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Best Solar Pool Heaters Review

People like to swim in a pool rather than in the sea because the pools have more stable and predictable temperatures. However, with living costs growing, energy savings are becoming ever more vital, and the most delicate solar pool warmers are typically the first thing to do.

We now have access to efficient and environmental-friendly solar pool heaters that maintain your pool water comfortable. During the swimming season and throughout the whole year, solar pool heaters will consume fewer energy bills.

Searching for the finest indoor or outdoor pool solar pool heater? Then, you came to the proper position. Canitec finds out 5 best solar pool heaters review. So, let’s pick the suitable one for your pool.

Solar Pool Heaters: How It Works?

Solar heaters are undoubtedly the cheapest heating methods accessible in the pool, and they also act as heat pumps. The main distinction is that solar bath heaters only operate when heated. Otherwise, their efficiency would decrease. However, this function is different since the water is pushed from your pool via the filter located on the solar panels on the top or the side of the pool.

There are various pools of solar panels, including an automated sensor flow control valve that can offer practicality and adaptability. These functionalities will detect the water temperature coming from the solar panels when you set the desired temperature and compare it with the intended set temperature.

If the bowl water cools or chills, it turns to solar collectors, automatically heats the water to a specific temperature when the pool water is hot. The valve controls the flow, which also prohibits hot water from entering the bowl. Indeed, they operate efficiently when handled by an autonomous solar system, and the mechanism makes them work well and delivers the most significant outcomes.

Advantages of Solar Pool Heaters

Technically, there are lots of advantages of Pool Solar Panels. However, you may buy and install this system in your pool for ultimate entertainment.

As a pool owner, you could take a longer swimming time while the rest of the time the water is cold and uncomfortable, it may take up to 4 to 5 months to utilize the pool.

You can get good heated and warm water for your pool with the solar panel even at the beginning of the winter months. In addition, when using solar, it will save energy and so avoids fuel costs and pollutants.
Thirdly, the primary reason for global warming is the use of combustion to conserve the environment. That said, maintenance is poor and quiet, and peaceful, making it cost-effective and affordable for a budget person in all respects.

You may heat your pool in three ways: using an electric heater, a natural or propane gas heater, or a solar heater. Gas heaters are particularly costly – in recent years, propane costs have risen.

You can keep your pool at an ideal temperature throughout the year for thousands of dollars. In addition, electric heaters are cheaper to operate than gas heaters. But the solar pool heaters still don’t match.

A solar heater is a way to go if you want to keep your pool warm without spending a great deal of money. Although it is more costly to acquire and install a complete system for a ground bathroom, almost no ongoing costs exist.

Things To Check Before Buying Solar Pool Heater

The main functions below are to evaluate the right Solar Pool Heater to heat your pool water:


The first thing to consider when you buy a solar heater for the pool is effectiveness. This is crucial. But you may sacrifice the efficiency a bit if you have a small pool with reduced heating demands.

Capacity & Size

Larger solar heaters have a higher level of exposure to sunshine and quickly heat your pool but space is consumed. Small heaters, on the other hand, require less space but are less effective. Thus, you have to strike a balance between installable area and efficiency while choosing a heater size.


Outdoor equipment is at risk from extreme weather conditions. Regardless of how long your heater is resilient, it is subject to harm. So before buying a solar heater, check the basic warranty.

Construction Quality

The materials used in the heater’s construction will also influence its durability and capacity to perform its function (heating your pool). It would help if you indeed considered buying one with a glass layer that is a quality that you won’t find in other heating units when you are seeking a sturdy model that will take longer.


When buying a solar heater, it is vital to remember the unique use of your pool. Some swimming pools, for example, are used for leisure and generally do well with solar heaters to provide the correct temperatures.

Our Top Picks

Best For Title
Best Overall FAFCO Solar Pool Heater Panel
Best Durable GAME 4721-BB Curve Solar Pool Heater
Eco-friendly SunHeater Eco-Friendly Solar Heater
Cost Effective Smart Pool S601 Super-efficient Pool Solar Heaters
Easy Install Intex 28685E Solar Swimming Pool Water Heater

In-Depth Review

FAFCO Solar Pool Heater Panel

Do you look for the best overall pool heater? Hold on and read this particular product review of Fafco. This is a 20 ft. solar panel, which is surprisingly simple because of its absence of connections. With a sturdy, ultraviolet structure that incorporates big 2-inch headers, the Solar Bear continues to astound. This system is primarily suitable for swimming pools that are medium to big. It is produced not just by a renowned firm but is also supported by a ten-year guarantee.

