5 Best Voice Activated Audio Recorders (Reviews Updated 2021)

Traditionally controlled voice recorders are not as efficient as required and as such, modern technology is adding perks on the age-old device to make it meet customer needs. Voice-activated audio recorders are pretty essential for recording voices and obtaining evidence without requiring your close monitoring and active operation of the device. Whether spying or just keeping track of a conversation, this feature is very useful. The best voice-activated audio recorders are usually from industry-leading brands although there a few less known products that do the magic excellently. Our review of the best voice-activated audio recorders will help you find the best that the market has to offer irrespective of popularity.

Best Voice-Activated Audio Recorders

Here’s our review of the best audio recorders.

1. SOTA Surveillance Small Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder

Small Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder Super Long 150 Day Standby Battery Life 14 Day Cont

This is audio recorder is equipped with dual recording mode allowing you to choose between voice-activated recording and continuous recording. With enough capacity to accommodate up to 576 hours of recording, the battery life spans 150 days when on the voice-activated recording mode and 14 days for continuous recording. It can be used for virtually all purposes because of its magnetic adhesion that can stick to any metal surface.

  • Up to 576 hours of recording capacity
  • No noises or indicator lights
  • Date and time stamp
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2. SpyCentre Security Slim Digital Voice Activated Audio Recorder

Spycentre Security Slim Digital Audio Recorder Voice Activated 16 Hour Battery Life With Date &

Built with a 16-hour battery life, this voice-activated audio recorder incorporated into a pen does not have an on/off button; instead, it automatically starts recording when it picks up a voice. With an adjustable record quality, this audio recorder can store up to 71 hours of SP recording or 17 hours of XHQ recordings.

  • Adjust recording quality from SP to HQ and to XHQ
  • No on or off buttons
  • Record continuously for up to 16 hours
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3. RaWerks Black Vox Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder

Black Vox Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder Internal Mic

Once voice activation is enabled on this device, it can stay on standby for up to 75 days after a full charge and deliver 72 hours of continuous high-quality recording. A built-in drive of 8GB is enough to hold up to 288 hours of recorded MP3 files that can be accessed, copied, and deleted via connection to PC. Its built-in microphone is smart enough to clearly pick up sounds at 28 feet away.

  • Recording time up to 72 hours
  • Recordings are saved as MP3 files
  • Recording from up to 28 Feet Away
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4. SpyCentre Security – Mini Voice Activated Audio Recorder

Spycentre Security Mini Voice Activated Audio Recorder Date & Time Stamp 8gb Memory Stores 144

Interestingly portable yet backed by enough capacity to house 288 hours of audio recording, this mini voice-activated audio recorder is comfortable to carry and could easily be a part of your dressing. With a quick charge ability that sends the battery from zero to 100% in two or three hours, it can record audio continuously for 18 hours.

  • Adjustable recording quality
  • Built-in 8GB memory
  • Simple to operate voice activation
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5. Hfuear Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder, 8000mh Power Bank Up To 60 Days Continuous Recording Device, 32gb Voice Acti

A power bank with a voice-activated audio recorder embedded within it presents an enormous amount of battery life of 1400 hours of continuous recording. This power is backed with a built-in 32GB capacity, big enough to house 2,400 hours of recorded audios. The power bank build of this device makes it look harmless allowing you to charge your phone through the power outlet like every other power bank while you keep a record of the things happening around you.

  • Built-in rechargeable 8000mAh lithium battery
  • Standby time up to 500 days
  • 1400 hours long time continuous recording
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Voice-Activated Audio Recorder Buying Guide

Buying a voice-activated audio recorder is super easy when you have a set purpose for your next device. Depending on the intended purpose of the audio recorder, the following are essential features to look at when buying your next best voice-activated audio recorder.

Standby Time

Voice-activated audio recorders are designed to stay asleep when there are no voices to pick up. Once they pick up a voice, they will spring back to action and start recording. How long they can stay on standby without shutting out matters a lot because nobody wants their audio recorders to go out when they need it the most. Consider looking at the standby times of the voice-activated audio recorder that you are buying to make sure that it fits your charging schedules.

Recording Time

When audio recorders pick up voices and start, there is a limit to where their batteries can take them. This limit matters a lot because if you intend to keep a continuous record for up to 10 hours and your device can’t take that long, it is probably not as useful as you thought. Ensure to look at the maximum continuous recording time of the audio recorder so that you don’t get shut out in the middle of an important recording.

Microphone Quality

Sometimes, you may not be able to put the recorder close enough to the source of the sound. In this case, depending on your typical proximity to the sound source, you may need to buy an audio recorder with a more sensitive microphone offering higher quality voice recordings from a reasonably long distance. Some of the best voice-activated audio recorders capture sounds from as far as 20 feet.

Recording Quality

With audio recordings, there are several noises and impurities that come with sound and these impurities can be separated when the recording quality is high enough. When buying your next voice-activated audio recorder, you should pay some attention to the recording quality options to ensure that you get the best. Some of the best products offer adjustable recording qualities from SP through HQ and XHQ.