Best Vpn Services For Web Surfing Security

Many users prefer to have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) installed on their computer to secure surfing on the internet.

Using VPNs is the most effective way if you want to remain unidentified on the internet. This is mainly done as VPNs change your IP address, so the website receiving your traffic would get a modified IP address, which would be different from the original one yours.

This way, you can access geo-restricted websites and other government restrictions. As your IP address changes to that for another country, you become able to access the content that is blocked in your country.

So, if you don’t have access to services like Netflix or Hulu in your country, you can access those by installing and using VPN software.

You can get hundreds of VPN services on the internet, but be aware of some of them. In addition, many VPN services save your data and can still access your IP address even if the VPN is on. To give you an idea of the best VPN services for web surfing security, you can check out the VPNs mentioned in the list below.


NordVPN is one of the best VPN services that you can get. Although the monthly price is a little high, you get the best value of money with this VPN service. The best thing is that you can use this VPN service on six different devices simultaneously with a monthly subscription.

Unlike other VPN services, which restrict you to access VPN at only five devices simultaneously. NordVPN gives its users access to the Tor anonymization network. Through the Tor anonymization network, it becomes more challenging to track your IP address.

More features come with NordVPN other than just changing your IP address. It also has multihop connections. What multihop connections do is that they secure your IP address with a “double VPN,” this way, if one of your VPNs is connected, you can rest assured that your connection is still secure with the help of the other VPN.

Moreover, NordVPN has a new feature called split-tunneling. Through split-tunneling, you can choose which one of your apps works with VPN and which one of those do you want to run free without VPN. With the NordPass Password Manager, you can even secure your passwords for an additional fee.


CyberGhost is another VPN service that hides the externally visible IP address of the users and replaces it with an IP address of CyberGhost VPN. The CyberGhost VPN that the users get is shared with other users, ensuring that not only one user has access to the unique IP addresses.

Moreover, the data transfers are protected, ensuring that no data communicated between the anonymization server and the user’s device is leaked. Cyber Ghost has an easy-to-use interface and offers more than 6800 servers in 9- countries.

Additionally, an ad-blocker built-in CyberGhost ensures that your data surfing is not affected by ads. This VPN server is high-security and provides the users an outstanding speed, which most other VPNs don’t. It has different peer-to-peer servers and different gaming servers. Each has the desired rate.

Moreover, Cyber Ghost protects its user with a no-logs policy through which no data is subject to any leak or a hack. Finally, it offers an affordable 3-year subscription which ensures that you have access to the fast and secure VPN for a long time.


In addition to the paid version, ProtonVPN also has a free subscription that works well for most users. It has flexible subscription plans that you can manage easily and are pretty affordable, too. The interface of this service is made comprehensible and easy to use.

The ProtonVPN protects your IP address by multihop secure core servers. The company ensures that any data communicated between the user’s device and the Secure Core server is protected. None of it is ever compromised to give the users a better experience.

Besides, if anyone gets access to your IP address, they won’t find your computer or any other device because all the traffic comes from the Secure Core servers, not your computers.

Page BreakProtonVPN has a server base of more than 54 countries, above average compared to the mainstream VPN services. With time, more and more countries are being added to the server base of ProtonVPN.

Moreover, the company takes as many steps as it can to ensure user safety and privacy. The company does not store timestamps of the logins of users, which was a problem with ProtonVPN a little while back.

ProtonVPN promises that it earns only through user subscriptions and that no data is sold to anyone. It covers all operating systems such as Android, Android TV, macOS, Windows, Chromebooks, and iOS.

Mullvad VPN

The Mullvad VPN offers a straightforward monthly rate for its subscription, not depending upon how long you will use the service. Be it a month, six months, or a year, the monthly rates of Mullvad VPN remain the same.

Unlike other VPN services, Mullvad VPN does not ask for your email address when registering. Instead, it gives you separate login credentials that you can use only for Mullvad VPN. It can connect to five devices simultaneously and has a private and secure connection for users.

Although other competitors might have a better speed than this, it provides you a reasonably good speed even when connected to servers far away from your original location.

Mullvad VPN has an excellent torrenting speed, in addition to peer-to-peer file sharing. The total servers that Mullvad VPN offers are about 760, or more than that. Additionally, it has good government bypassing, which means you would be able to access the content that has been blocked by the government efficiently. With Mullvad VPN, there are no long-term deals, and your subscription rolls over every month, but you can cancel at any time.