5 Best Weatherproof Padlocks (Reviews Updated 2021)

Most times, locks are exposed to rain and rough weather because they are always left in the open of garages, parks, and other types of properties. Choosing a weatherproof padlock over the conventional one is the best thing to do if you really want to keep your stuff protected. Unfortunately, finding the best weatherproof padlocks comes with quite some troubles because of the numerous products in the market that may not be really weatherproof. Our review of the best weatherproof padlocks presents the best selections in the market and a buying guide crafted underneath is poised at making it easier for you to choose the weatherproof padlock that best serves your needs.

Best Weatherproof Padlocks

Here’s our review of the best weatherproof padlocks.

1. Master Lock Magnum Covered Laminated Steel Padlock

Master Lock Padlock, Magnum Covered Laminated Steel Lock, 1 7 8 In. Wide, M115xkadlf

Specially constructed with laminated steel core, this padlock is best used for gates, sheds, fences, garage, and every other exposed region. One of the best weatherproof padlocks, its steel core is covered by a strong weather-resistant magnum with rust-oleum certified protections. A four-pin cylinder and dual ball bearing lock mechanism make it an excellent choice for maximum security as well.

  • Dual Armor construction
  • Rust-Oleum certified protection
  • Tough-Cut octagonal boron-carbide shackle
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2. SEPOX Laminated Steel Padlock

Sepox Laminated Steel Lock 1 9 16 Inch(40mm) (40mm 2 Pack Waterproof)

This padlock, aside from being weatherproof, has an attractive design emanating from its exterior. The chrome coating gives it a nice look while at the same time protecting its core from corrosion and scratches. A strong core made of laminated steel is superb for maximum strength and confident protection for your stuff.

  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Chrome plated coating
  • 4-Pin cylinders lock mechanism
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3. Master Lock M530XTLH Magnum Solid Steel Keyed Alike Padlocks

Master Lock M530xtlh Magnum Solid Steel Keyed Alike Padlocks, 2 Pack

Eventually becoming Master Lock’s reputation, the four-pin cylinder and dual ball bearing lock mechanism of this padlock make it a fantastic option for your security needs offering maxed up pick and pry resistance. Durable and strong to offer you the desired protection, its core is made of solid steel which is evident in its weight. Magnum coated, this padlock can resist even the toughest weather and scratches.

  • Tough-Cut octagonal boron-carbide shackle
  • Solid steel for increased strength
  • Four pin cylinder and dual ball bearing locking mechanism
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4. ABUS 70/45 All Weather Solid Brass Blue Padlock

Abus 70 45 All Weather Solid Brass Blue Padlock Keyed Different Stainessless Steel Shackle

Thick, heavy, strong, and reliable, the ABUS 70/45 All Weather Solid Brass Blue Padlock is an amazing option for your security needs in various weather conditions. With a brass core on the body and stainless steel shackle all covered with vinyl that withstands tough weather conditions and rough handling, this padlock is a state-of-the-art resistance. With a 5-pin cylinder locking mechanism, this product stands out well enough.

  • 5-pin cylinder
  • Hardened steel shackles
  • Vinyl Covered
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5. eGeeTouch Outdoor 3rd Generation Smart Padlock

Egeetouch Outdoor Smart Padlock 3rd Gen, Weatherproof, Rugged Design For Commercial Use, Bluetooth +

Although high technology is just getting into the padlock industry, eGeeTouch is a pioneer of smart high-security padlocks giving users an opportunity to operate keyless weather resistant padlocks with their smartphones and Apple watches. With this eGeeTouch Outdoor Smart Padlock, you don’t have to remember lock combinations or carry keys or use fingerprints, all you have to do is use the app on your phone or watch syncing the padlock to open it via Bluetooth at close range or NFC.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Durable design for commercial use
  • Smart access
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Weatherproof Padlocks Buying Guide

Buying weatherproof padlock comes with challenges that include the following:


Unlike conventional padlocks, weatherproof padlocks need to be covered with a special type of coating that makes it withstand tough weather conditions and consequent corrosion. Some of the best weatherproof padlocks are covered with magnum coating and vinyl coats which protects the shackles and the entire body from scratches and tough weather conditions.

Although these coverings make the best weatherproof padlocks remarkably durable, their core material must be considered also to ensure that you are getting maximum security. High-quality padlocks generally are made with solid steel or laminated steel which can resist cuts and provide confident protection. Others may have brass core bodies, but a thick solid steel core shackle is very important.

Some other weatherproof padlocks are equipped with tough-tut octagonal boron-carbide shackles that equally provide confidence, strength, and cut resistance. When choosing your next padlock for exposed gates, sheds, fences or whatever you want to use them on, you should pay attention to both the core materials of the body, the shackles material, and the enter body coating.

Locking Mechanism

Even though they are weatherproof, strong, and cut-resistant, weatherproof padlocks can be a complete sham if the locking mechanism is not sophisticated. The best padlocks are designed with four-pin cylinders that offer outstanding pick and pry resistance. A few other padlocks may have up to five-pin cylinders that make it even more sophisticated. With an additional dual ball bearing, it’s almost impossible to maneuver the locks.


Although most high-security weatherproof padlocks are the traditional lock-and-key type, technology is gradually taking its toll on the industry offering more sophisticated options for tech lovers. If you like tech-enabled devices and want Siri or Alexa accessing even your padlocks to make life a lot easier for you, you can consider opting in for the best weatherproof padlocks that are tech-equipped.