Best Solar Deck Lights Review & Buying Guide

Do your deck doors, fences, passages, staircases, and the other portion of the house desire to be lightened up? The greatest solution to illuminate the space surrounding your house is the best solar deck lights.

Power-saving solar deck lighting is easy to install, convenient to use, and the most acceptable option. It is equipped with rechargeable batteries that charge electricity during the day and store energy in solar panels, which automatically lightens the LED lights during the night.

The battery is easy to maintain but replaces to make it stay long and robust. The sun decks not only illuminate your gloomy evenings but also aesthetically safeguard your house.

Just read through Canitec’s guide and find out how to select the finest solar deck lights according to your needs.

How Do The Solar Deck Lights Work?

The solar deck light works on a system to save the sun’s energy throughout the day and then transform it into light in the afternoon. The deck lights gather and store solar power using solar cells.

It is also battery-powered (li-ion), LED light, panel, etc. The sunlight is harvested in the morning to charge the built-in solar cells with the cells through wires. The battery then gains electricity and lights up at night.

However, the visual alarm mechanism in the solar panel alerts and prevents overloading, all of which are internally planned for this solar deck light to operate flawlessly.

Some types are designed with movement sensors to illuminate whenever an object/person moves for security. Even without electric expertise, you can easily install these solar lights.

It would be best if you chose the right spot to correctly fit and fix it to take sunlight and finally activate the switch when using it for the first time to automatically charge you during daytime and turn the lights on at night.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Deck Lights

Before the purchase, you need to know what elements you want to examine and select the finest one. Here are the crucial factors you have to inquire about while picking the most delicate deck lighting for your needs.


Because solar deck lights are typically kept outside, all the elements, including heavy rain and high winds, have to stand. The finest solar deck light is waterproof so that rain does not stop electric components from shortening and is heat-resistant so that excess heat does not damage the lamp.

The materials of the solar deck are needed to be taken into account. Most are plastic or metal. Metal lights tend to stand up the best, whereas some dim plastic lights might quickly break apart if you bump in unintentionally. When choosing a plastic lamp, make sure it is constructed of robust and long-lasting plastic.


The range the Solar Deck can illuminate must also be taken into consideration. The manufacturer can state how many feet the light can cover or how much the light angle is reached.

You need more lights than someone with a smaller deck if you have a vast space to cover.


Solar lighting generally takes only a few years to store the power generated in lithium-ion batteries until necessary. Such batteries typically do not have light guarantees on the solar deck.

This is not a problem with active motion lights, but you want a light that might last several hours after a full charge when you plan to leave the light overnight.


The solar panel capacity is subject to wattage and tension. A solar panel should offer maximum output watts with little power consumption.

Check The Settings

Some deck lights offer a few light settings that permit you to change your atmosphere. Choosing a lower setting might extend your light’s lifespan. Consider a motion-activated light if one does not want their light on all the time.


Choice Type Title
Best Overall Solar Deck Light IP65 Waterproof Solar Deck Light By AOOTEK
Runner Up Choice OTHWAY Wall Mount Solar Deck Light
Best Durable Choice SUNFACE Led Outdoor Solar Deck Light
Best Budget Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights
Simplistic Installation GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Fence Lights

In-Depth Review of Selected Solar Deck Lights

IP65 Waterproof Solar Deck Light By AOOTEK

The Aootek is a safety deck light for outdoor. It comes with movement sensors. This LED light includes a huge 15.3-inch solar panel with a PIR movement detection sensor.

There are three kinds of operating illumination available in Aootek 182. In this case, one is for security monitoring, which is where the PIR motion sensor automatically switches on the light when a person walks by the sensor.

The second option is when the bulb sends light all night long. Whenever the movement inside the sensor is detected, it glows light. Aootek can detect movement within 26 meters of an improved PIR motion sensor.

