5 Best Spy Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

Safety and protection are common concerns in our society. Whether it’s the safety of children and animals in the care of others or the protection of a home or business from intruders, many people are turning to gadgets that help them keep a watchful eye on the things that matter most. Spy cameras have become a go-to item for security monitoring.

Best Spy Cameras

Here are our spy camera reviews.

1. Mini Spy Camera

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden, ehomful 1080P Full HD Cop Spy Cam Body Camera, Security Nanny Cam Night Vision Motion Activated for Home,Car,Office Indoor Outdoor, 32GB SDHC Memory Card with Reader

The Mini Spy Camera is compact and magnetic, making it easy to hide anywhere. Measuring smaller than one inch, this mini spy camera will begin recording the second it detects motion until the movement has stopped. The mini can automatically switch to night vision and comes with a convenient clip for using as a body camera.

  • Shoots 1080P HD video for all surveillance needs
  • Easily upload footage to your computer to share instantly
  • 100 minutes of battery run time
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2. Spy Hidden Camera-Cop Cam

Spy Hidden Camera Nanny Cam - Mini Wireless Cop Cam Action Cameras for Indoor or Outdoor, Home Office or Car Video Recorder with 1080p HD Recording and Night Vision Monitoring Camera

The Spy Hidden Camera-Cop Cam records a clear HD video. Featuring 6 LED lights, invisible to the human eye, this miniature camera offers a digitally- enhanced night mode. The tiny camcorder can go undetected on a drone.

  • Detailed digital footage
  • Begins recording the instant motion is detected
  • Perfect for use as a nanny-cam
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3. Spy Camera Charger

Spy Camera Charger | Hidden Camera | Premium Pack | Mini Spy Camera 1080p | USB Charger Camera | Hidden Spy Camera | Hidden Nanny Cam | Hidden Spy Cam | Hidden Cam | Surveillance Camera Full HD


Most people will find a use for a USB charger for portable devices, and the Spy Camera Charger hides a tiny security camera. Insert a micro SD card or plug it into an outlet for recording. Loop recording is a special feature that allows the camera to record over older files.

  • Easy to use remotely with a USB-port
  • IQ Motion Detection
  • Contains surge protection to enhance the life of SD cards
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4. Ultra Mini Camera

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Spy Cop Cam Seen on TV, 1080P Mini Hidden Camera with 32G SD Card, Nanny Cam Night Vision Camera with Motion Detection

The Ultra Mini Camera is compact and wireless, perfect for recording anywhere. Able to record as soon as motion is detected, this tiny camera will record on a loop 24/7. Easily switch modes at the touch of a button.

  • Measures less than 1-square inch
  • Modes include 720P/1080P video, photo, or night vision
  • A swivel clip allows this camera to be versatile for many uses
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5. HOSUKU Hidden SpyClock Camera

HOSUKU Hidden Spy Camera Wireless WiFi Hidden Camera 1080P Clock Hidden Cameras for Home Security Monitor Video Recorder Nanny Cam 140 Angle Night Vision Motion Detection No Audio

The HOSUKU Hidden SpyClock Camera has a digital clock that contains a mini camera hidden in plain sight, making it perfect for home security. High-definition picture and video quality capture details. The camera contains Wi-Fi streaming capability through IOS and Android apps.

  • Able to be connected to your home internet network
  • See what’s happening through the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Built-in night vision allows you to see facial details in a dark room
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Spy Camera Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing a spy camera, consider the reasons you will make the purchase. You want a product that will best fit your needs.


Portable spy cameras allow for ease-of-use anywhere you need surveillance. You can place them in various locations or even use a clip to attach to your clothing for personal safety and convenience. Portability may affect the life of the camera as there is more opportunity for damage. Cameras that remain in one location may have less risk of damage due it being dropped or bumped, but the area it can record is considerably minimized. A portable camera will allow you to record your immediate surroundings all the time.

Range of Coverage

Consider the range in which the camera can record. Be sure it is a wide enough area to capture what you need. Check the location of the hidden lens and determine the radius it covers. Are you recording a small area in your home or an entire room? Depending on the size of the area needing coverage you may need to pay a little more in order to have a lens that can capture a large room.

Continuous Loop Recording

Decide on the importance of a continuous recording loop. Are you purchasing a nanny-cam? If so, you might want to record and save the digital feed daily for continued documentation. If you are only tracking movement in a room, however, you might opt for a camera that automatically records over the footage. Be aware that recording on a continuous loop will replace any previous footage.

High Definition Recording

Consider whether high definition recording is something you need. Though the monetary difference is marginal, cameras with a higher definition will likely come at a higher price. If you are monitoring pets or checking to see who borrowed a stapler from your home office, for example, you may not need 1080P. Enhanced and clear digital recording may be more necessary for protection against home invasion, especially if the footage will be given to law enforcement as proof in an investigation.


Determine the need for accessibility to your video feed. Will you need to access the camera’s recording through a connection to your computer or hand-held device? Do you need the capability to access the footage remotely? Knowing this type of information ahead of time will help determine the type of spy camera you need to purchase.