5 Best Self Recording Hidden Cameras (Reviews Updated 2021)

Because of seemingly busy schedules, there might be a need to own a self-recording hidden camera to regulate itself while it keeps you inform about the events taking place within your space. Currently, there are countless cameras in the market and choosing the best self-recording hidden cameras have grown difficult for the people in need. This review is focused on filtering out the noise from the fast-growing market and bring the best products to you. Our buying guide underneath is crafted to help you choose the perfect option to meet your needs.

Best Self-recording Hidden Camera

Here’s our review of the best self-recording hidden cameras.

1. SecureGuard 720P HD Smoke Detector SD Self Recording Spy Camera

Secureguard 720p Hd Smoke Detector Sd Self Recording Spy Camera

This self-recording camera disguised as a non-functional smoke detector is a superb choice for those that want to keep an eye on a relatively wide room. Its 45-degree angled lens covers quite a distance while recording date and time-stamped HD 720p videos directly to micro SD. This hidden camera can’t be noticed and works undetected even by RF detectors.

  • Does not emit RF signals
  • 45° Camera Angle
  • Playback on PC/Mac Computer
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2. SCS Enterprises SD Card Self Recording Covert Spy Camera

Scs Enterprises Sd Card Self Recording Covert Spy Camera

Preset and delivered to your address, the SCS Enterprises SD Card Self Recording Covert Spy Camera does not require you to set it up from the first instant; all you need to do is connect it to power and it records when motion is detected. It is an undetectable camera hidden inside a case of artificial flowers. This device records color videos day and night without leaving any trace or signals for detection, storing them in its micro SD.

  • Infrared sensitive
  • 100% set-up free
  • Colored 420p HD video
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3. SecureGuard Blu-Ray Player DVR Self Recording Spy Nanny Camera

Secureguard Blu Ray Player Dvr Self Recording Spy Nanny Camera

A functional Blu-Ray DVR player is one of the vital appliances of every home but nobody could ever suspect it’d have a hidden camera to record events happening in its front. This camera is easy to set up and initiates recording for a 1-minute period upon motion detection. Without beeps, lights, sounds or any sign of a camera, the lens of this camera covers an 80-degree horizontal and 70-degree vertical range bringing everything within its field into the record.

  • Compatible with Windows up to Win8 Mac OSX
  • 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall viewing angle
  • Powered by plugging it into an outlet
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4. NinjaPro 2-in-1 Hidden Camera Clock

Ninjapro 2 In 1 Hidden Camera Clock

Wall clocks have an open eye on a wide area of the apartment and a wide-angled hidden camera installed is considered highly efficient. This hidden camera clock is an excellent option for you to get a full view of your living area through its 110-degree angular lens recording HD 1080p video. Footages can be stored and transmitted live to your device when it’s connected to the internet via a 2.4GHz WiFi.

  • 30 FPS video capture quality
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Live Wireless App Access
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5. CleverFox Unlimited Mini Spy Camera

Cleverfox Unlimited Mini Spy Camera

This self-recording camera is triggered by its motion detection technology supported by its 200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery to produce 1080p HD videos and pictures. These pictures are stored directly on inserted micro SD up to 32GB but can only be accessed via the SD and not remotely. Nevertheless, a wide-angled 150-degree camera provides confident coverage for your house, car, office or any personal space both day and night.

  • Built-in Microphone/Speaker
  • Ir Night Vision Low Light Recording
  • Works 100 Minutes At 1080p 30fps
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Self-recording Hidden Camera Buying Guide

Buying a self-recording hidden camera isn’t rocket science. All you need to do is review your needs and match them with the features to find the product that serves your interest best. Some of the features to check out include:

Lens Quality

The lens is an essential part of any camera and so it is also for the best self-recording hidden cameras. You should check out the features of the camera to see how well it meets your needs. For instance, the best self-record cameras have lenses that can record high-quality videos under bright light as well as dim lights and nighttime.

Most have smaller view angles than others. You should confirm the size of your apartment or personal space and determine the perfect lens angle that will cover all important areas of the space. This can help you reduce the blind spots during video recording. Cameras with a wide-angle of 110-degree or 150-degree may be ideal for smaller spaces so that it can grab the full space within its big angle while smaller angles can spread over a wider living space.

Backup Power

Although some of these self-recording cameras require power connection to function, there are some that have power backups in case there is a power outage. Choosing those with a rechargeable battery to keep the recordings going even when there is blackout may help you maintain security consciousness even in the absence of electricity.

Furthermore, factoring the duration of outage can affect your choice of camera based on its battery health. Some self-recording hidden cameras have longer recording time when powered by the battery probably because their battery healths are better.


Traditionally, self-recording cameras are not WiFi-enabled and the videos can only be viewed through the micro SD cards which are removed and accessed on PCs. Recent developments have WiFi connectivity, although 5G-enabled products are yet to get unrolled, and can connect with your mobile devices via the internet to give you real-time updates of the events taking place within your personal space.