5 Best USB Spy Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

USB spy cameras are innocuous devices capable of providing video and even audio recordings.  Whether used as a baby monitor, nanny cam or to guard your personal space and belongings, USB spy cameras offer user-friendly technology to supplement basic home or office security.  USB spy cameras interconnect with computers as well as most mobile devices, making monitoring anytime and anywhere more possible.

The following article provides valuable consumer information regarding several of the best selling and most highly rated USB spy cameras available on the market today.

Best USB Spy Cameras

Here are our USB spy camera reviews.

1. 1080P Spy Camera and USB Charger by Fulao

 Spy Camera USB Charger Hidden Camera 1080P Security Cameras Wall Charger Nanny Cam Plug Cams Adapter Camera Motion Detection Up to 128GB

The 1080P Spy Camera and USB Charger by Fulao conveniently doubles as both a USB device charger and a video recording device. The covert design adds functionality while also allowing the camera to be positioned in the open. This USB spy camera requires an external SD card for recording, which can then be played on any personal computer.

  • The loop recording feature allows continuous video capture with newer files replacing the oldest.
  • The recording is motion-activated.
  • Fulao provides a one year warranty and lifetime technical support.
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2. USB Charger Spy Camera Full HD by DivineEagle

Spy Camera Charger | Hidden Camera | Premium Pack | Mini Spy Camera 1080p | USB Charger Camera | Hidden Spy Camera | Hidden Nanny Cam | Hidden Spy Cam | Hidden Cam | Surveillance Camera Full HD

The USB Spy Camera Full HD by DivineEagle offers covert audio and video recording capabilities in full 1080P HD. Because this can double as a charger for USB mobile devices, this spy camera functions whenever plugged into a basic electric outlet, without the need for WiFi connection. In addition to the crisp, detailed picture, DivineEagle’s product offers a 90-degree viewing radius.

  • Recordings are compatible with Mac, PC, and mobile devices for viewing.
  • The manufacturer offers 24/7 technical support.
  • Accessories provided with purchase include a micro SD card reader and extra charging cable.
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3. Spy Camera WiFi Wireless Hidden Camera Premium Pack by Hidver

Spy Camera WiFi Wireless Hidden Camera Premium Pack HD 1080P Motion Detection USB Hidden Camera Surveillance Camera Mini spy Camera Nanny Camera

The Spy Camera WiFi Wireless Hidden Camera Premium Pack by Hidver comes with a built-in strong magnet and wireless recording capabilities, increasing the opportunities for surveillance outside of the home and office.  Its design provides up to 150 degrees of viewing capacity.  This model is only 1.2 inches in diameter, offering maximum disguisability.

  • Infrared cameras provide night-vision capabilities.
  • WiFi connectivity enables live-streaming capacity.
  • The flexible mount provides ease of installation and maximum viewing capacity.
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4. Body Camera HD 1080P USB Video Recorder Plug and Play by Ehomful

Body Camera HD 1080P, Ehomful Wearable Mini Spy Camera Wireless,Portable Pen Cop Pocket Cam ,USB Video Recorder Plug and Play,with 32GB MicroSD Card Class 10

The Body Camera HD 1080P USB Video Recorder Plug and Play by Ehomful offers a wearable version of the USB spy camera.  This device features both a clip and complimentary lanyard and is small enough to fit in the average pocket, creating a variety of options for placement.  The recording functionality is activated by the click of a button, and the rechargeable battery provides three hours of continuous recording.

  • Doubles in appearance and functionality as a USB flash-drive, increasing the ability to disguise this device in the open.
  • The device comes equipped with a 32GB SD card and capacity for up to a 64GB card and 8 hours of recording storage.
  • Recordings are saved with time and date stamps.
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5. Hidden Spy Pen USB Port Covert Camera by Yumford

Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen Camera HD 1080P Portable Digital Video Recorder with Photo Taking, USB Port Covert Cam, Wireless Mini DV Cam Multifunction Ink Pen Camcorder for Conference and Home (Video Only)

The Hidden Spy Pen USB Port Covert Camera by Yumford functions as both a spy camera and an actual ink pen.  1080P recording is activated by twisting, and ink cartridges are retractable and replaceable to maximize usage.  USB drive portal is located inside the pen and is compatible with both Mac and PC.

  • Operates with high-temperature resistant lithium ion batteries, included with the purchase of the device.
  • Includes a pen clip to enable wearability.
  • It is priced at under $25, making this the cheapest of the highly-rated spy camera options.
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USB Spy Camera Buying Guide

USB spy cameras offer a covert ability to monitor home and office activities.  These devices may be used to supervise children in the home or employees in the workplace, to record interactions for security or research purposes, and to supplement home and office security.

When purchasing a USB spy camera, customers can expect to spend on average between $30-60, though for additional accessories or enhanced functionality, these devices can be more pricey.  The majority of USB spy cameras are compatible with both PC and Mac devices, and many are also downloadable for mobile viewing via software applications.  USB spy cameras may operate via charger or battery-life, which should be considered when assessing overall lifetime costs.  The majority of manufacturers provide real-time technical support and extended warranties for these products.

Variance in USB spy cameras is primarily derived from the style, which has implications on charging and operability as well as viewing capacity. Carefully review the necessary details below in order to make an informed decision for buying a USB spy camera.


USB Wall Charger-  Many spy camera models are disguised as a USB wall charger.  As a bonus, these devices can actually charge your mobile devices while also recording data.  Wall charger cameras only function when plugged into an electrical outlet, but because they are continuously being charged, they offer the longest recording capacity.  These devices do not offer WiFi, as they are plugged in at all times, and viewing capacity is somewhat limited to between 90-150 degrees due to the nature of the design.

Mounted Cameras

Mounted spy cameras often contain built-in super magnets and flexible mounts, enabling installation in a variety of locations.  These cameras are chargeable, but they also function with WiFi capability, which also provides the option for real-time viewing capacity.  The small size and flex-mount design of mounted spy cameras deliver maximum viewing range and positioning.

Wearable Cameras

Wearable spy cameras may be disguised as a flash drive, wearable accessory, or inconspicuous office item, such as a pen.  These devices require active engagement to enable recording, but offer the highest level of disguise and can be used anywhere at any time.  Wearable spy cameras function via batteries, which may or may not be rechargeable in nature, depending upon the model purchased.  In addition, viewing capacity may be limited, as it is dependent on the position of the device and the person wearing it.