Best Radon Detector Review & Buying Guide

Radon gas dangerous for your health and not good for your lungs. Read more from the EPA about the dangers.

In the shortest time possible, the optimal radon detector should be able to detect high radon levels correctly in your home and provide consistent results that can be understood without a professional being required.

So, identifying the Best Radon Detector is the main priority of this particular context. Let’s pick the perfect sensor for you to save your home from radon gas.

What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas and, when exposed to high levels, can damage humans and animals. Exposure to radon gas is caused by uranium breakdown in the Earth; radon gas climbs and entries into the building’s foundation through cracks and other holes.

In this analysis, we intend to give you the key advantages of our radon gas detector devices. We also examined a range of radon gas detectors and have selected the best to take into account.

Health Risk Due to Radon Gas

Radon is responsible for bringing radioactive dust into the air. Any radiation levels exceeding safe levels pose a threat to health. Radioactive dust caused by radon gas could eventually end up being trapped in airways, and in that case, radiation would emit, including hazardous alpha particles.

People who come into regular contact with this radioactive dust may face potential tissue damage and lung cancer. If your home or building in which you work is a high risk to you, you must know.


Choice Type Product Title
Best Overall & Reliable Corentium Home Radon Detector
Best Accurate RADEX Advanced MR107
Smart & Fastest Test Kit Radon Eye RD200 Detector
Digital Continuous Safety Siren Pro-Detector
Easy to Use Airthings Wave Radon Detector

5 Best Radon Detector Review

Corentium Home Radon Detector

Do you need the best radon detector for your home to secure it from radon gas? Identifying a high-quality gas detector is a complex task. Still, we firmly believe that Airthings’ Corentium Home Radon Detector is the best product on all radon monitors available for sale.

It’s a very popular & dynamic radon detector, and the consumer who bought it received extremely immeasurable feedback.

First, we looked at the exactness of Airthings’ Corentium Home Radon Detector. We also compared the findings with a research kit sent to a laboratory for analytics shown on the radon gas panel.

The standards of precision were very high and well as compared to the laboratory findings. The first digital radon detector (Corentium) powered by batteries can be mounted in your house. It will take up to two years for the batteries to measure every room in your home for radon.


  • High level of precision
  • Outcome is immediate
  • Remarkably user-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent & Extended battery life


  • Expensive Choice

Why Do We Recommend Corentium?

The unit is a radon gas senseless detector with only 2 buttons in the rear that are occasionally used. You have to determine where the computer should be and then switch it on. We recommend Corentium for its large-scale reliability and performance.

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RADEX Advanced MR107-Radon Gas Detector

If you are a sincere guy and love accuracy a lot, then RADEX will be the sharp choice for you. It provides high accuracy among other detectors. If you ask about the three significant features of this product, then we can say, it’s reliable, accurate, and sensitive.

Yes, without stopping the measuring cycle, a device is still attached to the USB charging source or recharged regularly. Besides, you can view the findings revised and charted every 4 hours while linked to Windows Laptop running the app (RADEX Data Center).

In the meantime, there are 2 days of continuous monitoring are appropriate for the EPA requirements. 72 hours is more than sufficient for optimum precision. Radon operation is sluggish, and the basement is tested only once a month in normal conditions.

You have to mount this radon sensor to a Windows PC to see the radon test’s effects. You will see all data using Windows applications that you must update, and the air temperature and moisture sensor are included for the units. The program would show the average amount of radon gas, minimum and high.

It has an internal memory that stores the data that you can read on your Windows PC when you sync.


  • Reliable radon detector
  • Highly durable
  • Portable detector
  • Lightweight
  • Accuracy is higher than most radon detectors
  • Alarm settings


  • Precise battery life

Why Do We Suggest Radex?

So far, this device is pretty amazing, simple but strong due to the app. RADEX is excellent for people who love accuracy. If you need the most trustworthy efficiency, then RADEX is the answer

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Radon Eye RD200 Detector

RD200 Radon Eye is an automated home radon detector that sends information to your smartphone, whether you have Apple iPhone or an Android device. Bluetooth is used for communicating data between the smartphone and the radon detector.

The level of precision that this radon gas detector reaches is one of the most remarkable stuff. After one hour, you will get the first series of unit results, and the vendor promises a precision level of 0.5 pCi/L. For a digital radon detector, this is excellent.

This is an aggressive radon test so that you have to provide a source of electricity. A 12-volt DC adapter and an internal battery are provided. Interestingly, the Radon Eye RD200 Smart Radon Monitor Detectors has a circular shape, and there are not many buttons to play with.

What you have to do is spot and then turn on the radon detector in the right place. A tiny LCD monitor tells you the latest radon level. You may need to use your mobile for more accurate statistics, including averages. The testing device can’t be mounted on a surface wall.


