Best Unmanned Aerial Security Drones

In the security and surveillance industry, automation is one of the growing features of the new age. Products such as automated home security systems and security drones challenge the old ways of security and surveillance.

One of the advanced progress in the industry is the working of unmanned drones. These drones or devices are also referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

The state-of-the-art stabilization techniques have enabled us to access UAVs that provide video surveillance for your premises. It is no doubt that the camera functionality has been improved by leaps and bounds in the past few years.

As a result, UAVs offer superior-quality vision with which you can keep an eye on your premises. They provide clear images with increased detail and improved stabilization.

UAVs have opened up the skies to surveillance companies and businesses across all sectors, whether working at small or large scale. If you want to choose an aerial security drone, it can become quite challenging for you to choose one which would be the best for you. We have lined up some prominent UAVs that we think would be the best ones for you.

Let’s get into the details of each product and see which one suits you the best.

Easy Aerial’s Smart Aerial Monitoring System

The surveillance and security drone by Easy Aerial, known as Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems (SAMS & SAMS-T), is considered the best one in the market. The UAV is so reliable that it was used at the Super Bowl in order to keep surveillance footage of the crowds.

In addition, Miami Police Department has been using Easy Aerial’s UAV for surveillance purposes. It is durable, mobile, and completely autonomous. Furthermore, it is operated remotely, meaning you don’t need to manage it from a specific place.

The AI-powered UAV is designed specifically for providing security of perimeters. The complete system of the Easy Aerial’s UAV contains a falcon quadcopter. The quadcopter is lightweight and compact. Due to this, it can operate efficiently, and it has a fly time of around fifty minutes.

It also consists of an autonomous ground station which is highly durable. It also comes with a communication system, as well as a proprietary fleet manager. The system has been used by law enforcement and surveillance agencies in many countries like the US, Japan, and Thailand.


Percepto has an all-in-one security drone system. The drone, known as Sparrow, carries 4K RGB as well as thermal cameras. Sparrow is ultra-tough which operates without any hassle. For the purpose of housing and recharging the drone, a base station is used.

The base station is designed in such a way that it can handle all the elements of the mighty Sparrow. Some of the distinguishing features of the Sparrow are flight management, data storage, and team access. The UAV operates on the PerceptoCore software suite, which offers many AI-powered applications.

Another one of the major distinguishing features of Percepto’s Sparrow is the temperature variation detectors. The system can detect any changes in temperature at temperature-sensitive locations.

The key target of Percepto is the oil, gas, and mining industries. In these industries, the Sparrow can provide many features such as site safety, surveillance, and compliance.

Impossible Aerospace US-1

The Impossible Aerospace is specifically designed for more delicate jobs such as law enforcement agencies or Intelligence. The US-1 is a surveillance drone engineered to work perfectly for delicate and sensitive assignments.

It has been widely used by law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, firefighting agencies, disaster response, and several other agencies, such as critical infrastructure. The features of the drone make it perfect for any high-risk job.

In addition to mere surveillance, the US-1 is capable of lifting heavy loads. The payload capacity of the US-1 ranges to more than six pounds. The quadcopter, unlike many others, has an awe-inspiring, impressive flight time of 75 minutes. Auterion is used for US-1, which is a state-of-the-art efficient drone management infrastructure system.

Skeyetech by Azur Drones

Skeyetech is the best “no-training” surveillance drone. It requires no pilot training and can be arranged and deployed in few seconds.

All the flight operations, ranging from takeoff to path-planning and the landing process, are automated and can be handled automatically, with no prior engineering required. The automatic missions are managed through the Live Integrated Video Management System of Azur.

The Live Integrated Video Management System of Azur is capable of providing real-time HD surveillance. The UAV works on a completely autonomous operation system and can be used for 24/7 deployments without any prior preparations.

The drone is recharged and housed in a base that can protect the drone between the missions. In addition, Skeyetech has a pyrotechnic recovery mechanism. Moreover, the drone is protected mid-air by an ultra-performing geo-caging system which provides aerial security and safety.

Kespry 2S

The technology used in Kespry 2S is simple drone technology. However, the working of the UAV is quite efficient. Several functions such as inspection and inventory management can easily be performed with the Kespry 2S.

It has a flight time of 30 minutes, which is comparatively less than most UAVs, but the drone’s features compensate even with an average flight time.

LIDAR and Thermal sensors are used in Kespry 2S, which ensure complete side modeling. These features offer powerful analytics for many industries, such as insurance. In addition, the Kespry 2S has automated flights with automatic takeoff.

The tablet-based path planning ensures that the route taken by the drone is a preferable one. All of the features combined make it one of the best aerial drones for security and surveillance. A variety of aerial surveillance and security applications can be performed by the Kespry 2S, thus making it a durable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.


More and more companies are designing and building unmanned aerial security drones considering their increasing popularity and use. This article highlights some of the best unmanned aerial security drones that are highly efficient and reliable. By reading this article, you can choose the most compatible device as according to your personal preference.