Manufactured of heat-resistant and waterproof IP 65, this solar light is good not only for your deck area but also for security at night. It is also extremely easy to install and has a nice angle of the panel, which stairs can also mount. It has no guarantee!

Pros Cons
Energy rating 3.7 watts No Warranty
Steady functions
26 feet long PIR Sensor cover
A battery of 2200 mAh (lithium-ion)
120 degrees wide-angle depth
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OTHWAY Wall Mount Solar Deck Light

Othway is also a deck light approach suitable for wall and high positioning and foot lighting on steps. Othway provides esthetic appeal to the interior and acts as security lighting with an excellent cut and a semi-oval form.

PIR motion sensors are installed within it, which activate the light when someone passes by it. When somebody moves by it, it illuminates your wall or stairs. It also gives grandeur to space while proving to be a security addition.

The solar panels are built directly to the lights and are water-resistant, exactly like lighting with light made of rigid plastic. They are sun-sensitive and can function for the whole night with a few hours of charging. Batteries of (1.2 Volt) 600 mAh power the lights.

Due to the restricted availability of sunshine, it can function only for around five hours during winter. It even includes a constant lighting setting that enables the light to be used without the sensor.

Pros Cons
Every light has 6 pieces of LED Low Standard Battery
Nice design
600 mAh battery
Automated switch
Easy to install
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SUNFACE Led Outdoor Solar Deck Light

Let’s introduce another set of Solar Deck Lights with a very unusual form that resembles a wall lantern. When mounted to the wall, the lights nearly give the wall an antique aspect.

The lamp has two lighting modes and may be adjusted between warm white and 7 changeable color illumination based on your preference.

The solar-powered LED lights are composed of ABS plastic and are incredibly robust. The lights are weatherproof and waterproof and can endure strong winds, snow, and rain, among other things.

The device is simple to install and does not require any wiring. It comes with an automated switch that turns on the light in the dark and turns it off during the day. It has auto charging mode.

Pros Cons
Small and compact The brightness is not that great
Suitable Deck Light for Garden Decoration
Easy installation
12-month warranty
Two-mode lighting
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Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights

Siedinlar is more suited to driveway lighting than deck lighting. If you have a long road and need to illuminate both sides, the Siedinlar outdoor lights are one of the most delicate solar-powered driveway lights.

The light’s construction is composed of quality aluminum alloy and has an attractive circular shape. They have a smaller 1.2V ni-mAh rechargeable battery, but it is more than adequate to power the standard charged LEDs. Waterproof material (IP 68) is used (along with the aluminum as mentioned above).

They also have something called the Resistance to Pressure, which may be up to 20 tones. This implies that they will not be destroyed if a truck drives over them, whether by mistake or on purpose, and may thus be put almost anyplace you wish to light.

Pros Cons
IP 68 Waterproof Driveway Solar Lights No Potential Cons
Elegant Design
24 hours customer support
Easy to Use
1.2-volt battery
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GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Fence Lights

Again, Gigalumi is an 8-pack LED automated outdoor solar wall light with a beautiful design and wall-packed solar lights. The Gigalumi lights have a retrospective design, and if you hang them by the wall, it offers a sense of the atmosphere and light on the deck.

The 120mA solar light panels operate automatically and are supplied with 600 MAH AA Ni batteries. They will operate about 8-10 hours over the whole night with only a 6-8-hour solar charge.

You may either use the screws to position it by a wall and easy to install and use, or you can also use a simple double-faced tape.

Pros Cons
Made with highly weatherproof elements
1-year warranty
600 mAh Ni batteries
Easy to Use
Simplistic Installation
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Final Recommendation

The Aootek Solar light is the greatest choice for a deck light, of all the entrants, with its safety motion sensors. The improved 15.3-inch solar panel comes with three modes of action.

It has a smart PIR sensor for this motion sensing. The 2,200mAH lithium-ion battery with a wide angle of 120 degrees covering 26 meters makes it one of the best solar deck lights for online purchases.