5 Best Spy Watches (Reviews Updated 2021)

The next event you attend, take a look at the surroundings. You’ll probably notice a multitude of smartphones capturing pictures and videos. Everything from concert performances to dinner plates at restaurants is susceptible to being photographed and recorded. Some recordings may need to be captured more discreetly. For this type of covert operation, one would want to turn to a spy watch,  that has only existed in movies until now. Click on the links below to see the top five spy watches available to today’s consumers.

Best Spy Watches

Here are our spy watch reviews.

1. Mliyam

 Mliyam 1080P Small HD Camera 16GB Smart Sport IR Cameras for Surveillance Camera

This classic style Mliyam watch contains a high-resolution camera that is completely hidden to others. With the ability to capture photos and video, this watch is able to record more than 70 minutes of video after only charging for 1.5 hours. 100% product service is provided for one year with the purchase of the Mliyam.

  • Video resolution is HP1920 X 1080P which will capture what you need clearly
  • Built-in 14.5-15.5 GB with support TF Card that provides up to 32 GB and allows the user to play back recordings on Mac or PC
  • Includes Infrared Night Vision
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2. Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch

 Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch

The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch secretly records up to 20 minutes of video and 4 hours of audio. Capture up to 2000 pictures for photo evidence that can be played back. With a total charge time of approximately 2 hours, this watch will be ready for use in no time.

  • Reset button on the back is a fail-safe feature for young users to protect images
  • Includes rechargeable lithium polymer battery, cutting down on the multiple battery purchases
  • Includes a USB dongle for ease of transferring photos and videos to a computer
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3. Spy Camera Smart Bracelet Touch 32 GB

Spy Camera Smart Bracelet Touchscreen FHD Wearable Hidden Spycam Mini Video Recorder Wristband Invisible Lens SmartWatch 1080P FHD Min DVR Cam with Bluetooth for Smartphone (32GB)

This modern spy camera smart bracelet watch contains a hidden camera that stores data files easily in its large internal storage. The touchscreen provides for easy operating to quickly record video and audio. A standout feature is its easy connection capability to both a PC and SmartPhone. This watch is also available in a 16 GB model at a slightly lower price.

  • Simple, compact watch with changeable wristband makes it easy to maintain the durability
  • Invisible hidden button for recording
  • Also works as a fitness tracker, sleep monitor and calorie counter
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4. Wristband Camera Portable Surveillance

Hidden Camera HD 1080p Spy Camera Wristband Camera Portable Surveillance Camcorder Built-in 32GB Card Mini Spy Security Nanny Camera

This classic men’s Wristband Camera Portable Surveillance watch contains a micro camera that looks like a standard feature or gadget on any watch. When the camera is functioning, no indicator lights will show, making it easier to record discreetly. With a 32 GB capacity, the user will be able to capture both video and photos with plenty of storage.

  • 1920×1080 HD quality video recording for clear photos and videos
  • Contains night vision function for a variety of needs
  • Convenient connection to a computer to view photos or to charge
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5. Hidden Spy Video Camera

Hidden Camera HD 1080p Spy Camera Wristband Camera Portable Surveillance Camcorder,Mini Video Photo Recording Multi-Function Camera with Night Vision,Built-in 32G Memory Card

The Hidden Spy Video Camera watch looks like a standard men’s watch. With three camera resolutions, the user can decide what is needed for each situation. With IR night vision, this watch’s camera capability offers a clear display without an indicator light that will alert others that they are being recorded.

  • Supports loop recording which allows the new files to overwrite a previous file
  • Easily plugs into a standard USB port on a computer to download content
  • Offers motion detection function to automatically record when an object moves
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Buyer’s Guide for Spy Watches

 Before purchasing a spy watch, think about the reasons you are considering this purchase. You want a product that will best fit your needs in any situation. A spy watch may give you more opportunities to capture the information that you need, especially as the person or persons that you are wanting to glean information from would not be suspicious about a watch.

As with anything you buy, you want to be sure that you are getting the best spy watch for your money.

Size and Style

Spy watches often come in a men’s size and style of watch. Before you purchase a watch, it’s best to determine the size of the wristband compared to your wrist. Determine if the size of the wristband can easily be altered for someone with a smaller wrist size. Some of the spy watches are more modern and also function as fitness trackers. The style may blend in with others who opt for fitness watches. The smaller bands may also be more suitable for consumers with smaller wrists.

Ease of Use

Many watches today feature multiple gadgets. Often each feature has its own button for activation. You will want the watch camera to easily start recording without needing to draw attention to the fact that you are using it. The location of the camera lens and the radius at which it is able to record are all things to keep in mind when purchasing a watch camera that is user friendly.

Night Vision

Consider whether or not you intend to use the camera during night time hours. If you are likely to capture footage in the dark, be sure you choose a watch that has an IR feature. This will allow you to capture surveillance that is clear without appearing hazy. When selecting a spy watch with night vision, find out if an indicator light will be present when the camera is in use. An obvious indicator light may defeat the purpose of operating covertly, as it could cause unwanted attention from others.

High Definition Recording

Think about the quality of the photos and video you plan to record on your spy watch. The higher definition watch cameras may cost more than others. With higher definition, however, the images and video footage will appear less grainy. If you are recording something to use as evidence, the clearer the footage the better.


Determine whether your watch is able to transfer data to the computer or SmartPhone that you own. It may be that some watches are only compatible with PCs rather than Macs. Watches that connect with multiple platforms are easier for the user. Check for watch cameras that come with the necessary attachments for connecting to your device. Consider whether or not you will need to make extra purchases in order to upload the data.