5 Best USB Spy Audio Recorders (Reviews Updated 2020)

As harmless as a USB drive could appear, some of them are equipped with voice recording features that can be used for several reasons including spying and perhaps simple information retention. Finding the perfect USB spy audio recorder that is undetectable while maintaining an excellent quality of audio recordings is not so easy. Our review has been organized to present the best products in the market to you in order to ease the selection process. A buying guide has been provided underneath to help you focus better on solving your audio recording needs while making a purchase decision.

Best USB Spy Audio Recorder

Here’s our review of the best USB Spy Audio Recorder.

1. YUANDI Digital Voice Recorder 16GB USB Flash Drive

Digital Voice Recorder Mini Voice Recorder With 16gb Usb Flash Drive And Mp3 Function 170 Hours Reco

This 16GB memory stick has a voice recording ability embedded within it to record and store up 180 hours of audio. With a built-in battery that charges in barely two hours, this audio recorder can provide up to 20 hours of continuous recording. The thrilling fact is that it doesn’t need to be plugged to a computer to record, it just records on the go when it is turned on with its control button.

  • 20 hours of continuous recording time
  • Red recording light flashes
  • Audio files are stored as .WAV files
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2. YUANDI Digital Mini Voice Recorder with 16GB USB Flash Drive

Digital Voice Recorder Mini Voice Recorder With 16gb Usb Flash Drive 170 Hours Recording Capacity Sm

With the size of a finger, this USB flash drive is backed by a 16GB memory space and an audio recording capability. A built-in battery with only 1 hour charge time supports 10 hours of continuous recordings after a full charge. Its simple operation is also a thing to note as it starts recording on the push of a button and stops on another push as the recordings autosave.

  • Store up to 180 hours of audio
  • Autosave
  • Up to 10 hours recording time
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3. Achhll 16GB USB Portable Digital Audio Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder 16gb Usb Portable Digital Audio Voice Recorder No Flashing Light When Recording Use

This USB audio recorder records voices undetectably showing no flashlights of any kind and sending high-quality recordings of up to 72 hours into its storage. Backed with a battery that charges fully in 2 hours by simply connecting the USB end to a computer port, you can record nonstop for up 16 hours after a full charge.

  • Intelligent noise reduction
  • Store up to 72 hours of audio
  • Clear recording with 384Kbps resolution
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4. ANLYSTAR Rechargeable Mini USB Audio Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder Portable Rechargeable Mini Usb Audio Voice Recorder & Usb Flash Drive 8gb

This unsuspected USB storage stick with 8GB memory space, enough to store up to 150 hours of audio recording at 128kbps resolution, is one of the best products in the market. It’s simple to operate with a single button push to start and end recording. Although its mini design features a type-A USB port, this device is compatible with all computer Operating Systems.

  • 8GB of internal memory
  • 128KBPS recording resolution
  • Stores 150 hours of recording
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5. Phiginoo Mini Digital Voice Recorder

Mini Digital Voice Recorder, 8gb – 18 Hours Capacity Sound Audio Tape Recording Device, Usb Recharge

You might say we saved the best for the last and we would be guilty of this charge owing to the fact that this Phiginoo Mini Digital Voice Recorder is a sound-activated audio recorder embedded in a USB storage stick of 8GB memory capacity. Its built-in 110mAh Lithium-ion battery allows it to continuously record for up 13 hours while keeping over 36 hours of high-quality recordings in the 8GB memory.

  • Sound Activated Recorder
  • 192 hours of recording time
  • Built-in rechargeable 110mAh Lithium-ion battery
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USB Spy Audio Recorder Buying Guide

You may be considering a spy audio recorder and one disguised or embedded in a USB flash drive is just an appealing option to you. Whenever you choose to take purchase actions, you must ensure that you buy the best USB spy audio recorder that would serve your needs excellently. When making your decision, we advise that our readers look at the following features.

Battery Life

Irrespective of the fact that some USB spy audio recorders are solely powered by the computers that they are plugged to and do not record when they are disconnected, the best USB spy audio recorders have the ability to record with or without being connected to a computer. This is supported by the built-in battery allowing the device to record audio for a period. When buying, you must ensure there are rechargeable batteries and the battery life of your chosen product should last long enough to meet your recording needs after a full charge.

Storage Capacity

Although USB flash drives are storage devices on their own, the capacity may also affect the number of recorded files that would be housed with it. The storage capacity of the best USB spy audio recorders varies but you can consider choosing one that can store enough information so that you don’t run out of space before you get recorded files backed up on your computer or on a larger storage device.

Intelligence and Sensitivity

USB spy audio recorder may vary from the traditional button push and record to very intelligent and sound sensitive recorders. If you want to control what is being recorded closely, you wouldn’t find any problem choosing a less intelligent traditional audio recorder where you can push a button to start recording. On the other hand, you can consider buying a sound-sensitive recorder that is sound-activated and can stay on standby for a long time and starts recording automatically immediately it picks up a sound.