So, if you are searching for a cheap, environmentally-friendly heating system for your pool, just look for the solar heating system from Fafco, which is developed for swimming pools on the surface, as the name indicates. This is an excellent choice for a pool heater in quality, lifespan, and easy installation.

Pros Cons
Made of UV-resistant materials Some reviewers claimed that this method was used for leaks.
Pretty durable The 20-inch panel requires a lot of room.
Due to the lack of connections, it is straightforward to install.
A 10-year warranty is supported!
The heating process is a green pool system.
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GAME 4721-BB SolarPro Curve Solar Pool Heater

The SolarPRO Curve offers a pleasant and compact form with intelligent technology which will allow you to function in days, making it the best choice for people who have a small, open terrain pool. During this period, you will notice how warm, balmy, and extremely friendly your pool water gets to swim in.

The fact that the sun absorbs the energy in every step of its ascension and descends across the sky is part of what makes this pool heater so efficient, allowing the pool to increase water temperature by ten degrees within a few days.

The most significant aspect of the solar pool heater is extremely cheaply priced, well manufactured, and easily installed compared to other solar pool heaters. So, you get a lot of bang to your buck with it.

Pros Cons
Compact and dynamic design Expensive
Its curved form makes the collection of solar power highly efficient.
Easy to set up
Perfect for small to midsize over floor swimming pools
Eco-friendly swimming pool heating system highly energy-efficient
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SunHeater Eco-Friendly Solar Heater

It can deliver more or less the same amount of heat, constantly making it an excellent money model, plus its fantastic value for money.

SUNHEATER made the implementation of this product much easier because it is just a matter of connecting to your current pump to create a more enjoyable ambiance at any time of the day in your pool. But, because of the design’s complexity, it may be a little difficult to install this system yourself, although it is highly efficient and inexpensive.

Pros Cons
Eco-friendly Solar Heater The panels are enormous and space-saving.
Provides tremendous money value Professional aid is needed for installation.
Sufficient for both kinds of pools
Flow system is direct
The mechanism may raise temperatures.
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Smart Pool S601 Super-efficient Pool Solar Heaters

If you’d like a solar warmer that is fast-acting and gives outstanding money value, then the solar heater from the Smart pool is for you. It includes enormous panels that absorb the sun’s power so efficiently that in less than 24 hours, you may boost the temperature of your pool by 10 to 15 degrees.

It is also intended to last with an environmentally friendly design as it has solar panels connected to the swimming pool pump using tubes. While it is hard to set up, the excellent performance impresses us. It also features replaceable connections, which enable it to function on above-ground pools and indoor pools.

Pros Cons
Functional enough for above and indoor pools Not easy to set up
Super-efficient and economical The panels are huge
Environment Friendly
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Intex 28685E Solar Swimming Pool Water Heater

The Intex Solar Heater is compact in dimensions and carefully built for outdoor pools, and ideally suits small to medium-sized environments. It’s also pretty small because it’s just 47 x 47 inches tall, so when you have put it, it will not take up much room and will be quietly ignored.

This solar heater works great with warming up the pool water by up to 10 degrees and cycling it back into the pool fast, so you may get almost immediate outcomes because of the way you can link it to any Intex filler pump.

Pros Cons
Great price Do not anticipate this system to have same water heating capacity as bigger ones on the list
Small and comfortable It works exclusively with Intex pools above ground.
Efficient energy
Works with a broad range of higher ground Intex ponds
Installation is easy
Combination of matting to give an impression of a pool cover might produce extra heat
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It’s undoubtedly the most incredible thing for swimming pool owners to do for solar-powered heaters. It will not only keep your pool warm and lovely while the sun is out, but they are also very straightforward to install and inexpensive.

As you can see from our reviews above, you may select from several systems and, if we propose only one, it should be the FAFCO Solar Pool Heater Panel.

It is a well-designed system with the potential to heat your pool water within a short time.


  • Solar or Heater Electric: Which one is the better?

Either an electric heater or a solar pool heater is yours. Still, there are many drawbacks as an electric heater may consume a ton of electricity that can eventually be expensive.

  • What size do I need to heat the solar pool?

You may select a larger powerful heater, or if your swimming pool is tiny, then go to a small-sized heater. Everything is depending on the pool size.

  • Is heating a solar pool helpful?

The installation of a solar heater can considerably cut pool heating expenditures. In addition, the pricing for gas and heat pump heaters is competitive, and the yearly running costs are relatively minor.

  • Is DIY-based solar pool worth that much?

Yes, the DIY heater for your swimming pool is an excellent project for you. But to construct a solar pool heater, you need to be skilled. In addition, the heaters in commercial solar pools are not as dependable.