How Can Video Doorbell Cameras Reduce Your Insurance Bills

How Can Video Doorbell Cameras Reduce Your Insurance Bills

Have you ever made an insurance claim? I’m telling you, sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. It really is. It’s not like your insurance company doesn’t believe you. Believe me, they’re in the business of settling claims. That’s what they do. They do it all day every day. The problem is documentation. It’s not uncommon for people who have offered a loss, whether through natural disasters or through man-made disasters to keep coming back to the same insurance claims agent over and over again because it seems that the agent never runs out of documentation to
ask for.

This is a very common scenario and the good news is you don’t have to go through this headache. As long as you make sure that all your purchases are documented and all security issues in your home are properly arranged, chances are quite good that your insurance claims would proceed very smoothly. It doesn’t matter whether stuff got stolen, things got burned, or somebody crashed into your home. As long as you have proper documentation that the insurance company needs to put you in the same shape as before, everything will proceed smoothly for you.

It all boils down to documentation. Why am I talking about this when the topic of this blog post is all about door peephole cameras? Well, here’s the reason why. Door peephole cameras do provide documentation in the form of video footage. If you have a clear video footage of what exactly happened during the time that cost the lost that you are making a claim on. Things can proceed much more smoothly for you.

In fact if you have door peephole cameras that take footage of the break in, as well as internal CCTV camera footage, the insurance claims adjustor, as well as the police would have all the information that they need to make sure that whatever issues you’re facing are quickly and smoothly resolved. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the police will instantly catch the perpetrators. This doesn’t necessarily mean that local authorities would quickly hunt down whoever it is that robbed you. It isn’t that simple.

Still, by having adequate documentation, you can at least make your insurance headaches go away. You’re going to spare yourself from the ridiculously frustrating situation of having to come back to the claims adjustor over and over again. Sure, long gone are the days when you have to physically enter the insurance company’s doors to make your claim. Now, you can do everything through the internet.

With that said, it’s still a hassle because you probably have tons of other email that you’re trying to get to. You probably have many other responsibilities and obligations that you’d rather do. If you’re like the typical American, there are simply not enough hours in day. So if you’re looking for another justification for door peephole cameras, consider its insurance consequences.

In fact, there may be insurance companies that would be able to cut you a better rate if you have the adequate security infrastructure. Of course, the best video door peepholes play a big role in high quality top notch home security system. You need to talk to your insurance broker to see how much of a percentage discount you can get.

Still, when it comes to buying insurance, take whatever you can get. Even if the discount is like 5% or 3%, take it. It’s better than not getting a discount at all. If anything, you’re positioning yourself in making the claims adjustment process smoother for yourself and your loved ones.

Make no mistake about it, when you have to make an insurance claim, something traumatic happened to you. Whether it involved feeling violated because somebody broke into your home and stole stuff, or your car got hit. Whatever the case may be, when you go through the process, you’re trying to get over that loss as quickly as possible because it’s traumatic.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are staffed by hundreds of people spread out across dozens of offices usually throughout several states or throughout the US. On top of this, claims have to crawl through layer upon layer of bureaucracy. It’s no wonder that for too many claimants, whether policy holders or third party claimants, the whole process feels more like they are talking to walls. Faceless. Bureaucratic. Talk about annoying, frustrating, and boring… all rolled up into one painful experience. Make things easier on yourself by making sure you have the right documentation from the get go.

That’s perfectly understandable and that’s why it’s really important to understand the role door peephole cameras play in not only reducing your insurance bills, but ensuring that whatever claims you may file in the future are handled as smoothly, and as quickly as possible.