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Ubiquiti Home Security Overview and Pricing

Ubiquiti has come up with a network solution for home security that talks about the future. It has designed an actual versatile application network operating system consisting of network, protect and access applications. In this article, we will discuss Ubiquiti’s UniFi Protect to get a better understanding of the system.

20 Most Secured Homes in the World

Security is one of the most important elements in today’s time. We do all things to make sure we live in a secure and safe place. In this article, we will look at the 20 most secured homes in the world and see what makes them the most protected homes.

How to Sweep a Room for Bugs

This article provides a guide on how to sweep a room for bugs. This tutorial highlights the different types of bug devices, and the steps in sweeping a room for bug devices. These steps include preparing to sweep the room, physical inspection, turn off the lights, and use a detector.

How Can I Listen to Local Police Scanners?

This article provides a guide on how one can listen to local police scanners. This tutorial highlights the definition of a police scanner, its uses, price, and how to access channels. In addition to the price range of a regular police scanner, police scanner apps on smart phones was discussed.

The Best Smart Locks For Outdoor Gates

This article provides an easy step-by-step guide on how to determine the best smart locks for outdoor gates. The tutorial provides the top four best smart locks for outdoor gates with their specifications, features, advantages, and weaknesses. The thrust of this guide is to focus on efficiency, reliability, and quality.

Best tactical flashlights

Household flashlights are common, and they are often used to search for a lost item during the dark. But, the use of household flashlights decreased when we had a flashlight integrated with mobile phones. However, when we talk about tactical flashlights, they are far different from ordinary household flashlights. A …

Best Fireproof Document Bag

A person has a set of documents that is required from time to time. Keeping them safe and secure is essential to avoid going through the trouble of getting a duplicate. In this article, we will list down and discuss the design and features of the best fireproof document bags.

Best dogs for home security

No matter how advanced the tools and equipment get, we will always have uncertainty in our mind about home security as we cannot entirely rely on electrical security equipment for our protection, safety, and security. Using dogs for security is an old yet highly effective method we use for home …

Best Unmanned Aerial Security Drones

This article provides an easy step-by-step guide on the best unmanned aerial security drones. This helpful tutorial highlights the advanced progress of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Thus, providing the features including flight time, benefits, and specifications offered by the top Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to individuals, businesses, and even government agencies.

Best Padlocks For Storage Unit

Before alarms or other security tools, padlock has been widely used by people. However, the old types of the said security feature may not be sufficient to ensure the safety of our homes or storages. This article will show you some of the most preferred of padlocks in the market.

How Does the Ring Always Home Cam Work?

This article provides a guide on how the Ring Always Home Cam works. The tutorial provides an in-depth review of the Ring Always Home Cam, such as the history of the Ring Security Systems and how the Always Home Cam blends seamlessly in your home, the features, advantages, and limitations.

Best Indoor Autonomous Security Drones

This article provides a guide on determining the best indoor autonomous security drones. The tutorial provides the significant difference between security drones and the autonomous security drones. In addition, the autonomous security drones’ features such as automation, takeoff and landing, and charging, plus qualities and top reliable products are highlighted.

Best Self-Defense Keychain Review & Buying Guide

The ultimate personal safety item is a self-defense keychain. This is a very portable element that enhances your chance of survival and gives you the time to flee. In this article, we will list down the best self-defense keychain and find out which one is best suitable for your self-defense.

Best Self Defense Gadgets In 2021 Review

Do you look for gadgets to avoid the assault victim? It's not like we go to our vehicles with the hope of being caught up in a dark alley, but many of us get into the feeling of continual victimization. But did you ever stop thinking about what you would …

Can I Use Drones for Perimeter Security?

Perimeter security is an active barrier preventing all types of entry around a designated region. Drones may be used to transport live video cameras, infrared cameras, heat sensors, and radar. Manufacturers offer AI-based high-quality drones for overall perimeter security. In this article, we’ll discuss about drone benefits for perimeter security.

Do Artificial Intelligence Security Camera Exist?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool for data collection, qualification, and quantification to assist us in operations that might be tedious or repetitive. For safety and security, it enables us to detect and analyze meaningful information. In this article, we will discuss about AI-based security cameras and its benefits.

Best Outdoor Locks for Gates 2021 Review

We are all aware of the dangers of leaving our homes, shop, or organization nowadays without being safe. Thefts can reach our properties smartly enough. Therefore, we need to invest in intelligent guards to assist us in safeguarding our property from theft. Best Outdoor Locks for Gates in 2021 are …

Which is Better Ring or SimpliSafe Doorbell?

Ring and SimpliSafe are well-known providers of DIY safety, which provide a range of intelligent safety features. Both offer video doorbells on the next level, yet some important variances exist. Canitec compared them to help you select the appropriate house doorbell camera. Ring or SimpliSafe Doorbell are compared in this …

When Were Padlocks Invented

Padlocks are portable locks consisting of three components; body, shackle, and the locking mechanism. They are primarily used to prevent burglary, vandalism, and harm. We have been using different padlocks for years, and we see them everywhere in our daily lives. Although padlocks are many centuries old, they have evolved …

Best Material To Build a Security Gate

A gate is the first point of access to enter any building or a particular house. A security gate has become necessary to keep the sites safe and secure. For that reason, a security gate build with the best material is an effective and the most reliable way in terms …

Self Defense Techniques For Women

The greatest self-defense approaches and tactics are equally effective for men and women, but let's face it: women need more than men since they are assaulted more frequently. Women most frequently face brutal or violent attacks. Women are also subjected to higher instances of verbal and sexual harassment. Self-defense techniques …

How do Padlocks Work

A padlock is defined as the lock with a shackle with a pivoted hook which usually forms a u-shape, solid body made up of heavy-duty material and a locking mechanism. You must have wondered that the padlocks you are using for years to secure and protect valuable items, belongings, homes, …

Best Panoramic Surveillance Cameras for your Property

A panoramic fisheye security camera provides 180 degrees or 360 degrees field of vision. This means that several typical fixed-lens security cameras may be replaced to cover broad regions without blind spots. In this article, we’ll provide you the list of best panoramic surveillance cameras and their pros and cons.

What Services Does Arlo Home Security Offers?

Arlo Home Security establishes the gold standard for wireless home safety systems. The customized home safety solutions without the cabling limits have been built for all their gadgets, from cameras to doorbells. In this article, we’ll look in to the services that Arlo Home Security offers for our home safety.

What Google Home Security Offers?

Google Home is most likely your go-to voice assistant. You can't imagine how much effect google home has on home security. Innovative home security solutions, such as video doorbells, home security cameras, smart locks, and intelligent assistants, aid you in keeping an eye on your property. Google Home Security is …

Do Air Purifiers Work for the Whole House?

Both indoor and outdoor air can have contaminated air. To help clean it up, you can use air purifiers inside your house. This article will tackle the basic concept of air purifiers and how it works. Also, it will answer the question, "Do Air Purifiers Work for The Whole House?"

How to Drill Through Tile with Ease?

Drilling is one of the common activities that is done to put holes on the walls. However, it could be crucial to do it without knowing the proper way of doing so. To prevent your tiles on the wall to break in the process of drilling, continue reading this article.

What are the best home security cameras to buy

There is no use of a home security system if you are using outdated or inappropriate tools and products, especially the most essential element of security, which is the camera. When we talk about home security, we mean to protect indoor and as well as outdoor areas. Other than that, …