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What Does Industrial Security Mean?

This article provides a guide on what industrial security mean. This segment provides the necessary information on industrial security, why we need it, and the importance of having industrial security. The tutorial highlights industrial security services, physical access and control, physical surveillance, security lights and alarms system, and excavation plans.

The Most Common Types of Identity Theft

This article provides the most common types of identity theft. The guide highlights the definition of identity theft and the common types of identity theft, such as financial identity theft, medical identity theft, child identity theft, and criminal identity theft. The different types of financial identity theft are also identified.

Is Hard Water Safe to Drink?

This article provides a step-by-step guide demonstrating if hard water is safe to drink. This tutorial delves into the difference between soft water and hard water, components of hard water, the effects of hard water, and the advantages and disadvantages of hard water. It includes the Water Hardness Measurement Table.

Do Security Bars Work to Protect ?

The door remains the weakest point in terms of home security, and we tend to spend each and everything to keep it safe and secure. A door security bar comprises heavy-duty material, usually steel, placed on the door to avert forced entry. It is the first place intruders will try …

Where Should Motion Sensors Be Placed in a Home?

This article provides a guide on where the motion sensors should be placed in a home. This tutorial highlights the uses of a motion sensor, the benefits of having a motion sensor, and the ideal locations to install a motion sensor. In addition, the key factors to consider were discussed.

What Attracts Burglars to Homes?

To reduce the risk of getting robbed or prevent someone from breaking into your homes, you need to know the root cause. A homeowner’s regular routine and practice is what attracts a burglar. This article will highlight a few tips you can follow to avoid attracting burglars to your homes.

How Do You Blind Motion Sensors?

This article provides information on how to blind motion sensors. The tutorial shows how to blind motion sensors by learning how the motion sensors work and how to blind motion sensors without compromising their operational capability. The tips include don’t make any sound, move along the walls, and stay low.

How do 360 Degree Cameras Work?

The more advanced tool and equipment you have, the more secure the place will be. Based on this principle, security cameras are being developed to cater to the needs of modern-day security problems, and the latest technology we have in this matter is 360 security cameras. How do 360 security …

Examples of Security Gadgets

Security has become an integral part of one's life; no matter you are at home or work, safety and protection is needed throughout the day. There are numerous reasons to have a security system installed at your homes and buildings; it protects you from intruders and protects you and your …

Are PoE Security Cameras Better?

Security cameras are the most needed devices in the modern era of technology. IP cameras may offer feasible solutions for users to track the designated regions they need. Power over Ethernet (or PoE) is a modern innovation, involves wires already installed in an Ethernet connection. You can both utilize PoE …

What is a Key Fob for Security?

Security and protection are some of the most important factors to consider for our peace of mind. The key fob offers an important element to your security with its function in regards to your security system. Continue to read this article to find out more about its functions and features.

How do you Scare Burglars Away?

Even if you have got the best home security system installed, burglars will try to intrude as soon as they get a chance, so it is better to adopt techniques that can help you scare burglars away from your home and property. Burglars not only can loot valuables from your …

How can I make my door more secure?

It has been seen that most of the robberies and break-in occurs because of the inadequate doors. No matter where you live, adding security is always a good idea, and it pays off when it protects you from burglars and thieves. As the doors are the first barriers between you …

Do Deadbolts Prevent Breakins?

A deadbolt is the most common form of locking mechanism used for door security. Generally, it has a keyed lock cylinder and turning level on each side, making up the deadbolt lock. You will also find a deadbolt that has keyed lock on both sides. Do deadbolts prevent Break-Ins is …

Can Smart Locks be Hacked?

The use of smart locks has seen rapid growth since people started investing in home security. Although the advancement in technology helps you improve the living standard, it comes with a cost and sometimes vulnerabilities which often can put you in danger. Smart locks are called smart because they are …

Home Security That Works with Amazon Alexa

Home automation such as Amazon Alexa is now widely used to have an extra sense of security. It provides convenience and accessibility wherever you are. This article will list down the well-known and established brands of home security products that are compatible with Amazon Alexa. Continue reading to know more.

What Makes the Best Wired Security Camera System?

Security cameras are widely used nowadays. It’s mainly installed to have better home security. However, it comes in two types: wired and wireless. This article will help you distinguish the two and will give you an idea on what type you should buy when you consider having a security camera.

Are Glass Break Sensors Worth It?

Security is one of the most crucial aspects of every household. However, we are always vulnerable to burglars breaking in. In this case, sensors play a very important role in keeping us safe as well as giving us peace of mind. Continue to read to learn about Glass Break Sensor.

How Do Window Alarm Magnets Work?

Window alarm sensor works by utilizing a magnet. It is widely used to have extra security within the house. This article will guide you on knowing what alarm sensor magnets are, how they work, how to replace and disable them. Knowing these before buying one will be helpful for you.

How Do Window Shock Sensors Work?

Window shock sensors are a home security device that is used to detect if a burglar tries to break in through the windows or doors. It will give off a dissuasive loud noise to warn the homeowners. Installing it secures your homes and protects your family from possible burglar break-ins.

The Most Important Design Element of Door Viewers

If you’re in the market for doorbell viewers, you probably have been looking at all sorts of neat features. I am talking about motion detection, infrared capabilities, and compact design. Don’t get me wrong. Being able to record footage in the middle of the night is definitely important. It can …

How do Door Viewers Make Your Home More Secure?

If you’ve been shopping for door peephole cameras, you probably have come across one word more often than you normally do when shopping for other items. The word I’m talking about is security. You probably have come across the concept if not phrases that mentioned that word time and again. …