5 Best WiFi Internet Streaming Hidden Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

WiFi internet streaming hidden cameras have easily disguised video recording devices that wirelessly connect to the internet and provide the capability for real-time remote viewing from the computer and mobile devices. These cameras are generally accompanied by mobile apps that, in addition to video streaming, allow remote interfacing to control and manipulate functionality. Communication works both ways, in that the recording device can also provide alarms and signals to mobile devices when triggered.

The following are several highly rated WiFi internet streaming cameras with a variety of features and functions to compare.

Best WiFi Internet Streaming Hidden Cameras

Here are our WiFi internet streaming hidden camera reviews.

1. Spy Camera Charger Wireless Hidden Camera by Qouya

Spy Camera Charger Wireless Hidden Camera - 1080P HD WiFi Nanny Cam- Indoor Home Security Camera with Remote Viewing/Motion Activated, APP Supports iOS/Android/PC

The Spy Camera Charger Wireless Hidden Camera by Qouya doubles as a functional USB mobile device charger, and can be plugged into any electrical outlet. The device is motion-sensor activated with 90 degrees of viewing range and loop recording functionality. This hidden camera offers real-time remote viewing via an internet-connected app, which can be accessed from any iOS or Android device.

  • The Spy Camera Charger Wireless Hidden Camera contains motion-activated alarm functionality that will notify a mobile device when triggered.
  • Functionality, including motion sensors, can be activated and deactivated remotely with adjustable sensitivity settings.
  • PC, Mac, and mobile devices easily connect to the camera’s wireless hotspot.
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2. 1080P Mini Spy Camera WiFi Camera with Remote Viewing by Oucam

OUCAM Hidden Camera 1080P Mini Spy Camera WiFi Camera with Remote Viewing 380mAH Battery Wireless Secret Camera Surveillance Camera with Real-Time Video Night Vision, Phone App with Andriod and iOS

The 1080P Mini Spy Camera WiFi Camera with Remote Viewing by Oucam has a built-in strong magnet for ease of placement, making this device easily installed and disguised. This camera functions for both indoor and outdoor use, with a two-hour battery life when used remotely. The recording function will work with the insertion of an SD card even without internet access.

  • The 1080P Mini Spy Camera WiFi Camera with Remote Viewing offers HD imaging as well as night vision capabilities, creating a clear, sharp image at any time.
  • This camera is only 2 square inches in size with a thin build, increasing the ability to covertly position the device.
  • The spy camera is mounted on a magnetic rotating base offering a full range of motion and viewing capacity.
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3. WiFi PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Spy Camera by PalmVid

 PalmVID WiFi PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Spy Camera with Live Video Viewing

The WiFi PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Spy Camera by PalmVid offers hidden camera recording and real-time viewing under the guise of a fully functioning smoke detector. Downloadable apps for Mac, PC, and all manner of mobile devices can enable recording, playback, and alarm sensors. PalmVid products, including this device, offer the unique feature of being entirely manufactured and assembled in the United States.

  • The WiFi PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Spy Camera can operate for up to 100 days when set on motion-detected standby mode using only battery power.
  • PalmVid offers an extended two-year warranty and in-country technical support in real-time.
  • PalmVid manufactures four variations of this camera using the same smoke detector disguise and functionality.
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4. Wireless Hidden Camera Wall Clock by Fuvision

Wireless Hidden Camera Wall Clock,HD Spy Camera Nanny Cam, Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Spy Cam, Motion Detection Nanny Camera with Phone App for Home and Office

The Wireless Hidden Camera Wall Clock by Fuvision offers the features of a covert spy camera and the functionality of a wall-mounted or desk clock. The device contains a built-in 10000 mAh battery, which allows motion-activated standby functionality for up to a full year without charging. The camera is completely wireless and fully configurable from any connected mobile device.

  • The WIreless Hidden Camera Wall Clock contains a manually adjustable lens that rotates 15 degrees to ensure proper positioning and viewing.
  • Clock functionality operates on a separate battery and will not drain recording capacity.
  • Real-time viewing capability can be shared with friends and family.
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5. Mini Hidden Camera Versatile Dash Cam WiFi Nanny Cam Body Camera by EsiCam

EsiCam Mini Hidden Camera Versatile Dash Cam Wifi Nanny Cam Body Camera with Audio Battery Magnet 1080P Recording Motion Detection For Phone Indoor Surveillance Baby Dog Cam (with Outdoor Accessories)

The Mini HIDDEN Camera Versatile Dash Cam WiFi Nanny Cam Body Camera by EsiCam is a wearable version of the WiFi hidden camera. The device can be clipped to clothing or baggage, mounted to a car dash, or placed in the home. The camera comes with a variety of accessories, including flexible mounting, clips, and a wristband.

  • In addition to hidden viewing, Mini Hidden Camera Versatile Dash Can WiFi Nanny Cam Body Camera can provide rearview and back-up camera functionality in real-time on your mobile device.
  • The device comes with a remote charging base for easy travel.
  • The camera allows up to four devices to connect and view recording simultaneously.
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WiFi Internet Streaming Cameras Buyer’s Guide

WiFi Internet Streaming Cameras all have the same general functionality and features. Each device wirelessly connects to the internet and provides a mobile hotspot for other devices to interact with the camera for real-time viewing as well as the enabling and disabling of features. As mentioned, these devices are generally accompanied by a brand-specific mobile app to access and customize the video recordings.  Mobile apps are available for download and interaction from PC and MAC as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Viewing Capacity

WiFi streaming cameras offer real-time viewing, with a range of 90-150 degrees of capacity. The majority of these devices can function either in a continuous loop-recording mode, requiring recharging, or on standby with recording limited to motion-triggered activity. The mobile applications and internet-based viewing enable easy sharing of video streaming amongst multiple users simultaneously.

Distinctions in Dual Functionality

These devices come in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and costs. The distinguishing and defining factor is dependent on how the device is disguised. Some streaming cameras are simply hidden cameras, with compact size and shape and easy installation to maximize potential locations for covert viewing. However, many models offer dual functionality, where the device is not only disguised but functions in another capacity. These hidden cameras can serve as mobile device chargers, or household items such as wall and alarm clocks, picture frames, or smoke detectors. This dual functionality allows the device to be “hidden” in plain sight. These dual-purpose models are often higher priced.

Battery Lifespan

WiFi internet streaming cameras do not necessitate a wired connection, and in most cases they do not require an electrical outlet to enable recording and viewing functionality.  However, this implies that the devices operate via a variety of battery power.  These batteries are generally rechargeable in nature, thus the buyer is not incurring frequent replacement costs, but a main distinction among these devices lies in the battery lifespan.  Most devices operate via a motion-sensor trigger, and revert to a standby mode when not actively recording in order to preserve battery life.  However, even in standby mode, the device does drain battery power.  As is always the case, battery-life varies greatly among devices, from days, to months, up to a full year in some cases.  Buyers should ensure they are aware of battery-life parameters and that the device is charged frequently enough to ensure it is active and available when needed.