5 Best Spy Voice Recorders (Reviews Updated 2021)

Since the credibility of collected evidence has grown questionable, spying has greatly advanced with technological improvements. Reporting spies with voice records makes it more credible but to do this and remain undetected requires some of the best spy voice recorders. With the growing market for this line of products, we have curated a review of the best spy voice recorders for you to choose from. Our follow-up buying guide is also crafted to help you make more informed decisions when making your purchases.

Best Spy Voice Recorder

Here’s our review of the best spy recorders.

1. TCTEC 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

Tctec 16gb Digital Voice Recorder For Students [bonus Value] Easy To Use Voice Activated Mini Re

This spy voice recorder is hidden inside a harmless pen stuffed with a 16GB memory space that is big enough to house 260 hours of audio recording. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry like ever regular pen but its sophisticated three-button control makes it responsive. With a voice activation technology backed by a solid battery, this spy voice recorder is set to record continuously for up 15 hours.

  • Built-in memory
  • Mac and Windows Compatible
  • Enhanced sound quality up to 192Kbps
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2. SNAHIKE 16GB USB Audio Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder, Snahike 16gb Usb Audio Voice Recorder, Rechargeable Metal Casing Digital Voice Reco

A keyholder is just as harmless in almost every situation, but with a voice recording ability, it is a highly useful spy tool. This SNAHIKE 16GB USB Audio Voice Recorder has a built-in memory of 16GB backed by a long-lasting battery that supports up to 20 hours recording time or 15 hours of listening time. Equipped with sensitive microphones, it clearly captures sounds from as far as 50 feet.

  • Just 3 buttons to operate
  • Store up to 180 hours of recordings
  • Compatible with Mac or PC
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3. TOOBOM 16GB Digital Voice Sound Activated Recorder

16gb Digital Voice Sound Activated Recorder,toobom Mini Voice Recorder For Lectures Meetings,portabl

Corporate and professional spying is done most efficiently with corporate looking tools like this pen. The TOOBOM 16GB Digital Voice Sound Activated Recorder collects sound and stores them at 192Kbps while filtering off noises and sonic from the environment. With its audio jack, you can listen to your recordings directly when you plug in your headphones albeit it is also compatible with Mac and PC when the VCL app is installed.

  • 190 hours of recorded files
  • DSP powerful noise reduction technology
  • Independent VOR sound dynamic
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4. attodigit@l Mini Voice-Activated Recorder

Mini Voice Activated Recorder 286 Hours Recordings Capacity Sound Detection Sensor More Than

Privately jabbing into privacies with a voice recorder is most efficient with the attodigit@l Mini Voice-Activated Recorder since it is password protected and details saved within cannot be accessed when lost. With a solid battery, you can record non-stop for up to 20 hours and a space capacity large enough to hold over 280 hours of recordings. Although user friendly, you need to get acquainted with its features, especially its multilevel sound sensitivity.

  • Selectable Level for sound activation
  • Password protected
  • Compatible with PC and MAC computer and Android devices
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5. Dictopro Digital Voice Activated Recorder w/Password Protection

Digital Voice Activated Recorder W Password Protection Hq Recording From 60ft, Record Lectures & M

This digital spy voice recorder device has over 580 hours of recording capacity and can be controlled with ease. The Dictopro Digital Voice Activated Recorder is equipped with Password Protection to keep your recorded files protected and inaccessible to unauthorized persons. This recorder is voice-activated with a very sensitive microphone that can record from as far as 60 feet.

  • Saves files at low power.
  • Ability to record up to 60 feet away.
  • Password Protection Encryption
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Spy Voice Recorder Buying Guide

When buying a spy voice recorder, to ensure that you get the best value for your bucks, you should pay attention to a few important features that may affect how well you could enjoy using the voice recorder.

Password Protection

Spying can go sour when your voice recorder is spotted. Anyone that spots a voice recorder may be so curious to know what is contained which may include very sensitive information that you don’t like to let out. Choosing to buy a password-protected voice recorder can save you the drama. There are various password-protected voice recorders in the market that you can choose from but choosing one that is convenient for use is essential. While you choose one of the best spy voice recorders in the market, ensure that you understand the security (password) system so that you don’t get locked out of your own recordings.

Voice Activation

Keeping a traditional voice recorder as a spy may require you to push the record button and stop button at intervals and this may arouse suspicion. Very unwelcoming, as it could be imagined. As a solution to this unnerving thought, you can consider buying a voice recorder that has voice activation technology. This will allows it to record automatically when it picks up sounds and voices within its range.

Record Time

There is practically no need for a spy voice recorder that can’t hold on to the information within its reach long enough from the time of implantation. If meetings and spy targets would spend an extended period in the conversation, your spy camera should be able to record the conversation at length. Reviewing the recording time of these voice recorders can help you detect which one will suit your needs best.

Size and Shape

The size and the shape of your spy camera can greatly influence the way you would be able to use it. Small-sized voice recorders are most advisable as they are less conspicuous and may be planted effortlessly to pick up sounds from a designated range. Nevertheless, the shape (or form) of the voice recorder should be considered too. Spy voice recorders that are designed in form of pens may be best used when they are with you and you are a part of the meeting. On the other hand, dictaphones can be planted or hidden in your pocket while meetings unfold. For very sensitive meetings that recorders may be prohibited, a harmless pen equipped with voice recording technology would be very useful.