  • Detects dynamic changes
  • Alarms when the gas levels exceed the limit
  • Easy to use
  • Medium-Level Accuracy
  • Relative humidity


  • Expensive
  • No wall mounts


Radon Eye RD200 can be quickly moved from room to space, but it must be placed next to a power socket. The available data on your mobile is impressive, and the amount of radon in your home is beyond doubt.

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Safety Siren Pro-Redon Detector

The Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector is worthwhile considering if you are looking for a comparatively inexpensive optical continuous radon detector.

Siren Pro is a precise unit with no fancy characteristics. The short- and long-term radon levels would clearly be shown for your house. Certainly, apparitions may be disappointing. This radon gas tester is nothing, and it indeed looks a little cheap, as you may claim.

However, it’s a solid home-efficient radon detector that tracks and updates the radon levels for 60 minutes. The unit also conducts a 24-hour self-test. If the radon level is above the mark, you will get an alarm in real-time.

You will do this if you wish to silence the consolidated warning. The monitor is shown on the hand with an LED display and two keys. The Radon Gas Detector of Safety Siren Pro Series3 shows the long-term outcome by default, but the short-term result can be seen when you click the second button.


  • Incredible Continuous Radon Gas Detection
  • Accurate
  • User-Friendly
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Installation is simple & straightforward


  • Less reliability


Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector saves data for five years, and if you want to restore the memory and start again, you can do this.

It is a handy function if you want to switch the radon gas detector to another room in your house to test the radon levels there.

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Airthings Wave Radon Detector

The Airthings Wave Smart Radon Detector with the free software is another continuous radon detector that can monitor humidity and temperature. You will need two “AA” type batteries to use this radon detector, and Airthings say that the batteries will last up to 18 months of continuous use.

Every day, every week, every month, and even for a whole year, you can view the radon gas levels.

This radon gas detector has a color-coding option. Suppose you wave one of three different colored LEDs in front of the test tester. Green color means everything is well, yellow means that the radon levels are above the threshold of risk, and red means that radon’s point is above.

This radon detector can be placed anywhere, and can even be sync on your phone using the mobile app. The Wave is supplied with a moisture and temperature indicator as well as radon. Avoid mold growth and accelerated dissemination by maintaining healthy indoor humidity levels of infectious diseases. Just follow shifts in the temperature and sleep the safest evening.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa’s clever home integration enables you to achieve results efficiently. No AC outlet is expected anywhere in the house, as it contains long-life batteries. Detailed analytics for visual indication is in the app and web dashboard.


  • Continuous monitoring process
  • Dynamic design
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate
  • Comes with standard sensors
  • Extra humidity sensors


  • No on-device display with it
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Bluetooth networking will operate some distance away. In our experiments, we found that even 60 feet apart and on other building floors, we could still interact. You can reset this tester to begin testing from scratch if you want to shift it into another space. We rate it as the best easy-to-use radon detector.

How Can You Detect Radom Gas in Your House?

Several various approaches can be used in your home or company to detect radon. We have active and passive experiments as the two primary radon identification techniques. Passive devices are simpler and don’t need power, they are sent to labs for analysis after exposure time period. Active devices are more advanced and provide continual monitoring.


You have to analyze the following points before picking a radon detector:

Test Types: Active or Passive?

Before you buy a radon gas tester, you have to take a lot of items into account. The most significant part of the results is the precision of the test results. Long-term tests are more precise than short-term tests. Check whether the device is providing active or passive testing.


Accuracy is vital for any detection types of devices. So, you have to consider the accuracy level of a radon detector before picking it.


How convenient is the radon gas testing system to use? Most home-test kits are straightforward to use, but others are difficult to set up if you want to go to continuous active test kits. If you wish to be a certified radon tester, a certain level of configuration is inevitable.


It would help if you considered whether a one-off test is satisfactory to you or whether you want to see consistent testing protected. A permanent radon monitor would probably cost much more than a single trial kit, but you have to think about it for the long run.


While the price is another significant matter, you have to consider the advantages radon detectors offer for home use.

It is way more valuable to protect your wellbeing and your families than a few bucks, so please remember this. Better than worrying over money-saving, think of the higher production outcomes and regular supervision.

Wrapping Up

Long-term or highly concentrated exposure to radon can be fatal and lead to long-term health complications, such as lung cancer.

You will recognize radon gas levels inside your house or company to avoid unwanted exposure to this toxic gas using the best radon detector device. You should then behave correctly to prevent further damage if the building does a positive radon test.

In this context, we recommend you the top 5 radon detectors. Pick the suitable one and save your life from radon gas.