5 Best Spy Pens (Reviews Updated 2021)

Spying is at modern-day extremes and if you choose to spy, you might as well do it with some of the best spy pens in the market. The best spy pens are used undetected and are very effective in getting the required information from your unsuspecting targets. Unfortunately, getting a worthwhile spy pen is a nut to crack and that’s why our buying guide is designed to help you break through the decision-making process. Prior to our buying guide, we have collated a review of the best spy pens in the market to help you set your standards.

Best Spy Pens

Here’s our review of the best spy pens.

1. SIRGAWAIN Hidden Spy Camera Pen

Sirgawain Hidden Spy Camera Pen

Standard sized spy pen with a built-in battery to offer up to 70 minutes nonstop recording, the SIRGAWAIN Hidden Spy Camera Pen is an excellent spy tool. It is equipped, at the top, with a nano camera that is undetectable yet records HD 1080p videos without any beep sounds. Now you can keep a record of all the events happening in the meeting on up to 128GB micro SD while writing or holding the pen at still position.

  • Video 1080p Full HD
  • Up to 70 Minutes of Record Time
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
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2. Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen

Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen

Feeling like James Bond on a corporate outing or just wanting to keep undetected watch over your office space, the Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen with a built-in polymer lithium battery and an intelligent power management system can stay on standby for up to 120 minutes. So much fine work was put into that nano camera with its six-layered lens piercing through to generate a 1080p Full HD video when clipped on the breast pocket or held in any way.

  • Intelligent power management system
  • High temperature resistant
  • With six-layer glass Lens
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3. Inspiratek Spy Pen Camera

Inspiratek Spy Pen Camera

With active high-resolution video recording backed by a 32GB micro SD, Inspiratek Spy Pen Camera is an excellent spy pen to keep an eye on the events going on in your absence and also to collect evidence during meetings and other events. A nano camera designed to transmit 1080p Full HD videos and Ultra HD images can bring anything within its visual field into your storage device with just a single click control.

  • 1 button design
  • 150-minute working life
  • 32GB memory card and 5 ink refills
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4. TCTEC 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Spy Pen

Tctec 16gb Digital Voice Recorder Spy Pen

Some spy pen only record videos buy spying may be more than videos, and this is where the TCTEC 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Spy Pen come into relevance as it makes it easy for you to record audio without being detected. The automatic voice detection feature allows it to start recording automatically as soon as it picks up a voice; therefore, you don’t have to battle with your pen suspiciously.

  • 16GB internal memory
  • Recording time up to 15 hours
  • Powerful voice-activated recording
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5. LKcare 1080p HD Camera Spy Pen

Lkcare 1080p Hd Camera Spy Pen

Catching graphics at 30 frames per second, the 1080p camera in this spy pen is excellently embodied in a user-friendly ergonomic design with a harmless appearance. Long-duration video capability is backed by a stuffed up 350mAh battery strong enough to power a continuous 2.5 hours recording session. Also compatible with Mac and Windows, this spy pen saves recorded videos in its free 32GB internal memory.

  • Built with 350mhA battery
  • User-Friendly Ergonomic Design
  • Free 32GB Internal Memory
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Spy Pen Buying Guide

Whether you are a Russian spy, a corporate executive that is intending to take footage of meetings or you are just concerned about the safety of your personal space, you would need one of the best spy pens. Getting a spy pen that will serve you will depend on a couple of factors.

Size of Pen

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a spy pen. Getting a pen that is unusually big can raise suspicion as to why they are so big. If the people around you are suspicious of your pen, then it is most probably not a spy pen anymore.

There are spy pens that are small as a regular pen but perform similar functions as their conspicuous counterparts. Choosing an appropriate size of spy pen can go a long way in keeping your actions undercover.


Because you most times do not have to keep the pen plugged to power when using it, you might want to consider the battery health while choosing your next spy pen. The best spy pens always have enough battery life to comfortably record a full meeting session. Depending on the purpose of the spy pen, your ideal battery life would vary. Knowing that you attend long meetings that may require you to record videos, you can look out for spy pens with longer battery life and record time. If you are like Facebook’s Sanberg or Virgin’s Branson who holds meetings for a few minutes, you might be comfortable with a relatively shorter battery life.

Storage Capacity

The best spy pens are pretty small for micro SD and external storage devices. Therefore, they often come with internal memory that is accessible on PCs and Macs, usually. Reviewing the internal memory and the quality of video or audio that the pen’s camera records will help you pick the best spy pen that can accommodate the footage from your unusually long meetings.


How easily can your pen be controlled or operated? Fumbling with a pen while seated on a conference table can be awkward and embarrassing. Buying a pen with complicated control can cause embarrassing and awkward moments like this. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you buy a spy pen with simple one-button control to initiate recording and general control.