, you can always paint them, make art, graffiti, or apply anything else to make it look like an expensive decorative piece. Cinder blocks are readily available at cheap rates, and with a bit of effort, you can convert them into valuable items.